Wednesday, 14 December 2011

St.Maarten Top Dancer,Business woman,Wife,Mother speaks to fashion police news

1)Please tell us briefly who you are for those who are not familiar with you?

I am a wife, a business woman and a mother of three beautiful children. Extremely loving, giving and caring!! I am what you see; straight to the point, but at times very emotional!!

2)What do you enjoy most about being a dancer?

Being a dancer gives me the opportunity to be myself, to go deep into my own world. And I enjoy the attention from everybody while performing!!

3)If you was given the chance to dance in 2 music videos of your choice for 2 famous persons who would it be and why?

Honestly I would love to dance or act in any music video from any person...because being famous is NOT so important for me... it is all how YOU make the people watching you feel. It will be an honor to dance on stage with lots of drama with Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Cher, though!!
This is a difficult question to answer, cause I am someone who embraces the smallest opportunities that life offers me.

4)We know your a mother,and wife how do you spend time with your family with tight schedules?
Hmmmm....Thank GOD my family understands and support my passion. Especially my husband and kids, they are my biggest fan. When possible they are there with me during shows and rehearsals. All just fall into place....

5)Tell us about your dance group briefly?and who the dancers are

ANAIS DANCE FUSION is not only a dance group, but also a complete entertainment group; we cater to lots of different events; we have strippers, waiters, dancers, singers, makeup artists and much more. I work with a lot of professionals and know exactly who to contact for any show.
My dancers are talented and gifted in many ways.
There is NOT one choreographer, we all putting steps and style together..that is what makes us soooo UNIQUE!!!
When I want something fast, I always ask other professional dancers for help: I love working with others.

My assistant is Brandon Joseph.
The other dancers are; Shanay Andrews, Mickeba Boyea, Janelle Hermance, Ro-Ann Munoz, Marie Claxton, Nicco Burgos and Curran Pierre. Also many dancers who are on vacation do participate with me in some functions. Like Leon Benjamin and Ernesto Wyatt will also soon perform with us when time permits of course.

6)What kind of music do you all dance to?
We are a FUSION so we do it all!!! I love variety!!!

7)How can someone view the group in action who lives on the other side of the world?

Right now is not possible, don't have any videos recorded as yet!!

8)What makes your group different from all other groups?

We are a great team...WE ARE A FAMILY!!!; I treat each one of my dancers as a part of MY FAMILY!!!

9)Fashion police news would like to know from you personally what are your 4 fashion tips to every reader who is reading this?

A. Be creative with your style; not everything you see is for everybody

B. Look in the mirror before you leave your house, if you like what you see, then walk with confidence and elegance!!

C. Any color can go together once you stay moderate

D. Be yourself, love yourself at all times and show it off FIERCELY!!!

10)What message you have for all aspiring dancers reading this blog?

Focus on what you want to achieve, Visualize it, Feel it and go for it all the way!!!!


As the award winning"BEST MODEL TRAINER"in the U.K known by many and the media as Catwalk Professor/Mr Fierce i have worked with many women and its very disgusting to see a woman who just cant carry herself like a true lady so i have decided to do this blog on a few tips to build up your confidence and be more like a lady for 2012.Feel free to join me on my face book fan page at Catwalk Professor are even twitter @MrfierceCatwalk.Now lets begin and ladies make sure you take notes.
1)A woman should be a woman at all times from how she walks,talks,sit,remove a jacket,introduce herself and everything in the eyes of the public should be classy with that touch of style
2)Woman please dont go drinking leaving a pub/bar/club drunk falling on the floor that's so disgusting and walking home with your shoes in hands.Control yourself if you know 3 red wines will get you drunk once you start to feel tippsy STOP IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
3)Avoid putting on make up on in public places,how fab you look should always be a suprise have others wondering how you look so good.
4)When a man opens the door for you are do anything a real man should do,please look in the face very confident and say"THANK YOU" not every man who is kind means he wants you.
5)When ask a question avoid using the word maybe,i don't know,look straight in the face saying yes are no.
6)Some women are just to loud that's the biggest turn off,carry yourself like you was raised by a mother not a pig.
7)Women learn to wear your size helllllllo .
8)Avoid meeting at boys/men houses for your dates as the word goes around you want to be seen as a woman/lady with true class.,avoid the dates also in cars.THATS HOW YOU GET A BAD NAME!!!
9)Please wear proper bra for support with your clothes and underwear seeing bra straps and panty line is a NO NO NO.
10)Stop  sharing with your friends the measurements of the person your dating thats enough to get your friends curious to find out for herself,there is some things you keep private
11)Ladies always make sure you have proper deodorant on,it kills me being around any woman and her under arms is smelling ......TURN OFF
12)ladies always have your mints in purse when going on that night out much less on a date.
13)When kissing anyone you kiss from the left cheek to the right don't forget this you don't want to be kissing anyone on the lips.
14)When sitting sit with your legs close and sit like a dam woman,make your self tall no round shoulders and feet never under the chair.
15)Women should never ever drink from a bottle use a straw are a cup.....BE A REAL WOMAN.
16)Always kiss your date on the cheek for the first few dates he get that respect and will not be seen as being easy then how can he even trust you in the long run.
17)STOP saying someone is your boyfriend after meeting them for 3 days.....yuck makes you look desperate.
18)Don't talk about your ex on any dates.......ask question on the next person show you have intrest,people love to be seen as intrested.
20)If  someone cant treat you right let go,you must stand for something if you don't you fall for anything.
21)If after one date this person is not calling you back,give it up stop chasing them again you will look hungry and like your hungry to be loved show that your confident.