Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Tell us briefly who are you for those who may not know you?
I am Angelo Falzone an international hairstylist based in London,United Kingdom

How long have you been a hairstylist?
I have been a hairstylist for over 10 years started when i was 18 years old

What makes you different from other hairstylist?
I am very honest to all my clients and other people in general,I say what i feel especially when it comes to doing hair.To consult is a must and its always for my clients best intrest at heart.I stand out a mile away because my look is very....well...me.My hair is always immaculate,different styles,colour that's what attracts peoples eyes to approach me,am all about fashion.

Name a few projects you have worked on?
I have worked on many projects but to name a few will have to be 2 tv shows one in Dubai one which was live and the other in an exclusively salon which i worked in for a few days.I have had double page spread in Russian Emirates magazine,also worked on a fashion shoot in Miami and the latest being the hairstylist for ITV2 models misfits and mayhem alongside many talented people and one of those Mr Fierce/catwalk professor himself.

What are a few things you see when not doing hair you wish you could arrest some women for?
Hahahahah that a good question this is so me!!!!it will have to be their dress sense and maintainance of their hair,don't matter where i am in the world,if its on the streets,in a club,in a shop are even the bedroom if your hair is not in god shape you will surely know it!!!!!

Do you class yourself as a hairstylist and barber are only  a hairstylist?
am only a hairstylist who does everything,barbers are restricted they only do men grooming and nothing else no disrespect to them by all means as we all comes from the same fileld but mine is bigger because i do women and funky wild hairstyles on men where barbers don't.

Being a hairstylist is very stereo typed what you have to say about that?
Well what can i say?male hairstylist are known to be the best in the business so if that makes me successful i don't need to worry what people think,i am here to make people happy,smile and feel good about themselves.Its been known in the hairdressing industry you either a woman are a gay man but as a straight man myself i have had to deal with lots of comments made to me direct all i can say is YOU CAN BE STRAIGHT AND DO HAIR.....AND NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER

How can someone contac you?
You can contac me via my website which is www.falzonemoda.co.uk and my email is on my website are you can twitter @falzone_moda from there i will send you my personal number. Am still deciding which Pr company i should go with as many now wants to represent me

If you could have that chance to do any one hair who would it be and why?
Can i say 2 please hahahaha it would be the awesome Britney Spears since her troubles it seems like her team neglected her and don't care where as me i totally do,i would take joy doing and revamping her image as she still got what it takes.(2)The other would be Kim Kardashian am still trying to reach her Pr company to this day would love to do her hair.

My last few words is peace and love to all and everybody who have supported me throughout my amazing career and i love you all for it as my motto goes......Be individual,be yourself


Tell us who is Ms Rachel Cooper Wherry is for those who may not know you?
I  am ostensibly a 37 year old house wife from the fens.I grew up on Guernsey in the Channel Islands and have been married for 12 years,I absolutely love fashion-particularly Alternative fashion.My main passions are shoes,red wine,social networking,art and my two dogs

How long have you been a plus size model?
I was spotted by a website owner in February of 2011 but began modelling on a professional level in may 2011.

What advice do you have for aspiring plus size model who are not as confident as you?
Your confidence will always waver so learn to take the good with the bad-try not to take it to the heart when people question your validity as a model.The industryis changing its perception......just slowly,consider the positive-at this stage you are a pioneer and a role model for other women

Whats your message to all those designers out there that dont use plus size models in their shows?
Jean Paul Gaultier can do it.....so can you!!Face it-the ultimate goal of a designer is to sell(beautiful and artistic)clothes.Not all people were born thin so show us how it can be done on all shapes and sizes--DONT CONFORM-REFORM

What do you like most about yourself and why?
I'm honest.....maybe too much sometimes-but there are worse traits:)

What word do you think is best to describe yourself and many others?FAT,PLUS SIZE,A+,OVER WEIGHT please explaine?
I'm Fat,there is no denying it.I have always been a larger girl but....i have relatively healthy diet,I excercise regularly and my weight and size hasn't really changed much in the last 10 years....i still keep up with the rest

For those who dont know your nick name what is it and why?
CHERRY RED RACHY is my nom de plume and it is derived from my striking hair colour i sport and one of my favourite handbags which has some fetching sequinned cherries:))
please do come and find me,am on all major networking sites but my main fan page is on face book just search-CHERRY RED RACHY

Miss Rachel Cooper Wherry competed in Figure 8 photo model contest 2011 and took the position as 2ND RUNNER UP.

Award winning"BEST MODEL"2011 BEFFTA awards Dwain Stephens

I was born in Hackney, East London, but I grew up in Enfield, North London.

Some people close to me have told me to do modelling for a while. Then earlier this year, I was asked to do topless waitering as a favour for a friend, and some pictures from this were seen by a family friend, who suggested that I put some up on Star Now. So I thought I had nothing to lose, and the rest, as they say, is history! 

A good body, a good personality, a professional attitude and the willingness to work hard and take a few knocks along the way!

To be honest, it was a complete surprise to even receive the nomination! To walk away with such a prestigious achievement was amazing, especially when I have only been modelling for such a short time. 

5)Who is your role model?
My mum and i also admire Denzel Washington,Erik Morillo and Tyrese Gibson

6)What attracts you to someone?
She must have a great personality,we must have similiar intrest and we must be on the same level

7)Tell us briefly who is Dwain Stephens?
Dwain is lively fun to be around,energetic,a kind loving family man with lots of determinations and ambition

8)When your not modelling what are you busy doing?
When am not modelling am in the gym,playing football with a local team,am also a personal trainer,club promoter and i run for charity events raising funds for Leukemia as i lost my younger brother of the cause.

Special thanks to Dwain who took the time for this interview thank you wishing you all the best in all you do
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