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Ms" BATTLE OF THE RUNWAY"2011 Winner Ms Kyomi speaks to the Police

1)Please tell us who you are what you do for those not familiar with you?
My name is Kyomi Thompson A.K.A "Kyomi Kouture" I am a National Diploma college graduate in Fashion and Clothing. Now I have finished my college studies I work free lance designing and making clothes for buyers, along side studying Garment Technology privately to improve my skills; because you can never learn too much!
I also model part time taking part in various photo shoots and exciting fashion shows, modelling my own creations when I get the chance to.

2)Describe yourself in 3 words?
Creative, ambitious and headstrong ;-)

3)When not working what do you enjoy doing?
Laughing, spending time with family, designing new collections, and going on holiday. 

4)If you had to grade yourself for 1 to 100 on your modelling walk how much would you give your self?
99...always room for improvement!

5)What made you compete in Ms Battle of the runway 2011?
A make up artist I know fowarded me the details because she thought I may be interested. I thought that it would open up new doors for me, good opportunity for me to network , improve my walk and obviously to win the £500 prize. 

6)Did you think you was going to win after seeing all those fierce girls?
definately NOT, it was so funny because just before the show I was talking to some lady telling her how much in doubt I was of winning and because I had so many friends and family attending the show on the night I really wanted to make them proud in winning. I had loads of competition.

7)Have many doors open for you since you won?explaine
To be honest no. The one thing it had done though, it gave me loads of motivation and enthusiasm to enter in  more competitions and apply for different modelling agencys

8)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
Fantastic, always alive and buzzing with new hot topics.

9)Who are some of the people who showed you how to walk?
No one really I just learnt by watching a lot of modelling programmes like: America's/Britain's Next Top Model, Gok's Fashion, and youtube I like to watch people walk and try to take notes.

10)Tell us your expereience in Battle of the runway catwalk contest 2011?
I learnt a lot from Battle Of The Runway, I made new friends who pointed me in different directions to do with fashion shows and I learned how important it is to be confident on the runway. The downfall of the competition was that I was promised a cash prize of "£500" and I never got it. This has made be even more so vidulant in sniffing out Rats in the industry when applying for more modelling jobs and competitions in the future. I know Maxine made money on the night as she got all of the ticket money from the show, every contendant had to pay £10 for our pictures to be taken plus she never had to pay for make up artists and helpers back stage as they were all voluntery. considering out of all the contestants I brought the most people to the show so with them buying tickets I basically put the money in to Maxines pocket. I never thought Maxine Grifiths would turn out to be such a fraud and rob a 19 year old girl in her hard earned cash prize, and that she has left me but no other choice of having to take her to court to get my prize.

11)What advice do you have for any girl looking to compete and take your crown in 2012
Well for a start I will not be taking part in any of the crowing of the winner of 2012 Battle Of The Runway. I would say don't waist your time as I wasn't rewarded my prize they just build you up and then once the shows over drop you back down. Through making people aware of what Maxine done to me I have found out from a lot of people that this is the typical nature of Maxine, so I would definatley say to do your research in to her before you decide to enter the competition.

12)If you was to do a photo shoot with 2 people of your choice who would it be and why?
Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, because I know out of that one photo shoot I could learn loads from them.

13)Which other contest would you like to compete in and why if any?
Top Model Of Colour, because I think they would more appreciate my ethnicity, natural hair and unusual looks.

14)If you was given 3 tickets to attend any event of your choice which 3 would you go to and why?
America's Next Top Model Show, BET Awards and London Fashion Week in Somerset House because it would be a fantastic place to network and I love watching fashion shows for inspiration.

15)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
I think they are good teachers because men often exaggerateso the woman can clearly see where they are going wrong or right

16)Describe what true beauty is in your own words?
true beauty truley does come within and I'm not just talking about personality I'm talking you can cover your face and hair with as much chemical based "beauty products"and make up as you like but unless your feeding the inside of your body with the nutritious foods and herbs God blessed the Earth with your body will automatically eject the chemicals through the 1000's of pores in the most largest organ we have our skin far from showing beauty.

17)How did you prepare for the contest?
I used to go to my sisters house a she had a very large hall way, Put a long mirror at the end of the hallway and walked up and down, posing at the end in the mirror as if it was the runway I got my sister to be my critique and just kept on practicing in my heels until I got it perfect, I also was filmed so I could watch myself so I could see where I was going wrong.

18)If you had the chance to walk the runway with 2 people of your choice who would it be and why?
Professor catwalk because hes so fierce :-)

19)If you had to prepare a meal for the fashion police news reporters what would you prepare?
Rice and pees, brown stewed fish and salad on the side.

20)What are your thoughts on women who live with weave 365 days of the year in their heads?
Erm, there heads must itch! lol no obviously its a free country people can wear what they want but I do like to see African and Carribean women wearing there own natural hair and looking good with it because when they have caucasian or Asian weave on there head it does make me wonder why they are not proud of there ethnicity and if they are trying to aspire to look like what they're not.

21)Are you married/single/relationship/divorced

22)What advice do you have for our many readers out there?
If you want something in life  stay head strong and constantly think about it because thoughts turn in to feelings, feelings turn in to actions and actions lead to results! Nothings impossible if you put your mind to it.

23)Have someone ever offer to train you walk and your like huh how can you teach me and you cant even walk yourself?
Yes quite a few time actually lol

24)Which other models do you look up to in the uk?if any
My Mum..My "Role" Model :-)

25)What attracts you to someone?
Personality, humour and ambition

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