Friday, 31 January 2014

Fitness Queen Marci Cooke Speaks To The Fashion Police In London Town

Fitness  Queen Ms Marci Cooke who runs the #1 gym on the island Marci's Mega Gym
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
My name is Marci Cooke, I am the owner/ founder of Marci’s Mega Gym, for the past 16 years,
Did competitive body building for over 20 years representing St Maarten, on a  amateur level, with a back ground of a variety of other work related aspects , such as the fashion industry, making my sea shell crafts,

2)what 3 words best describe you as a person?
Reserved, energetic, down to earth,

3)Describe your fashion sense?
Classy, even though you will see  me in my sports  wear  most of  the  time,

4)Tell us how you began into fitness?
 track and field, Long jump,back ground from primary school, then ventured into more competitive endurance sports, and body building, love the effect of keeping fit.

5)If you was to walk on the red carpet which designer would you wear and why?
Sandra Kennedy top fashion designer in Jamaica,

6)When selecting a gym to attend what do we look for?
A gym  that has no AC, and has lots of free weights, I like  the hard core training,

7)When not working out what do you love doing?
Chilling with my family  and animals,

8)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about you in what you do?
See  my website, , Face Book, email

9)If you was given 1 ticket to fly any where in the Caribbean where would you go and why?
I have been to most of the Caribbean island, I would go to Bequia  a small island in  the Grenadines, its very peaceful,

10)What are 4 things women go that makes you mad when it comes to fitness?
#1.Asking me about exercising then tell me they have no time, #2.showing someone how to train then they never come back, #3 lack of fitness drive, #4 saying ,” I want to look like the person in the picture, and the picture is of someone else,

11)What are 4 tips in keeping fit?
Eating healthy, find some sort of exercise program, take time for yourself to keep fit, avoid eating large portions of food per serving,

12)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
The fashion Police is rather interesting, great way of recognition for St Maarten’s talented people.

13)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
I think it’s fantastic,

St Maarten #1 GYM
14)If you had the chance to do a shoot with 2 other fitness persons on the island who would you choose and why?
#1 Mary Wrigley, she is a very dedicated runner, #2 Mario Octuvon-Bazile, high fashion model, he started training with me at the age of 14, and he has been dedicated from ever since,

15)What would you say is your best assets?
My ability to deal with people from all walks of life,

16)Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
My two daughters, and the new addition to my family my little grandson Jael, my animals

17)What music would have you running to the dance floor?
Latin Music

18)If the Fashion Police was to have dinner at your home what dish would you prepare?
I am a great cook, worked on a cruise ship as chefs assistant, but I  would run for my blender and make you one of  my to die for Mega blast protein shakes.

19)What are 4 things men do that makes you mad?
#1Loud grunts when training, #2not re-racking their weights, #3thinking because I am a woman I am working a mans job, #4they feel intimidated by my being muscular,

20)What advice do you have for others looking to do what your presently doing?
Firstly its not a  get rich job, you have to have a passion for it,

21)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?

22)Where do you see yourself in 7 years time?
I have no idea where or what will happen the next 7 years, right now I am contented and very happy with what I do, so just enjoying  the ride life has  to offer me,

23)If you was to be 1 animal which animal would you be and why?
A Bird, they are so care free, just up there spreading their wings in flight,

24)Any last words for our many blog readers?
Thanks  to  you for asking me to blog  with you, take up a fitness program, if it’s even 10min of your daily schedule, fit it in, it save on doctor bills in  the long run, remember there is no price tag on your health,

Thursday, 30 January 2014

St Maarten Top Photographer Ms Lili Peterson Speaks To The Fashion Police In London Town !!!!!!

Top Photographer everyone is talking about Ms Lili Peterson
1)Please tell us who you are for those not familiar with you?
My name is Lili Peterson. I've been doing photography professionally on SXM and surrounding islands since I was 15 (which is 5 years now!).

2)What 3 words best describe you as a person?
Laid-back,creative, and a bit of an introvert.

3)Describe your fashion sense?
You could probably call it boho/hippie. I really don't care about my own "style". I wear what I want and don't worry about trying to follow any trends.

4)There are many others doing what you do what makes you different from the rest?
No other photographer has my style. You can simply look at a photograph and tell that I took it. Also, every photo shoot I do is unique. I never repeat and I am constantly looking for different things to do.

5)Tell us how you got started to this very day?
All my life I've had a camera. Whether it was a disposable, a small point and shoot or DSLR. I remember my first "photoshoot" was me taking pictures of my little cousins to send to my relatives abroad. However, I started getting into it professionally after being mentored for a short time by Wayne Gregory. The rest is history.

6)What makes a good photographer?
Passion and skill together. You can be passionate and have no skill and your work might forever look like crap. OR you can have skill but no passion and then it will have no meaning to you. You'd be trapped doing something you don't love. 

7)Which other 3 photographers do you look up to on the island if any?
If I really have to pick someone I'd say Denis Bellard because he helped me when I just started out. While everyone else was putting me down.

8)If you were to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear and why?
I've fallen in love with Zuhair Murad's work. So, Probably something from him.

9)If you was given 1 ticket to fly anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
To the Mayan city of Tikal in Guatemala. I want to do a shoot there so bad!

10)How can other's from around the globe view your work and learn more about you?
My website is and I post most of my updated work on my facebook page and my email is

11)When not working what do you love doing?
You'd find me spending time with my family. I'm a proud mom of a 2 month old so he gets all of my time.

12)What music would have you running to the dance floor?
I'm a true Caribbean girl so give me some Soca or Zouk and I'll dance the whole night!

13)What are 4 things other photographers do that makes you mad?
Undervaluing their work is number one! They don't charge enough which then hurts the entire industry. Second I'd have to say when they copy the work of others. It's one thing to take someone else's work as inspiration and another to do exactly the same. Get your own style! I think those are the only two things that tick me off a bit.

14)If the Fashion Police was to have dinner at your home what dish would you prepare?
I do cook but hate to. So that dinner is gonna have to be catered! Probably Italian.

15)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
It's interesting. I've seen it a couple times and always liked reading the different interviews.

16)What do you think of men who teach women how to walk?
I think if you're good at something then why not? Gender doesn't matter. If it did I probably wouldn't be a photographer today.

17)What would you say is your best assets?
My best asset is probably the uniqueness of my work.You never know what to expect!

18)If you had the chance to shoot 4 models of your choice from St Maarten who would they be and why?
Hard one, I've worked with a lot of people on the island already but I guess I'd say Sharity Schotel
 because of her eyes.Mario Octuvon-Bazile because I've known him for a long time when my mother used to train him. I've seen his work and he would definitely add to my portfolio.
The next two are people I don't know but seen around the place. A very dark skinned woman with a bald head. She is gorgeous! Lastly, a caramel-skinned, blonde guy with hazel eyes. Probably just for eye candy, haha. Hopefully they see this and decide to contact me! 

19)What makes a good model?
Someone who knows their body and loves it.You need to be able to take criticism well and learn from it.Be humble.Be ready to work!

20)What advice do you have for others looking to walk into your footsteps?
Don't. Be you. Create your own path and stick to it as long as is works for you. If it doesn't work then find something that does.

21)If you had the power to change the world of photography what would you change?
The competition. I've hated competition since I was a child. I'd make it that everyone had their specialty so that people wouldn't worry about what the other one is doing.

22)Tell us more about yourself as a person?
I'm a simple person. I keep to myself which sometimes makes people think I'm a bit stuck up. It's just that I rather not have a "big circle" and my little family is what matters to me most.

23)If the Fashion Police was to be a fly on your bedroom wall what would they be shocked to see?
Good shocked? A chalkboard wall! Which I use to basically plan my days.

24)Any last words for our many blog readers around the world?
If you love something then try it out! If you see you're giving it your all but it' s still not working then try something else that does. Some things just aren't for you but I believe everyone has their niche.Also, Thank you to my mother! Without her I probably would eb in college studying something I hate! Much hanks to the fashion police blog for the interview!
Lauralie Peterson
Lili Peterson Photography