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Talent scout/Casting agent Ms Dorothy with ears and eyes for great talent

1) Tell our readers what you do for those not familiar with who are you and what do you do.

I am a talent scout and online casting agent. My clients require artistes for various projects whether it is in fashion, TV or the music industry. This also includes reality stars for scripted shows. I usually send out a casting to my contacts and online on talent directories and social networks. I short list the prospective candidates and send the most appropriate to my clients. As a talent scout I am also required to attend various shows or live events to find raw talent for clients for future projects. London is so varied that there is always a chance you will find a diamond in the ruff. If I was to put it simply, I am a middle man between clients in show business who produce work and the artistes who perform/showcase. However this is NOT to be confused with a personal agent or manager or publicist which people confuse me with often. I also don’t work in films, it’s just a personal choice. I prefer to concentrate on TV shows, fashion and music.

Apart from people in show business I am also privileged that high ranking diplomats and members of high society ask me to provide them with entertainment for their high profile events. My highlight was providing a choir for the international memorial for Sir Richard Carr-Gomm (OBE ) at Southwark Cathedral attended by royalty and celebrities. The management of Southwark Cathedral said it was the best memorial event ever held at Southwark Cathedral. I am also a Gold Member of the London Diplomatic Association in London which is very exclusive.

In October 2011, I also became a show business blogger for the London Guru Blog

2) What do you look for when scouting for new talent?

I look for a naturally talented people but also I admire people who train hard to reach a standard of talent they may not have naturally.  When I have established that they have talent or at least potential then I look for confidence, self assurance and self belief. I also want someone with a hunger for success. Then finally they must have the right attitude as well as full confidence and trust in those who are guiding the career in a professional capacity.

I personally don’t care if the person can sing like Mariah Carey, dance like Michael Jackson or strut like Kate Moss, if they have a bad attitude and don’t listen – I wash my hands off them.  I know what I am talking about as I have been in this industry since I was a kid as a performer, in production since University and now I am an established executive and have the experience, contacts and know-how. I have great instincts for talent and predicting trends. If artistes can’t behave professionally or respect my opinion then I wave goodbye and wish them well on their OWN!

3) What words best describe you as a person?

I am a free spirit, full of life and very kind natured. You can’t put me in a box because I like being different and doing different things

4) What is one thing you can’t leave the house without?

A self help/motivational book. It is important for me to learn something new that improves me as a person. Unfortunately I can’t concentrate on a hard hitting book or novel that needs attention when I am on the move, but a few words of wisdom here and there each day empower me. I hang around long hours on closed sets so a good read is necessary.

5) What are your thoughts on Little Mix, the winners of the Xfactor 2011?

I have always wanted a group to win the Xfactor, because I managed a band called The Gemstones on Xfactor 2008 when JLS did so well. So I have a soft spot for Xfactor groups. I am absolutely delighted that Little Mix won because they are different, very current and appeal to boys and girls. They were not the most talented vocally and need some work but they can do very well. They are like the Spice Girls for the new generation. I also like the fact that they are not styled to look like a typical girl band who usually look like catwalk models. They look young, fresh, and urban chic and a lot of young people will identify with them. I feel bad that Little Mix did not get the anticipated Xmas Number 1, but I feel it was more important for the Military Wives to top the charts and raise charity funds. The country needs that kind of inspiration and to show thanks to the troops.  I wish Little Mix the best of luck in their career.

6) Are you single/married/in a relationship?

Hahaha I am single at the moment. I am very ambitious career wise and have many dreams I want to achieve and it would have to take a special person to get me to sacrifice my dreams. Or at least someone in the industry who shares the same interests so I would not have to give up what I do. That’s all I am going to say for now :)

7) What goes through your mind when you see someone who is not cutting it but family keeps telling them how amazing they are?

I feel gutted as I feel they may be wasting that someone’s time in the wrong career while they may have other skills that could prove very successful in the right profession. I knew when my career as a performer was over and decided to concentrate on working creatively behind the scenes. Last year I had the parent of a young girl phone me and shout at me on the phone when she was not selected. She was saying they had been told how wonderful her daughter was and I was wrong. Truth is she had no stage presence to start with so needed work on that. She had some talent but needed further development and at that time there were at least 5 other girls who were much better. Indeed 2 of the girls I put through came 1st and 2nd in the talent show. So I was right!

8) How can someone who lives on the other side of the world view your work?

Unfortunately this is not something that is possible. My scouting and casting work is obviously work in progress for clients. I get the brief from my clients, post it online anonymously, short list the talent and send it back to the clients. Work at this stage is always confidential unless “specifically” stated otherwise. The difficulty is that what I do is tied up in confidentiality agreements sometimes indefinitely or until the work is completed. So unfortunately I can only discuss work with people who work with me directly already or 3rd parties who have signed a confidentiality agreement. Social networking and SKYPE has allowed me to communicate with people globally and have discussed various projects with industry people from abroad. The people who designed my logos are based in Tampa Bay and Hawaii. I am also discussing a script for a movie with a Hollywood executive for 2013 whom I came upon online. It’s looking good.

9) Describe your fashion sense?

This makes me smile as I don’t think I have a fashion sense. I mix and match clothes and accessories bought from different places – high street, charity shops and many markets in London. I like wearing clothes that no one else has and prefer to shop in Europe when I can. I grew up in Europe so I have family and friends there that I visit. I actually go with an empty suitcase and shop like mad. When I attend Diplomatic events I have to be conservative as you can so easily offend.

I am however known for my big hair – I love experimenting with wigs and weaves. I went to the 2000 Sydney Olympics with a big curly brown weave with very Orange high lights. The TV crews there went crazy, I was being stopped all the time.

10) What inspired you to become a talent scout?

I was performing after I came back to the UK in 2002 for a while and whatever projects I was involved in they always had people letting them down. As I am a very helpful person, sometimes I would call people I knew to see if they could help out. Fortunately I knew lots of people who were equally professional and reliable as myself so I impressed the executives. Eventually the people I worked with regularly would follow up and ask again if I could send over more reliable people. It felt good to be trusted like that. I then thought maybe this was something I was good at and could do full time. I researched the profession and found a book on Amazon by Ruthie O’Grant “Show Biz Kids” one of the best talent scouts and agent in Hollywood. This book changed my life! Ruthie O’Grant had even trained as a lawyer like me and her book revealed there was a large number of talent scouts and agents in Hollywood who used to be lawyers. Ruthie O’Grant’s book is very informative and gives practical advice. I followed the advice and tips and very soon I was working with kids for children’s TV and bands on music videos. My first 2 bookings were big! I managed to book Monica, a 15 year old fashion designer on special edition of hit UK magazine show “This Morning” and she was featured heavily and later commissioned to dress a celebrity. I then managed to book Lydia, a child presenter to present a show on popular channel Nickelodeon. However I had to move on from children’s TV because it was not commercially viable as children’s interests diminish over time and parents can get apprehensive. I successfully made the transition to working with adults. I find it very thrilling when I discover someone and give them their first big break.


I just interviewed a band recently called Dorian Graze. They are the breakthrough British band of 2011 and they are incredible. They got signed to Ingeny Music Label and are going to be really big in 2012. I also have a lot of faith in my own scouted talent, a 10 year old called Tyriek Clement who is going to be one of the biggest RnB artistes in the UK. Even at that young age he is confident, knows what he wants and he can SING! In fashion I recently interviewed and booked on the Sporah show, haute couture model – Harriadnie Beau. This girl is going to be dominating the British fashion industry very soon and then the world. She is stunning, very humble, and media savvy already. Also designers already love Harriadneu Beau and she is the face of 3 designer labels and two of them have named a dress after her.

12) What do you say to someone who you think just doesn’t have what it takes?

I hate wasting time so I have to give them the brutal truth. If they are young I try to be as sensitive as possible. I will tell them I can’t personally work with them and wish them the best whatever they decide.  I don’t have the time or resources to invest in someone who doesn’t have what it takes. I won’t tell them to give up if they really want it bad because it’s their life and their dream. After all they could get lucky and succeed. If they are hard working and professional and I feel they have the skills or potential in other areas in show business such as producing, styling etc I will refer them to someone who can give them the opportunity.

13) Name one person who you admire and why?

This is a difficult one because I admire different people for different attributes and truly believe I have been inspired by so many. I will have to give you 3 names;

Oprah Winfrey for becoming such a huge success in show business and overcoming a childhood full of terrible abuse. She is one of the most influential celebrities globally and has used her status to help others. I was a human rights lawyer for children so I love the fact that children surviving abuse can look at her and believe they can overcome their terrible childhood too. She has also reached the heights of success at a level which had previously been difficult for women andpeople of colour. So she paved the way for others to succeed.

Ms Wangari Maathai (nickname Mama Miti) – Environmental and political activist and first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. She changed the path of politics and environmental policies in Kenya with the Green Belt Movement. I personally worked with her when I was a human rights campaigner, as my organisation exchanged training and skills with the Green Belt Movement. I feel very privileged to have met and worked with such a heroine and a good example of Africa that is rarely shown in Western media.

Anthony Robbins – One of the leading self help authors and motivational speakers. I love his books and have been to one of his seminars in London. This man makes you believe that you can do anything and he started me on my motivational journey in life. I dream big because of people like him. We get so many people telling us what we can’t achieve in life, therefore I am glad people like Anthony Robbins can pass on his wisdom and power of self activation. World leaders seek his guidance and I dare anyone to go to his seminars and not feel inspired.

14) What are your views on Simon Cowell?

I think he is a living God. He is the main reason why I have stayed single, just in case I have a small chance (joking!). I love that he can say what he wants and get away with it and has made millions out of it. He is also primarily a talent scout (A & R Executive) for Sony BMG Records, the TV judge persona he is famous for is a different aspect of him which he came into later in life. When it comes to knowing talent, he gets it right most of the time, but like anyone he is human and makes mistakes. He says it himself he regrets passing on The Spice Girls and Take That. Of course if Simon Cowell makes a mistake it is magnified in the media and over shadows his successes. The rest of us can get away with moving on very quickly with our mistakes. I have Simon Cowell’s book which I read over and over and always tell music industry protégées to pick up a copy as well if they want to learn about the pop music industry.

I have actually met Simon Cowell and he really liked me, he actually said on camera he thought I was attractive and he was impressed by my talent scout abilities. My band the Gemstones and I, did a calendar with Simon Cowell. He was asked to choose his favourite calendar girl. He chose me as Miss August. I have a photo of me and Simon with my section of the calendar. It’s hilarious!

15) What are your connections within the industry?

Not quite sure what you are looking for so I will answer in two fold. I come from a family who have been big in broadcast media for 2 generations. My grandfather owned the first big independent media company in East Africa in the 50s. My great aunt worked for BBC world service in London in the 50s and my uncle followed in the 60s working for BBC World Service London and the United States Information Services (USIS) in Africa. That was very unusual for that era. We still own a newspaper and media consultancy company in East Africa.

Otherwise currently I am very honoured to have met some A-List personalities and celebrities through my charity work and show business. I worked with Oscar winning actress Susan Sarandon during a UNICEF child immunisation project and Grammy nominated Swedish singer/songwriter Robyn for the Special Children’s Assembly at the United Nations. I have worked with A-Listers such as Gordon Ramsay (TV Chef), Ant & Dec (TV Presenters), Alan Carr (TV Presenter), Paul Mckenna (TV Personality) and have many more in my database. I am also in touch with members of several bands in the UK charts who were up and coming in the early days when I worked on their music videos.

There are also some well known celebrities that I consider as personal friends like Priscilla Morcrette (French Fashion Model turned adventurer), Rachel Christie (Former Miss England & athlete), Johny Pach (TV Presenter), Sporah (Chat Show Host), Nana Afua Antwi (Top Model of Colour UK, Designer), Colin Campbell Austin (Executive, Channel 4), Stuart Phillips (A-List Celebrity hair stylist), Gem Allen (Pop star) and Tausi Likokola (Supermodel). I thought I should give them a shout out as they have really been supportive to me. I absolutely adore these people.

16) Do you think someone’s talent can be over looked because of skin colour?

I strongly believe the industry has evolved beyond that now and anyone can do well if they work hard. What I do think is that eventually when people are successful they should continue to be professional, hard working and become good role models. It is easy for members of the public to confirm negative stereotypes when someone portrays themselves negatively in the media.

17) What message do you have for all our readers who think they have what it takes?

Ask you first do you really want to be in show business? Do you have the hunger and drive? If not it might not be worth your time, it is a brutal industry with a lot of rejection. But if you want it really bad, it is worth it! Build a strong resilience as there will be rejection and disappointment and you have to bounce back very quickly.

Find something relevant to YOU that inspires you daily and fits in your life. You will need that inspiration when things are tough. Only YOU can genuinely believe in yourself and make it work, so believe in yourself and tell yourself everyday that you can do it and NEVER listen to anyone else. It is your life and no one else’s. You may have to sacrifice something along the way or burn bridges with people so be prepared. It is hard at first but preserver and you will realise it was all worth it!

Of course if you don’t have the skills and contacts you have to do your research, train and network a lot. You have to live and breathe show business until you make it. It is also important to practice to improve your audition skills and presentation.

Lastly have A PLAN! This is the part that is often forgotten. It is good to have dreams and self belief but if you don’t have a plan then when the pitfalls come you will get lost. It is like planning a journey but without a map or destination. You may enjoy the journey, discover places and meet people but you will still be travelling in circles if you do not have a map and final destination.


Depends on your definition or how society sees today’s woman. I am not sure, I don’t think so ha ha! I am not very feminine or girlie even though I’ve tried a bit harder to be feminine as I have gotten older. When I was growing up I was very athletic I liked boys’ hobbies and preferred men friends because I had more in common with them. I’m not a girl’s girl – I’m often misunderstood by women.

I prefer being a career woman than a home maker. I love my work and the adventures I have had following my dreams. I believe if you can make yourself happy and content it is easier to find the same happiness and contentment with other people.

19) What do you admire most in a man?

Someone who is honest, kind, secure, respectful, has drive in whatever career he chooses, treats women with respect and knows what he wants out of life. Self esteem and inner strength is also important as I believe this is the root of overcoming any pitfalls in life. Things will always go wrong in life and if you don’t have inner strength and self esteem you can give up at the first hurdle.

20) If you were given a trip to fly to any part of the world where would you go and why?

Hawaii!! That is my dream place. It is a paradise Island, it looks stunning and it has a lot of interesting history. Also there are so many adventures you can have there and so many things to do and discover. I first saw it in a programme in the 70s called Hawaii 5.0

21) Name one perfume scent you love?

I am very sensitive to smell so I like perfumes that have a very sweet scent. My daily perfume is Anais Anais, it’s timeless and I always have men asking me what it is so they can buy it for their wife. The perfumes I like spraying when going out are Dolce and Gabbana Red, J’Adore and Bulgari Pour Femme.

22) If you go clubbing what kind of music will get you to the dance floor to shake your booty?

I don’t go out as much as I used to.  I used to be a party animal in my 20s. I still like old skool RnB and current dance tracks. I love 80s music so I love it when I got to a place or party that play music from the 80s. There are some more current artistes that are guaranteed to get me on the dance floor like Rihanna, Beyonce and  Lady Gaga.

London Finest Male Model Speaks to the Fashion Police

1)       For those that are not familiar with you who are you and what do you do?
My name is Mun Dhariwal. I am working as an international commercial male model and living in Kent. I also work as a personal trainer and designer both on a free lance basis. All these careers are my passion and keep me motivated and enjoying life to its full. I love to model on fashion shows as well as work with different photographers and TV / Film Producers; being versatile and creative is my passion!
I have had a great career so far and am having great pleasure working as a model, traveling and meeting new people all around the world. I am have a mix of Indian and part Turkish which has given me a unique and versatile look, this can be used to represent many different cultures. I have a great fun and easy to get on with personality that I love to share. I also have lots of experience in all the genres of the modeling industry and I'm very confident. Please feel free to browse through some selection of my pics you can find more details on my personal website. (

2)       What best 3 words describes you?
Passionate, dedicated and driven

3)       When you’re not working what do you enjoy doing?
My passion and hobby is training. So when I have some spare time I love going to the gym and working out. But I also love many other sports such as boxing and kickboxing… so allot my spare time is used in this passion.

4)       Whats one thing you cant leave your house without?
My house keys! Haha! Otherwise I cant get in! lol

5)       What are your 4 fashion tips to our male readers?
My four fashion tips for readers are:
1.     Be brave! Wear what YOU love wearing! With this attitude you can pull anything off!
2.     Shoes, shoes and shoes! Its all about good shoes! So make sure what your wearing goes well with the shoes!
3.     Be creative! – Mix and match! If it looks good…. And you feel good in it; then wear it!
4.     Be aware! Sometimes looking at fashion mags, music videos or even general TV shows, it always gives you a good idea of what’s in and what’s not…. But I always say… original is best… do something unique… it will def turn the heads!

6)       Is it easy being an asian model in this fashion world?
In one word NO! Working in the main stream industry as a model, can be very hard. I don’t know many Asian models that have made it all the way to the top. Doing small Asian shows and Asian shoots, yes anyone can do them…. But it’s very rare that you will see an Asian model to be the face of something like Hugo boss, Prada, CK etc…. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s taken me a very long time to accept and realize this. I want to break the ice for all the other Asian models out there…. So sometimes my shoots can be pushing the limit – but I am trying to represent ALL the Asian models out there, saying YES we are just as good and HEY look at us!

7)       What was the feed back you got from your family when you started to model?
I am very lucky. MY family has ALWAYS supported me in what ever road or destination I wanted to pursue in life. When they knew I was serious in modeling and began to see me on TV shows, music videos, calendars and magazines they was very proud and hoped I will get the lucky break I been working so hard for.

8)       What music would get you dancing away on the dance floor?
I am a terrible dancer and have no confidence in dancing! Lol! But I do like a little boogie now and then! Lol! I love listening to Arabic house and dance music…. Something I can train to and also relate to…. But honestly I have NO DANCE skills what so ever! *blushing!

9)       Are you single/married/relationship?
I am married to a very beautiful woman, Rachna. It was our 9th wedding anniversary this xmas day! We was extremely young when we married…. And we have been together almost 11 yrs now! She deserves a medial to put up with me! Lol! Seriously, she my best friend as well as my wife.

10)     What attracts you to someone?
As corny as this may sound, the smile and eyes…. I thin you can tell a lot about someone by their eyes and the way they smile… I love people, with kindness and goodness in their hearts. And the bonus thing is someone who can make me laugh, that’s always the cherry on top. All my close friends are amazing to people to be around; they are sincere, loving and very funny…. The kind of people you would love to be around. I am very lucky to have this in my life.

11)     Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I would like to say doing TV and film work on a full time basis and becoming a house hold name. This has always been my passion and aim ever since I have started to model years ago. But this journey has been a roll coaster for me. I have had so many knock backs rejections and also times where I ask myself what am I doing? Why am I putting myself under these constant challenges… and I tell myself, its because I want to become a someone…. And one day it WILL happen… I need to focus more and push myself out more.
So if I’m not in TV by then, I will let fate decide….

12)     If you had the change to change one thing about the fashion industry what would it be and why?
I would change the mould for all successful models being match stick thin! I am ALWAYS told to loose weight or tone down as I am “too big” as a ramp, fashion or editorial model. I have modeled all around the world now and worked with many famous designers. My last international shoot was working on tour all around India. I was in Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Delhi, I was very lucky to show case many celebrity designers pieces but to do this I had to loose over 6kg in body weight! I lost this weight in 2 weeks, it made me feel very weak and ill.
I think designers need to understand… in the real world… men and women are not THAT skinny and they should design outfits with people with a little more shape to them.

13)     Do you shave your body with a razor are do you wax?
I am a wimp! Lol! Razor! Waxing hurts WAY too much and always leaves spots and marks…. I use a body groomer and sometimes veet it… for extra smooth feel! Haha!

14)     What's the most challenges you get from being a model?
The biggest challenge I have as a model is to look ripped all year round. I have good athletic shape, but to maintain that all year round requires a lot of dedication in diet and training for me.

15)     Which other male models in the industry u.k do you look up to and why?
I know this may sound big headed and its not meant to be at all…. But I don’t look up to any male or female model in the industry at all. I admire many of my colleges work but for me… I wanna achieve so much more than modeling.

16)     If you could get the chance to do a photo shoot with 3 people who would they be and why?
All though there are many people I would like to work with, the three people I would love to shoot with are:
1.       Hrithik Roshan
2.       Aishwarya Rai
3.       John Abraham
These are the people I admire the most in the whole industry.  Not only are they amazing models, actors and celebrities; these are people who I think are super star status. The shoot for me would be amazing and truly a life time experience.

17)     As a model you meet so many beautiful women what is true beauty to you?
I have been lucky enough to work with the most beautiful and talented models in the industry. But after all this time, I realized outside beauty means nothing unless they are beautiful people from the inside. Without mentioning names: some models have been absolutely flawless, but their arrogant and self absorbed nature makes them appear so ugly. Real beauty to me is the way a person addresses themself and behaves. They need to show love, respect and kindness to all… that is a beautiful person.

18)     What message do you have for girls who just go crazy about your body?
Lol…. Thanks… I always appreciate the support from people.

19)     What advice do you have for aspiring male model?
Keep trying, don’t let one persons choice dictate your final decision in the industry. In this career you meet people who will love your look and people who will hate it. There is a niche for everyone…. You just need to find your one.

Ms Lilian is the hard working face behind Vibe Model Management who don't settle for less

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
My name is Lilian Kristensen, known as Lili amongst friends.I am the founder and CEO of Vibe International Models:  Its a modeling agency with base in London and second office in Oslo.Our main passion is fashion, runway and editorial.However we also have a department for commercial models, actors, dancers and people:  I truly believe that this industry has so much to offer, so it is wise to be able to supply to our clients various requests, whether they are fashion-or commercial related. 

2)What word best describes you as a woman?
Personally I believe there are so many different things that defines a woman and all woman possess their own uniqueness and beauty.However if I am to describe myself it would be like this: I am passionate and ruled by my heart both in business and my personal life.This means that every step I take in both areas have to be a step I can live with peacefully.I am very ambitious but believe that it is essential for your well being to enjoy your process, wherever it is that you are heading.My main focus for gaining more, is having more to give.I love my family and friends.They are my inspiration.I draw my strength from God and from him there is no limit, meaning my strenght as a woman is also unlimited.I am an eternal optimist and see only possibilities.On a more superficial level I love pampering myself and do it every single day.The better you look after yourself inside and out, the more you honour the God who created you.Every day I reallise I have so much more to learn and I therefore welcome every challenge, good or bad.All of it is in the end our gift and based on this philosophy I live my life to the best of my ability.I can hand on heart say I am happy.

3)Name one thing you just cant leave home without?
My mobile phone, daaaaahr...

4)Are you married/single/relationship?
I am currently single.

5)What is the hardest thing in running an agency?
The hardest thing is to get clients to pay the appropriate and professional fee`s for the models.Also, to make the models understand that recieveing the best assignments requires potential, hard work and alot of patience.Today, because so many models out there keep offering their services to clients for free it makes it challenging.If clients know that they can contact models directly and the model will accept, with no protection or proper fee, they will ofcourse sease the opportunity to save on their budget.This is due to accesibility related to all the official sites models can now promote themselves.However, those models with true potential and professional attitude tend to achieve most success within the protecion of their agency.I have seen it happen several times and I am always greatful for those models who believe and understand these principles.

6)What do you look for when scouting for models?
I look for height, good face, uniqueness and slim, but healthy physique.

7)What do you think of the models who are size 0?
I resent size 0.It is really not necesssary to look like a skeleton to be a successful model.When I talk to young girls I always ask them if they are naturally slim and if they eat enough.My advice to those models who are not naturally a model size.Do not try to be a model! Its not worth it.I encourage excersise and healty eating.If you are not naturally slim, you can be a commercial model.I dont make the rules for the fashion industry, but I do have to follow it.So my fashion models do need to be slim for Vibe to be able to offer the clients what they request.However, I see it as my duty to protect my models and not encourage them to diet.If it is not natural for them to be slim, they will simply not be taken on as fashion models.I encourage education versus unreallistic hope of becoming a model.You are either born a model or not.

8)There are so many agencies out there what makes your agency different?
Yes, I do love all of the other agencies, because their achievements inspire me.I see them as my respected colleagues.There is room for everybody in this industry.You just have to find your own place in it.How Vibe is different: Ok, very early in my agency carrier one of my clients said this to me: "We are amased by how friendly and down to earth you are.This so refreshing and has made it a true pleasure working with you.I know you are new and entusiastic, but NEVER EVER change your attitude no matter how successful you become".I never forgot that.So the way I believe Vibe can be different is our sincerity and integrity.My clients are always talking to a person.I create real relations.But dont be fooled! I have no time for people not willing to offer good business or wanting to take advantage in one way or another.My models are my number one priority and protecting them within the frame of Vibe is essential.

9)What are your thoughts on models with curves on the runway?
I accually love it! Personally I love curves.However, fashion is a form of art the way I see it.When I go to a runway show I love the slightly unattainable image of the models.Its like admiring a beautiful painting.Its different.And I dont see why it should not be that way.I used to be a dancer and did alot of ballett.A ballerina needs to be slim too.The audience love the beauty of it.Its performance.Its a show.Its entertainment.Sometimes it is important to accept that everything does not have to be open to suit everybody.If you have curves, you are not a fashion model.If you have no curves, you are not a commercial model.I think we should embrace eachothers differences and allow designers to choose slim models if thats what they want.When I went to the Ballet Academy I was told every day I was too fat.My bum was too big and my thighs not slim enough.I just laughed, because I love my little curves.It just meant that my strength as a dancer had to be elsewhere.When I was offered a dancejob in a pop video, I was made.Moral of the story: Be happy with who you are and find your place within the industry based on your potential.By all means, make changes, but not at the cost of your own integrity or selfasteem.

10)If you had the chance to change the fashion world what would you change and why?
I would put all models into agencies and stop the abuse that is happening today.This means that all of the models would be protected, payed professional fee`s and clients would get outmost quality each time.A win-win for all.
The industry would remain of high quality and it would mean that the title "model" would be earned and placed upon the model based on their true potential and achievement.These days the word "model" is something anyone can title themselves and I dont agree with that.

11)What's beauty in your words?
A big heart that shines through you every time you smile.Its in the eyes too.How you look at people, agnowledge them and allow them to be seen and feel good in your presense.To me thats true beauty.

12)What do you think of models of colour on the catwalks?
I think it should always be 50-50.100% equal.In this day and age we should no longer be separated in any way, shape or form.Every industry should reflect that.Models of colour are so incredibly gracious and beautiful, both the woman and the men.I represent models of all colours on my books and I will keep doing so.For each fashion show I will give equal opportunities to all models.I dont accually see colour.I just see people.One day I truly hope that the rest of the industry and the world will see it the same way.

13)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about your agency?
It happening every day! People from all over the world is contacting Vibe.Agencies from China.Models from USA, Africa and so on.Vibe is out there via our website and network.It is comforting to know we have achieved a fantastic level of reaching the world.This is a good foundation for steady growth in the future.
14)If there was one place you could fly to and collect models where would you go and why?
I already have great places where my models are based.Scandinavia holds amasingly stunning models.London has a superb variety of models of all kinds and diversity.But if I could fly somewhere to get new faces I would go to Russia and Somalia.Two countries that possess tall people with a different and unique look that is very suitable for fashion.

15)What tips do you have for anyone wanting to be a model?
Listen to the experts in the industry and what they have to tell you about your potential.Their opinion is the opinion that is correct according to what the industry demands.Go to an agency and ask them before you start on a campaign of becoming a model.If you have potential, the agency will help you every step of the way.Be very careful and do not book photoshoots without supervision, guidance and research.

16)Do you represent models from all over the world?
I do indeed, but most of our work is here in London and in Oslo.Models from other countries stay on our books, so that a client have the opportunity to fly them to a destination should their budget allow this.

17)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake your booty?
RnB all the way baby.

18)What are 4 things in your words that makes a man a gentleman?
Kind heart, sincerity, respect and generousity.When I say generousity I dont necessarily mean gifts, allthough I do love gifts! I mean generousity of spirit.A man who is open and enjoys giving and sharing of himself.I love getting to know a man.Its so much fun, especially if you are connecting on more than one level.A friend and a lover rolled into one.These things combined with a sense of humeour and you have got a winner!

19)Describe your fashion sense?
I love dresses.Cant get enough.High heals are essential.I adore being a woman and dress accordingly.My style is very feminine.Regards to clothes Im not too into labels but just buy a dress if it fits me well and I like the colour and style.It gives me great satisfaction when I can buy a dress for under £30 and make it look like a million dollars.However handbags need to be a label.Love Louis Vuitton and Guess handbags.I am more classical than trendy and clothes needs to be comfortable, soft and fit my figure perfectly.Every time I dress is a celebration of being a woman whether its casual or glamorous.

20)What message do you have for all aspiring models around the world?
Please have reallistic expectations.The model industry is so tough, very few models achieve huge success.For those who do, its incredible but still hard work.If you are strong and possess true potential, I will encourage pursuing a modeling carrier.However you must make sure you have a good back-up with your education, parential guidance, a good agency and good friends.Their support is essential.You cannot possibly do it alone.Listen to your agent and be patient.The road from being a new face to a successful model may take some time.This industry is beautiful yet scary.It is important to be grounded and allow yourself the time to develope.Each day provides a new opportunity, and thats the one thing that makes this industry so interresting.You never know what is around the corner.

21)Where do you see yourself in 5 years
I am still running Vibe.Where I am in the world at that time is yet unknown.Hopefully I will have settled by then.That is my aim.Vibe follows me everywhere but my home will in the end be where my true love is.I hope to find him...