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Ms Lilian is the hard working face behind Vibe Model Management who don't settle for less

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
My name is Lilian Kristensen, known as Lili amongst friends.I am the founder and CEO of Vibe International Models:  Its a modeling agency with base in London and second office in Oslo.Our main passion is fashion, runway and editorial.However we also have a department for commercial models, actors, dancers and people:  I truly believe that this industry has so much to offer, so it is wise to be able to supply to our clients various requests, whether they are fashion-or commercial related. 

2)What word best describes you as a woman?
Personally I believe there are so many different things that defines a woman and all woman possess their own uniqueness and beauty.However if I am to describe myself it would be like this: I am passionate and ruled by my heart both in business and my personal life.This means that every step I take in both areas have to be a step I can live with peacefully.I am very ambitious but believe that it is essential for your well being to enjoy your process, wherever it is that you are heading.My main focus for gaining more, is having more to give.I love my family and friends.They are my inspiration.I draw my strength from God and from him there is no limit, meaning my strenght as a woman is also unlimited.I am an eternal optimist and see only possibilities.On a more superficial level I love pampering myself and do it every single day.The better you look after yourself inside and out, the more you honour the God who created you.Every day I reallise I have so much more to learn and I therefore welcome every challenge, good or bad.All of it is in the end our gift and based on this philosophy I live my life to the best of my ability.I can hand on heart say I am happy.

3)Name one thing you just cant leave home without?
My mobile phone, daaaaahr...

4)Are you married/single/relationship?
I am currently single.

5)What is the hardest thing in running an agency?
The hardest thing is to get clients to pay the appropriate and professional fee`s for the models.Also, to make the models understand that recieveing the best assignments requires potential, hard work and alot of patience.Today, because so many models out there keep offering their services to clients for free it makes it challenging.If clients know that they can contact models directly and the model will accept, with no protection or proper fee, they will ofcourse sease the opportunity to save on their budget.This is due to accesibility related to all the official sites models can now promote themselves.However, those models with true potential and professional attitude tend to achieve most success within the protecion of their agency.I have seen it happen several times and I am always greatful for those models who believe and understand these principles.

6)What do you look for when scouting for models?
I look for height, good face, uniqueness and slim, but healthy physique.

7)What do you think of the models who are size 0?
I resent size 0.It is really not necesssary to look like a skeleton to be a successful model.When I talk to young girls I always ask them if they are naturally slim and if they eat enough.My advice to those models who are not naturally a model size.Do not try to be a model! Its not worth it.I encourage excersise and healty eating.If you are not naturally slim, you can be a commercial model.I dont make the rules for the fashion industry, but I do have to follow it.So my fashion models do need to be slim for Vibe to be able to offer the clients what they request.However, I see it as my duty to protect my models and not encourage them to diet.If it is not natural for them to be slim, they will simply not be taken on as fashion models.I encourage education versus unreallistic hope of becoming a model.You are either born a model or not.

8)There are so many agencies out there what makes your agency different?
Yes, I do love all of the other agencies, because their achievements inspire me.I see them as my respected colleagues.There is room for everybody in this industry.You just have to find your own place in it.How Vibe is different: Ok, very early in my agency carrier one of my clients said this to me: "We are amased by how friendly and down to earth you are.This so refreshing and has made it a true pleasure working with you.I know you are new and entusiastic, but NEVER EVER change your attitude no matter how successful you become".I never forgot that.So the way I believe Vibe can be different is our sincerity and integrity.My clients are always talking to a person.I create real relations.But dont be fooled! I have no time for people not willing to offer good business or wanting to take advantage in one way or another.My models are my number one priority and protecting them within the frame of Vibe is essential.

9)What are your thoughts on models with curves on the runway?
I accually love it! Personally I love curves.However, fashion is a form of art the way I see it.When I go to a runway show I love the slightly unattainable image of the models.Its like admiring a beautiful painting.Its different.And I dont see why it should not be that way.I used to be a dancer and did alot of ballett.A ballerina needs to be slim too.The audience love the beauty of it.Its performance.Its a show.Its entertainment.Sometimes it is important to accept that everything does not have to be open to suit everybody.If you have curves, you are not a fashion model.If you have no curves, you are not a commercial model.I think we should embrace eachothers differences and allow designers to choose slim models if thats what they want.When I went to the Ballet Academy I was told every day I was too fat.My bum was too big and my thighs not slim enough.I just laughed, because I love my little curves.It just meant that my strength as a dancer had to be elsewhere.When I was offered a dancejob in a pop video, I was made.Moral of the story: Be happy with who you are and find your place within the industry based on your potential.By all means, make changes, but not at the cost of your own integrity or selfasteem.

10)If you had the chance to change the fashion world what would you change and why?
I would put all models into agencies and stop the abuse that is happening today.This means that all of the models would be protected, payed professional fee`s and clients would get outmost quality each time.A win-win for all.
The industry would remain of high quality and it would mean that the title "model" would be earned and placed upon the model based on their true potential and achievement.These days the word "model" is something anyone can title themselves and I dont agree with that.

11)What's beauty in your words?
A big heart that shines through you every time you smile.Its in the eyes too.How you look at people, agnowledge them and allow them to be seen and feel good in your presense.To me thats true beauty.

12)What do you think of models of colour on the catwalks?
I think it should always be 50-50.100% equal.In this day and age we should no longer be separated in any way, shape or form.Every industry should reflect that.Models of colour are so incredibly gracious and beautiful, both the woman and the men.I represent models of all colours on my books and I will keep doing so.For each fashion show I will give equal opportunities to all models.I dont accually see colour.I just see people.One day I truly hope that the rest of the industry and the world will see it the same way.

13)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about your agency?
It happening every day! People from all over the world is contacting Vibe.Agencies from China.Models from USA, Africa and so on.Vibe is out there via our website and network.It is comforting to know we have achieved a fantastic level of reaching the world.This is a good foundation for steady growth in the future.
14)If there was one place you could fly to and collect models where would you go and why?
I already have great places where my models are based.Scandinavia holds amasingly stunning models.London has a superb variety of models of all kinds and diversity.But if I could fly somewhere to get new faces I would go to Russia and Somalia.Two countries that possess tall people with a different and unique look that is very suitable for fashion.

15)What tips do you have for anyone wanting to be a model?
Listen to the experts in the industry and what they have to tell you about your potential.Their opinion is the opinion that is correct according to what the industry demands.Go to an agency and ask them before you start on a campaign of becoming a model.If you have potential, the agency will help you every step of the way.Be very careful and do not book photoshoots without supervision, guidance and research.

16)Do you represent models from all over the world?
I do indeed, but most of our work is here in London and in Oslo.Models from other countries stay on our books, so that a client have the opportunity to fly them to a destination should their budget allow this.

17)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake your booty?
RnB all the way baby.

18)What are 4 things in your words that makes a man a gentleman?
Kind heart, sincerity, respect and generousity.When I say generousity I dont necessarily mean gifts, allthough I do love gifts! I mean generousity of spirit.A man who is open and enjoys giving and sharing of himself.I love getting to know a man.Its so much fun, especially if you are connecting on more than one level.A friend and a lover rolled into one.These things combined with a sense of humeour and you have got a winner!

19)Describe your fashion sense?
I love dresses.Cant get enough.High heals are essential.I adore being a woman and dress accordingly.My style is very feminine.Regards to clothes Im not too into labels but just buy a dress if it fits me well and I like the colour and style.It gives me great satisfaction when I can buy a dress for under £30 and make it look like a million dollars.However handbags need to be a label.Love Louis Vuitton and Guess handbags.I am more classical than trendy and clothes needs to be comfortable, soft and fit my figure perfectly.Every time I dress is a celebration of being a woman whether its casual or glamorous.

20)What message do you have for all aspiring models around the world?
Please have reallistic expectations.The model industry is so tough, very few models achieve huge success.For those who do, its incredible but still hard work.If you are strong and possess true potential, I will encourage pursuing a modeling carrier.However you must make sure you have a good back-up with your education, parential guidance, a good agency and good friends.Their support is essential.You cannot possibly do it alone.Listen to your agent and be patient.The road from being a new face to a successful model may take some time.This industry is beautiful yet scary.It is important to be grounded and allow yourself the time to develope.Each day provides a new opportunity, and thats the one thing that makes this industry so interresting.You never know what is around the corner.

21)Where do you see yourself in 5 years
I am still running Vibe.Where I am in the world at that time is yet unknown.Hopefully I will have settled by then.That is my aim.Vibe follows me everywhere but my home will in the end be where my true love is.I hope to find him...

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