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Most Sought After Make Up Artist"Hotlips" Confess to the Police

1)For those who are not familiar with you who are you and what do you do?

1) My name is Kristy Prince a.k.a Hotlips I'm a make up artist/hairstylist
I'm freelance so work with many types of clientele from brides to music artists actors/actresses, celebrities, fashion designers, models, charitable organisations, hair companies creating tailor made make up & hair designs according to their requirements. I also do editorial for magazine & websites, l am brand ambassador for make up companies.    2)There are so many make up artist out there what makes you different? I work with such a diverse and mixed clientele...from celebrities to young girls going to a prom each one of my clients are as equally important to me regardless of their status. I also do hair & nails and some beauty treatments such as eyebrow shaping, eye lash tints, facials, this can be especially beneficial to my clients who have hectic schedules...previously I was a social worker and have a instinct if a client has any insecurities regarding their image....I put my clients at total ease, sometimes doing their hair or make up is like a mini counselling session as they open up about personal & sensitive issues, I would say that I have an advantage on other artists which I have gained in both of these careers. 

3)What word best describe you?

4)What is one thing you just can't leave the house without
4)My must have essential is a great lip balm with an spf to protect the delicate skin on the lips from winter thru to fall, EVERYONE should carry one!

5)What are your 4 tips for our ladies when shopping for make up?

5) 1. If possible take a friend along to give you a totally honest opinion
2.Go without any make up...I. know for some ladies that is a huge request but they will get amazing results if the make up artist has a blank canvass to work from....if you are not having a make over its best if your skin is just cleansed & prepared so you can apply the base along the jaw line to ensure it blends into the neck.
3.When buying foundation always check results in natural daylight as stores tend to have extremely bright lighting that can give a false initial impression....nothing worse than splashing out on a pricey item only to regret it later because its the wrong shade.
4.The best natural asset we have are our smiles and as not all woman want to wear make up, looking after your skin and teeth and hair will ensure you have a natural radiance.

6)If you was not a make up artist what would you be doing?

6) I think I would be a youth advisor or mentor as many young people for whatever reasons don't have positive role models. Our youth are the future so need guidance, support and encouragement.

7)What music would make you run to the dance floor to shake that booty?
7) I love' I heard you say' by Dennis Ferrer but essentially anything with a great beat and thumping bass line!

8)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?

8) I'm definitely a true representation of today's woman I am independent ambitious aspirational and confident. Confidence is a must in my industry as I work with so many exceptionally beautiful woman...if you are a person that is easily intimated it gives others the opportunity to find fault...I go into a room believing I'm as good as anyone regardless of where their from or who they are....its so important to have self belief! 
9)Name 2 make up artist in the uk you look up to if any?

9) I look up to many make up artists but the 2 that I admire greatly are Sharon Dowsett who I actually had the pleasure of working with at the 'FASHION ROCKS' event at the Royal Albert hall and Pat McGrath who is next on my hit Pat if your reading this holla lol. 
10)Are you single/married/relationship? 10) I'm currently single although I would say not necessarily by seems to me that committed relationships are like some 'Mission Impossible' example Kim Kadashain marriage lasted 72 days & Sinead O'Connor lasted 16 days! I have a lot of admirers which is a boost but I am a little bit fussy lol if a guy does something I don't like especially on the 1st date his toast ha ha you only get one chance to make an impression! Maybe this is the year I'll find my Prince who knows. 
11)What are you 4 fashion tips you live by
11) 1. My fashion tips I live by are find a style that suits your body shape and stick with it
2.Just because its in 'Fashion' does not mean you have to wear it! Certain people can get away with wearing really outrageous clothes and they look so on point, others try it and get it so wrong! Remember the Fashion police are always watching!
3. Timeless key pieces are essential such as a great fitting pair of Jeans the LBD for ladies and a good fitting suit for a man, a well tailored Jacket can make even a simple outfit look classy.
4. Always make sure you have great accessories as these complete an outfit, shows jewellery and a fab handbag! 
12)Where do you get your inspiration from?
12) My inspiration comes from everywhere I studied art photography & interior design before finding my niche in make up and hair. I trained as a hairdresser when I left school and decided to take it to the next level by doing make up as well...I see inspiration in everyday life, movies other make up artists & creative people such as the designers and also in the faces of people I work on. 
13)If you was granted to pick 3 people of your choice on who you would do their make up who would you choose? 
13)I have been really blessed & had the opportunity to do make up & hair on some amazing people, 3 that come to mind instantly are Thandie Newton, Charlize Theron and Rihanna I think they are stunning and it would be a dream come true for me. 
14)When not working what do you enjoy doing
14) I love catching up with friends & family, I also love cooking and entertaining you cannot beat good food and great company....I like reading and travelling I have been fortunate enough in my career to visit the USA, Caribbean, Africa as well as Europe. I love chilling with a good book or a dvd.
15)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
15) I am so impressed with the blog and of course I absolutely love Catwalk Professor a.k.a Mr. Fierce its a great platform to learn about others in the industry! There are so many talented & hard working people behind the screens in the fashion, beauty, film & tv, video ,music industry that are unsung heroes, it takes one hell of a lot of planning to put on an event! So this blog is informative & let's us find out about who these wonderful people are and what their roles are. 
16)What do you admire most of a man?
16) I must admit I'm a bit old fashion when it comes to Men I like gentlemen who know how to treat a lady and make her feel special, manners go a very long way and carry you anywhere in the world. Integrity are also very important qualities as well as loyalty.
17)If you had to choose from these 3 which one would you choose  (1)policeman in uniform(2)construction worker(3)business man?and why
17) This is a no brainer no.3 I love a man in a suit! So sexy and suave and I would be charmed by good manners because most guys I know that wear suits as a staple are charming. 
18)If anyone from the other side of the world would like to view your work how can they do so?
18) They can see my work and on line bio at I work with them on lots of projects and Leyah the owner has loads of contacts in fashion music video & photography. I upload work to my Facebook Kristy Prince Mua or they can follow me on twitter @PRINCESSHOTLIPZ 
19)If you was given 3 tickets to attend any 3 events in the uk which 3 would you go to ?
19) This is a tricky question as there are so many events in UK every year but as I love music first choice is 1. the MOBOs
2. The Baftas 3. British hairdresser of the year 
20)Tell us about your name HOTLIPS? 
20) I was given that nickname back in school by my sweet heart after our 1st kiss he said" your lips are hot I'm gonna call you Hotlips" that time I was focused on training as a hairdresser so I only really started to use it when I branched out and became Freelance, I wanted a name people would remember as I love lips I printed my 1st business cards with my Lips as the logo, I also have my lips tattooed on my right shoulder...

21)Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
21) I want to continue making people look beautiful and feel special, I want to be able to inspire others as well as teaching aspiring mua's and women how to apply the perfect make up for all occasions. I would even consider launching a capsule range of lip care. I'm in talks with a friend who is a comedian/presenter about online tutorials with a twist as people love my personality and always say I should be in comedy so that's something I'm considering. 
22)What advice you have for anyone wanting to be a make up artist?
22) The best advice I can give is to any aspiring muas is practise on friends to perfect your technique and to learn about different face and eye shapes, attending a course is also great to learn the basics, although they can be really expensive privately local colleges do courses for 16 and up, reading books is an invaluable resource two books I swear by are Fine Beauty by Sam Fine and the Bobbi Brown I think they give great step by step advice . If you can get a job on a make up counter that is a great way to stock your kit and work on clients to build up confidence. If you feel its what you really want to do seek out established muas and ask to assist them this is a great way to make contacts and will get you credited work for your portfolio.


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