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Most Talked about Couture Designer Mr Martincich Speaks To The Fashion Police

Couture Designer Mr Martincich strikes a pose with his mom queen of his heart

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
   I'm a South African couture designer living & working in London. I launched my independent label "Albert Martincich London" just under 2 years ago.

2)With so many designers out there what makes you different from the rest?
    I work organically in the same way an artist does. I don't believe in churning out ideas just for the sake of pandering to the pressures of the media.

3)Describe your fashion sense?
   I like to create fashion with a sense of beauty & fantasy, creating characters, looks and moods. I want women to enjoy wearing my clothing & feel that it is    an extension of their personalities. 

4)When not working what do you enjoy doing?
    I love listening to music. At the moment Lana Del Ray is my favorite. I also love art, movies, meeting up with friends & travelling, with New York being
    my no.1 destination.

5)What cologne are you wearing now as we speak?
    Carolina Herrera 212 Men.

6)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
    I see my designs on all the major international catwalks, in all the major fashion publications, celebrities wearing my creations & running a thriving 

7)If you had the chance to dress 3 people who would it be and why?
   Lady Gaga, because I love her fearless expression of style; Charlize Theron, because she has grace & timeless beauty; Kristen Stewart, because she's
   got such an unusual look & she's so inspiring for such a young actress.

8)Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
   My partner Simon, who has to put up with me &supports me in everything I do; my mother Martha, who has always been a true inspiration; ex Miss
   Zambia, Rosemary Chileshe-Ellis for her unfaltering support & last but not least my dearest friend Lisa, who has & will always be there for me

11)How can someone from the other side of the world view your work and learn more about you?
     They can contact me through my website

10)What are your 4 fashion tips you live by?
     Keep it simple, but don't be afraid to experiment.
     Don't over accessorize. 
     Choose shapes that suit your body type.
     Always wear a smile. It looks great.

11)What are a few things women do that makes you mad?
     Wearing clothing that is way too small for them.
     Wearing something to make a statement, that doesn't suit them one bit.
     Carrying a big, ostentatious bag that dominates everything else.
     Wearing over the top bling sunglasses that almost cover the face.

12)How do you select models to walk in your garments?
     I like girls who express their personalities & attitudes. Each girl is unique & I think that should come through on the catwalk.

13)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you fly to?
     New York & Cape Town.

14)If you was given 3 tickets to attend any event in the UK which 3 would you attend?
     London Fashion Week, the Baftas & the Brits.

15)What advice do you have for aspiring designers out there?
     Take your studies seriously. They are the foundation for your career, then just go for it & never give up. Don't be afraid of hard work, it's the only way
      to get ahead. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, as experimentation is needed for growth.

16)Which other designers do you look up to in the UK?
     Alexander McQueen, who is sadly not with us anymore; Christopher Kane; Vivienne Westwood & Zandra Rhodes.

17)What are a few things people may have said about you that is not true that you would love to address here?
      I don't like to play my personal life out in public, so I choose not to comment. 

18)What makes a good designer?
      Understanding the female form; experimenting with silhouettes & color; expressing your individuality in your work & to never stop dreaming.

19)What fabric do you love working with most?
     Silk, in every way, shape & form.

20)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?
     You probably wouldn't be shocked, but I have a beautiful Thai Buddha on my dresser & a huge photo of the New York skyline on my wall.


21)Do you also design for women with curves?
     I design for all women, so yes, I do.

22)If the Fashion Police was to have dinner at your place what would you prepare?

23)Any last words for our many blog readers?
     If you like my designs or would like to interview me, please feel free to contact me via my website.

24)What is one thing you can't leave home without?
      My glasses. Lol!

Canada Top Designer Ms Fatima Speaks to The Fashion Police

Designer Fatima
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you? 

1A- My name is Fatima and I'm the creator of Coco Becky Couture. My fashion line creates one of a kind custom pieces for fierce women of all shapes and sizes! Coco Becky is based out of Toronto Canada. 

2)There are so many designers out there what makes you different from all the rest?

2A- When I design I make clothing for all types of women, that flatters individual body structures not just for one type. My main goal is to allow my client to feel glamorous in their garment and know that they are making statements as soon as they walk in a room.

3)Who would you like to see wearing your garments if you could choose 3 people?

3A- #1 would be Beyonce because I just love her and she is such a positive individual in general! Her talent is endless
#2 wud be Rihanna because her style is off the chain and what she wears at times resembles they type of clothing I create. Her care free mentality goes hand in hand. 
#3 wud be the Vixen Angelina Jolie she just screams sexy and glamour! 

4)When not working what do you enjoy doing?

4A- I enjoy traveling my goal is to visit almost every country and learn about different cultures and their fashion style.

5)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?

5A- Yes I believe I' am! Women in this age take risks wear what they dare and believe and pursue their goals and dreams. Stand up for what they believe in and never let the negative effect them! And that's all me right there! 

6)What are your 4 fashion tips you live by?

6A- #1 less is more, 2) make sure you are cohesive from head to toe 3) dress like a lady not like a skank 4) every outfit needs one statement piece whether it be shoes, belt, accessories or your garment

7)What are a few things men do that makes you mad?

7A- Men who don't know what they want especially at an older age where they should be more settled down. Men who are insecure with themselves and can't handle a strong women. Last but not least Men who don't have their heads on their shoulders and are more concerned about sex than paying bills and rent say no to Broke! 

8)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you go?

8A- I always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids! Architectural designs are so inspiring and full of Mystery! 

9)How can people from the other side of the world view your work and learn more about you?

9A- They can check out my website, twitter- @msfatti, facebook: Coco Becky and Instagram CocoBecky! I love social Media!!!!

10)Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

10A- I wish to have boutiques in major cities around the world, like NY, Miami, London, etc. And be a known name amongst fashion! 

11)If you had to invite the fashion police for dinner what would you prepare?

11A- yum I love food so many thingsss lol... Maybe a big juicy steak with some healthy Veggies and mashed potatoes! And for dessert strawberry chocolate mousse cake! 

12)Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?

12A- #1 wud be my parents 
#2 my cuz Nikitta 
#3 my partner in crime Natalie 
#4 my Roro aka Roshona

13)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?

13A- lol that my bedroom looks like a jungle and you would feel at home being an animal! I love the jungle so I have created mine to look similar to it.

14)What do you think of plus size models on the runway?

14A- I think it's a must because real women have curves and Real women are the ones wearing and purchasing the clothing! 

15)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?

15A- I love it! I think its FAB men know what they want in a women and showing a women how to walk in a way that catches a mans attention is dope!

16)What do you think of the fashion police news blog?

16A- I love it! Very informative! It's mainly about Fashion and allows readers to learn more about the fashion world and what it has to offer! And it is also appealing to view! Great job!!! 

17)What are your best assets?

17A- hmmm I wud say my face!, I think I have nice boobs lol and my petite frame! 

18)What do you love most when dancing when someone?

18A- I think its very intimate you are both in each other's personal space and it brings you closer. 

19)Are you single/married/divorced?

19A- I'm dating .........

20)Who is your role model and why?

20A- my mother! She is a strong women who has raised me to fight for my rights, never settle for less and to strive to reach my goals and dreams with out giving up! I look up to her respect her and wish to be as strong as she is and a great mother! 

21)If you had the power to change the fashion world what would you change and why?

21A- I don't think I would change anything because fashion is all about being different and all the different types of fashion define each individual! People express who they are with Fashion and we wouldn't want to live in a boring world where everyone dressed the same! 

22)Describe your fashion sense?

22A- I love pieces that stand out! Like bright colors, cut outs, sequins, feathers and Metallics! I want to be able to step in to a room and make a statement like here I' am and my clothes do all the taking! What I wear is a reflection of my personality! 

23)Where do you get your inspiration from when designing?

23A- I love nature all the colors just amazing! Building structures also inspire me! The animal kingdom and their magnificent skins and feathers are just fab and food like cakes and pastries as well. They all play a role when it comes to design inspirations!

24)Any last words for our many blog readers?

24A- When you have a dream do not allow anybody to tell you that you can't do it! Believe in yourself and press on! You guys are all fabulous! Xoxoxo

iCandy Studios co-owner speaks to the Fashion Police

Ms Gaia Beck
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

Hi I am Gaia Beck co-owner of iCandy Studios, A multifunctional photographic and video studio in South London. I have also spent many years creating high profile and celebrity parties.

2)Describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense is laid back, chic.  I like to keep to good quality classics and update my accessories to keep on trend. Of course I like to be sexy as much as possible and keep it tight to save on ironing.

3)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?

Lalique NILANG, I was a gift by a UK Director after hosting the launch of a new store and its now my favourite summer scent.

4)What 2 words best describe you as a person?

Passionate and Driven.  I can become obsessed with what I am working on but in order to achieve success I think you have to put your all in and then reap the rewards later.

5)Tell us all about the icandy studio's?

The iCandy Studios were born from a friendship between myself and the team behind Flavour Magazine and iCandy online.  We wanted to create a space where the creatives that we worked with, fashion designers, photographers, music artists, stylists, models, could come together, hang out, use their imagination in our space and with the time and assistance with exposure we can offer to really reach fantastic new levels.

6)When not working what do you enjoy doing?

I like spending time with my family. I love taking lots of pictures of them as they are all so diverse (as I’m half St. Lucian and half Jewish) and of course beautiful, I often get them into the studio for portraits.

7)If you were to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear?

I would wear my friend J Majebelle.  She’s an up and coming designer, using traditional African prints in funky modern styles.  I know no one else would be wearing my dress and I would definitely turn heads.

8) If you were given 2 tickets to fly anywhere in the world where would you fly to?

I’d like to visit the far east, Japan is on my list of places I’d like to see.

9) What are a few things women do that makes you mad?

Being over dramatic, so many things in life will work themselves out, we really don’t need to make everything, especially our love lives in to life and death situations.

10) Do you think you’re a true representation of a today's woman?

Well in theory yes, we want it all and have to find time to do it all, family, work, love, money, glamour, power.  It’s not easy but that’s what today’s woman has fought for so guess we better not complain.

11) What makes a man a real gentleman?

A gentleman to me is a man who listens and understands what is important to the woman in his life.

12) What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?

It’s fantastic, gives great insights into some fab people in the fashion world.

13) What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?

Men can sometimes communicate better with a women, a woman can listen to a man’s advice without it turning into competition.

14) Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?

I’d have to say my business partners Leonard and Annika, we spend so much time together I even see their faces in my sleep.  My ex business partner and baby daddy Ike Le Starr who is such a support and my dad who I run all my ideas past, then ignore all his advice.

15)Where do you see yourself in 6 years time?

I’d like to have a few studios around the world so I can work and holiday, well more holiday than work.  Working everyday with very talented people offers a lot of opportunities to get involved in.

16) What are your top 4 fashion tips you live by?

Dress for your body shape not for fashion.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Keep it classy.

Individuality it key.

17)Describe what true beauty is in your own words?

Beauty is transcendent of physical looks, charm, grace and humility translate your beauty.

18)What are your best assets?

I’m always told I have beautiful skin but my legs aint bad either.

19) What are a few things people say that are so not true that you would love to address here?

I don’t care what people say, I got bigger fish to fry.

20) There are so many other studios like icandy what makes your studio different from all the rest?

The biggest difference is that we at icandy are more than just a space to hire. We offer a very personal service so that the brief can surpass expectations, designers will often come to me with their collection and ideas and we will put together the best team to help them.  We have such a large database of talent and experience ourselves and we are happy to assits our clients and friends so that they get the best results.

Also with Flavour Magazine and Icandy Online we can provide platforms for our clients to showcase and market themselves which is very important particularly for those starting out.

21) If you had the power to choose 4 people of your choice to shoot in your studios who would it be and why?

I’d bring in the original diva models Naomi Cambell, Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Mr Catwalk Professor.  Can you imagine that shoot would be fierce?!

22) What are a few things you don't like about the fashion world?

I don’t like the amount of charlatans in fashion, there are so many people in the fashion industry preying on young women, who are very innocent.  Girls have to be careful who they trust.

23) What advice do you have for anyone who is willing to do what you do?

You have to be prepared to do a bit of everything, one day I could be holding a reflector for hours because a photographers assistant didn’t show, making coffee for crying models, dealing with the tax man, painting floors.  Of course there are a lot of fun parts but in the most part it is the preparation that counts.

24) If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?

You’d see clothes everywhere, perfumes, make up, shoes, you would think three people slept in there, I have way too much stuff for one woman.

25) If you was to stay home on valentines night with your lover what would you wear and cook?

I love to cook and do so all the time so as Valentines is special I would leave the oven off, the only edibles would be the ones I am wearing . 

26) Any last words to our many blog readers?

Never be afraid to ask, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

If you want to book the icandy studio ask at:

If you want to feature on line