Monday, 5 December 2011

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RuPAUL - SUPERMODEL (You Better Work)

Am a man who teaches women how to walk.....would you hold that against me
How long have you been teaching women to walk?
I have been doing this since i completed modelling school in New York City in 1997

Was it easy coming from the caribbean to london and picture yourself as a model trainer?
It was not easy it like taking a fish from the lake and putting it into the deep blue sea,when i first moved here i ask around on how i can break into the business and can always remember this man telling me i wont be able to compete with the establish model trainers,after that meeting i knew i had to prove that stupid man wrong now 3 years running and am the award winning"BEST MODEL TRAINER"in the uk voted at the beffta awards.

In just a few words who is Catwalk Professor?
Catwalk Professor is the reigning"BEST MODEL TRAINER"in the uk am out going,funny,loving but i dont mess when it comes to my tongue has no bones and it will lash you when it comes to my classes i aim for improvement with all my students

Was it easy when you first started training model as a man?
No it was not you get called all the names in the book from gay,faggit and you can go on and on and i would be holding back because of all the name calling,but with the love of my family it made me strong cause once they love me thats what matter most to me.Am so true nowi can do what i want,say what i want without holding back my confidence is so high on who i am it scares me some times.

Are you dating seeing anyone?
No am not at the moment but am not rushing it as am not desperate when that special someone comes i will know cause my heart will alert me but for now what i do(my work)is my companion

What would be your ideal type of person to go on a date with?
Wow that person must be confident,have good etiquette manners that drives me crazy seeing someone who carry themselves with true style and class.LOVE IT

You have recently filmed for itv2 model misfits and mayhem tell us briefly about that?
It was a great experience for me and i had a wonderful time,thats a memory to last me a life time,i did not get there by luck are by anyone doing me a favour i got there by all my hard work i have been doing for many many years.

Do you see the any of the cast since filming and whats your relationship?
Since the show has been over i have not seen any of the cast members everyone is doing their thing including myself but the only person i have spoken to verbally was anoosh and frank.....these guys are so cool trust me.

What does Mr Fierce have planned for 2012?
(lol) to take a space ship and fly to mars,am always aiming to climb higher so as long as am living big things only for 2012