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London Finest Male Model Speaks to the Fashion Police

1)       For those that are not familiar with you who are you and what do you do?
My name is Mun Dhariwal. I am working as an international commercial male model and living in Kent. I also work as a personal trainer and designer both on a free lance basis. All these careers are my passion and keep me motivated and enjoying life to its full. I love to model on fashion shows as well as work with different photographers and TV / Film Producers; being versatile and creative is my passion!
I have had a great career so far and am having great pleasure working as a model, traveling and meeting new people all around the world. I am have a mix of Indian and part Turkish which has given me a unique and versatile look, this can be used to represent many different cultures. I have a great fun and easy to get on with personality that I love to share. I also have lots of experience in all the genres of the modeling industry and I'm very confident. Please feel free to browse through some selection of my pics you can find more details on my personal website. (

2)       What best 3 words describes you?
Passionate, dedicated and driven

3)       When you’re not working what do you enjoy doing?
My passion and hobby is training. So when I have some spare time I love going to the gym and working out. But I also love many other sports such as boxing and kickboxing… so allot my spare time is used in this passion.

4)       Whats one thing you cant leave your house without?
My house keys! Haha! Otherwise I cant get in! lol

5)       What are your 4 fashion tips to our male readers?
My four fashion tips for readers are:
1.     Be brave! Wear what YOU love wearing! With this attitude you can pull anything off!
2.     Shoes, shoes and shoes! Its all about good shoes! So make sure what your wearing goes well with the shoes!
3.     Be creative! – Mix and match! If it looks good…. And you feel good in it; then wear it!
4.     Be aware! Sometimes looking at fashion mags, music videos or even general TV shows, it always gives you a good idea of what’s in and what’s not…. But I always say… original is best… do something unique… it will def turn the heads!

6)       Is it easy being an asian model in this fashion world?
In one word NO! Working in the main stream industry as a model, can be very hard. I don’t know many Asian models that have made it all the way to the top. Doing small Asian shows and Asian shoots, yes anyone can do them…. But it’s very rare that you will see an Asian model to be the face of something like Hugo boss, Prada, CK etc…. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s taken me a very long time to accept and realize this. I want to break the ice for all the other Asian models out there…. So sometimes my shoots can be pushing the limit – but I am trying to represent ALL the Asian models out there, saying YES we are just as good and HEY look at us!

7)       What was the feed back you got from your family when you started to model?
I am very lucky. MY family has ALWAYS supported me in what ever road or destination I wanted to pursue in life. When they knew I was serious in modeling and began to see me on TV shows, music videos, calendars and magazines they was very proud and hoped I will get the lucky break I been working so hard for.

8)       What music would get you dancing away on the dance floor?
I am a terrible dancer and have no confidence in dancing! Lol! But I do like a little boogie now and then! Lol! I love listening to Arabic house and dance music…. Something I can train to and also relate to…. But honestly I have NO DANCE skills what so ever! *blushing!

9)       Are you single/married/relationship?
I am married to a very beautiful woman, Rachna. It was our 9th wedding anniversary this xmas day! We was extremely young when we married…. And we have been together almost 11 yrs now! She deserves a medial to put up with me! Lol! Seriously, she my best friend as well as my wife.

10)     What attracts you to someone?
As corny as this may sound, the smile and eyes…. I thin you can tell a lot about someone by their eyes and the way they smile… I love people, with kindness and goodness in their hearts. And the bonus thing is someone who can make me laugh, that’s always the cherry on top. All my close friends are amazing to people to be around; they are sincere, loving and very funny…. The kind of people you would love to be around. I am very lucky to have this in my life.

11)     Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I would like to say doing TV and film work on a full time basis and becoming a house hold name. This has always been my passion and aim ever since I have started to model years ago. But this journey has been a roll coaster for me. I have had so many knock backs rejections and also times where I ask myself what am I doing? Why am I putting myself under these constant challenges… and I tell myself, its because I want to become a someone…. And one day it WILL happen… I need to focus more and push myself out more.
So if I’m not in TV by then, I will let fate decide….

12)     If you had the change to change one thing about the fashion industry what would it be and why?
I would change the mould for all successful models being match stick thin! I am ALWAYS told to loose weight or tone down as I am “too big” as a ramp, fashion or editorial model. I have modeled all around the world now and worked with many famous designers. My last international shoot was working on tour all around India. I was in Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Delhi, I was very lucky to show case many celebrity designers pieces but to do this I had to loose over 6kg in body weight! I lost this weight in 2 weeks, it made me feel very weak and ill.
I think designers need to understand… in the real world… men and women are not THAT skinny and they should design outfits with people with a little more shape to them.

13)     Do you shave your body with a razor are do you wax?
I am a wimp! Lol! Razor! Waxing hurts WAY too much and always leaves spots and marks…. I use a body groomer and sometimes veet it… for extra smooth feel! Haha!

14)     What's the most challenges you get from being a model?
The biggest challenge I have as a model is to look ripped all year round. I have good athletic shape, but to maintain that all year round requires a lot of dedication in diet and training for me.

15)     Which other male models in the industry u.k do you look up to and why?
I know this may sound big headed and its not meant to be at all…. But I don’t look up to any male or female model in the industry at all. I admire many of my colleges work but for me… I wanna achieve so much more than modeling.

16)     If you could get the chance to do a photo shoot with 3 people who would they be and why?
All though there are many people I would like to work with, the three people I would love to shoot with are:
1.       Hrithik Roshan
2.       Aishwarya Rai
3.       John Abraham
These are the people I admire the most in the whole industry.  Not only are they amazing models, actors and celebrities; these are people who I think are super star status. The shoot for me would be amazing and truly a life time experience.

17)     As a model you meet so many beautiful women what is true beauty to you?
I have been lucky enough to work with the most beautiful and talented models in the industry. But after all this time, I realized outside beauty means nothing unless they are beautiful people from the inside. Without mentioning names: some models have been absolutely flawless, but their arrogant and self absorbed nature makes them appear so ugly. Real beauty to me is the way a person addresses themself and behaves. They need to show love, respect and kindness to all… that is a beautiful person.

18)     What message do you have for girls who just go crazy about your body?
Lol…. Thanks… I always appreciate the support from people.

19)     What advice do you have for aspiring male model?
Keep trying, don’t let one persons choice dictate your final decision in the industry. In this career you meet people who will love your look and people who will hate it. There is a niche for everyone…. You just need to find your one.

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