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The World Youngest Supermodel Diva Davanna Speaks To The Fashion Police

The World youngest Supermodel Diva Davanna
(Photography by Joe Clarke)
1)Please tell us who you are for those not familiar with you? Hi, My name is Davanna Booker, better known as Diva Davanna, I been modelling since the age of 4 yrs, I'm now 13 yrs old. I have walked in over 1000 fashion shows all over the US and the Virgin Islands, also been on several TV shows.

2)What 2 words best describe you as a person? Nice, Quite.

3)What do you enjoy doing when your free? I love going to the mall, movies and hanging with my two sisters and my best friends


4)Do you think your a true representation of a today's teenager? I think so; I'm fun, outgoing, and love to have lots of fun like teenagers do. Good student in school, I go to church and love to stay on my cell

5)Who are your 4 best friends you would do anything for? My mom (Carrie) My grandma (Corine), my twin sister (dejohnna) & my other sister (Ashley).

6)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear and why? I'm becoming a designer myself so I would love to wear my own collections: The D.D. Diva Davanna but if it had to be someone really famous it would Vera Wang.

7)If you was given 1 ticket to fly any where in the world where would you go to and why? Disney World, so I could have so much fun for a few days.

8)What makes a good model in your own eyes? I'm being thought that a model should not only have confidence on the runway, and be a good walker but able to be a good role model and be able to do things to help other people. That is the kind of good model I'm trying to be.

9)If you had the power to change 2 things about the fashion world what would you change? That you should not have to be really tall to be a model, and if we could see a lot more African American models in the big high fashion runway shows.

10)What music do you love listening to? Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys.

11)Tell us all about you as a person and your experience when you graced the Tyra Banks TV Show? I'm very quit and I stay to myself except when I'm in the house or around friends and family, but I'm most outgoing when I'm on the runway, I love fashion and going to the mall with my friends. Well on the Tyra show I was so nervous and scared because I was going to meet a big super star like Tyra Banks, I didn't know what she was going to ask me or if she was going to like me so that made me scared and nervous. But when it was time for me to walk I felt good because I knew that I was not nervous to do that. But I had a lot of fun meeting Tyra Banks and she was so nice to me.

12)Which 3 models would you say is the best walkers? Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell & Chanel Iman

13)Tell us all about your experience when you met Ms Jay? Ms Jay was so much fun, he had me  laughing and feeling comfortable while I was at the taping of ANTM.

14)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog? When my mom first let me see the blog I was trying to read everything in one night because it was so much fashion stuff on there, and I love reading all about fashion, I like all the updates and new stories on the site and I really like the celebrity pictures. I'm so glad to be a part of the blog.

15)What's the secret to having such a FIERCE walk? Well you have to do a lot of practice and have confidence on the runway and just be yourself.

16)Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Right now I'm in the 8th grade, good student in school so I have to keep that up so I could get in a good college for business. Right now I'm working on my own clothing line with my mom (photo attached), I also have my own line of glamour boxes for young girls (photo attached) it’s called The Glamour Box Collections. So hopefully in 10 years I will have my own designs on high fashion runways and on high fashion models and in boutiques.

17)How can anyone from the other side of the world learn more about you? They can always go to my web site  and there they can follow me on face book, twitter, or sign up on my fan page.

18)If you was to make the Fashion Police News reporters breakfast what would you prepare? What kind of cereal do you like…lol, if my mom don't cook me breakfast then that’s my morning breakfast so we can have cereal and toast and orange juice.

19)What are 3 things you see models doing on the runway that's a NO NO? walking to fast and when they get to the front they turn back around to fast, so the photographers can't get any pictures. And never walk to the music, always try to tune it out and just be yourself and walk.

20)If the fashion Police was to be a fly in your home what would we be shock to see? I love to dance and act crazy to my just dance video’s, you would be shock to see me have so much fun while not on the runway


21)Do you think everyone can be a model? Yes, it don't matter your size or color, everybody can be a model.

22)What advice do you have for young girls growing up that would love to follow in your footsteps? A lot of young girls my age always think they can't be a at modeling or singing or anything that they want to do, I always tell my friends and other kids that you can be whatever you want to be, but it is a lot of hard work so you have to work hard to be the best. Some time I want to go to the movies with my friends but I have a show so I can't go, but I go the next time because modeling is something that I want to do so you have to work hard first then I have lots of fun the next time. So be whatever you want to be but put church and school first.

23)What would you say is your best assets? my mom tells me just like foot ball players their best assets are there legs and hands, and singers have their voice, so I would say my legs because most models need them for walking in so many fashion shows.

24)Who taught you how to walk? His name is Timothous Smart, he’s my mom’s best friendand when my mom used to give her fashion shows he used to do the make-up for all the models,  he was also a runway trainer and he also gave fashion shows to, he would be at my mom’s practices and her fashion shows and he said to my mom that Davanna has a fierce little walk to be so young and that he wanted to work with me so I could really know how to walk and do my turns and really be a diva on the runway, so he started training me and that’s how I got really good on the runway.

25)What's your favorite food that you would clean the dish empty? Shrimp, oh my goodness that is the best food ever. I love, love shrimp.

26)If you had a chance to meet the catwalk professor who is also known as Mr Fierce what would you say to him? Just like it was so much fun to meet Ms Jay Alexander I know it would be so much fun to meet you. I would like to ask you how did you get started and how did you the name catwalk professor.

27)Any last words for our many blog readers world wide? First I want to thank the catwalk professor/ Mr Fierce for giving the opportunity to be featured on  Fashion Police News, and I say to all my friends & fans to please continue to support me.

Thank you once again for featuring Ms Diva Davanna on the Fashion Police News.

Look out for Diva Davanna clothing line,we have enclosed a picture teaser of her designs below:

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