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Leading Photographer Ms Rachel speaks to the Fashion Police

The right moment catcher

Ms Rachel Saunders

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

My name is Rachel Saunders, and I am the creative director for Random Acts. I organise, run, and process shoots, do graphic design, and arrange creative events.

2)There are so many photographers what makes you different from the rest?

My personal photographic style is characterised by the use of colour, texture, emotion, and narrative, and I believe what makes my work stand out is the way I combine all four in my images. I love to bring out a subject's personality on camera, which in turn helps them shine through.

3)What makes a model model in front of the camera?

Character. Anyone can pose, but only an experienced model can bring character, experience, and a je nais se quois to a shoot.

4)When not working what do you enjoy doing?

Writing, travelling, watching movies at the cinema.

5)If you had the chance to shoot 4 people who would it be and why?

1) Andrej Pejic, because he is my all time muse, and I have the most crazy/glorious idea of shooting him in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles as an angel.
2) Ayla Holdam, a woman who has such ethereal beauty that it makes you just want to do all sorts of amazing things with her in front of the camera.
3) Bo Bruce, one of those women you look at and just wish you could put in front of your lens every day of the week. Honestly, who wouldn't want to create some magic with her?
4) Christina Hendricks, honestly one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and a sumptuously gorgeous redhead to boot.

6)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?

None, though I usually rotate between Princess by Vera Wang and Miracle by Lancombe.

7)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you go?

Antartica via Argentina - I have a plan to see every continent by the time I am 35, and this would be the glorious icing on the cake. 

8)How can someone from the other side of the world view your work and learn more about you?

Through my website - - and my Facebook page.

9)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?

Intriguing and useful 

10)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Either a creative director or galavanting around doing all sorts of randomness. 

11)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake that booty?

Trance and deep house

12)What attracts you to someone?

If I am totally honest its personality and looks, though more personality. 

13)Choose from the following what you think is more sexy on a man.....(1)boxers....(2)briefs....(3)thongs?


14)If you was to stay home on valentines night with your lover what would you wear and cook?

Wear very little, and cook homemade pasta served with my own recipe sauce.

15)We hear your about to do a shoot with Tv personality of ITV2/MTV Mr Fierce what can we all expect from this shoot?

Something out there, colour popping, and that will bring his personality to the fore. 

16)If you had the power to change the fashion world what would you change?

I would open the fashion world's eyes to the amazing richness that exists on the margins, the world which I usually photograph and explore. 

17)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?

If they can strut the stuff, then hell to the yes hunni.

18)Describe what true beauty is in your own words?

Its an ethereal concept, one which comes from a spark of personality and a certain charm. Everyone has beauty, you just have to let it shine through. 

19)What are a few things women do that makes you mad?

Honestly, procrastination is probably my biggest bug bear, though I am probably just as bad as the next girl for that. 

20)What do you love most when dancing with someone?

That tender moment when the frission runs up your arm, and you have that connection with someone. 

21)What is one thing you just can't leave home without?

My phone. 

22)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear?

I would get a dress made for me by one of the great local designers I know.

23)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?

A few 'toys' coming out to play now and then. 

24)What advice do you have for upcoming photographers who look up to you?

Practice, practice, practice, and don't be afraid to push yourself to try things you thought were impossible. 

25)Where do you get your inspirations from?

All over - every time I see something I like on the internet I bookmark it, and then usually come back to it in a few months time. This morning I had the random idea of getting a load of bonzai trees and trying to do some random Gulliver's Travels style shoot with a model. Like I said, I all over. 

26)Any last words for our many blog readers?

Push yourself as much as you can, don't be afraid to try new ideas, and allow yourself the room to be creative.

U.K leading Stardust Boutique speaks to the Fashion Police

Fashion at it's Best

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
Stardust Boutique is a limited company that provides potential pageant queens and aspiring models with the most superb dresses, complete with a personalised service to give each individual the best advantage to winning their pageant as possible.

2)There are so many boutiques that sell gowns and etc what makes you different from the rest?
Stardust Boutique already has an outstanding reputation for being the best source of pageant dresses around! Our customers include recent winners Miss Universe GB Holly Hale, Miss Earth Wales Emma Franklin, Face of Europe Hollie Gallently and this is just to name a few. We believe the personalised service and outstanding knowledge of what each individual pageant requires helps our girls win.

3)Please tell us briefly all about your business!!!
Kylie Hearne began this business in 2011 with the guidance of the Prince's trust. Now, the boutique has recently opened in Sketty, Swansea and sells dresses for ALL occasions (not just beauty pageants) with dresses starting from £20, day wear, saturday night wear to glamourous outfits for awards, weddings and other fabulous events. We have shoes, handbags, jewellery, and are open 5 days a week.

4)What is the smallest and biggest size you do in your store?

5)What 2 words best describe you as a person?

Kylie Hearne : Adoring and Adored (spread the love!)

6)What are a few mistakes women make when selecting gowns?
Picking the wrong dress for your bodyshape, or, usually when new to pageants we witness that most ladies wear a bridesmaid dress or prom dress which are not suitable - we can usually tell when someone has not done a pageant before when we see this. Picking a dress that is not going to stand out next to all the other glittering gowns, and not getting the dress fitted properly. If you are tall, ankles/shoes should not be on show and if you are shorter, gowns should be slinkier and shortened the the appropriate length to create a lengthened body.

7)Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your business?
Hopefully still running the business but my biggest ambition is to open a second store in Cardiff and own a property to rent in order to pay my pension if I'm lucky enough to get old!

8)What makes a winning gown in a pageant?

There is NO WINNING GOWN! There is only a winning person, who has picked exactly the right gown for her : it is a combination of the person and gown that creates the winner. You must also 'work it' correctly. You could have the most fantastic gown but if you don't work it it simply won't do.

9)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about you and view your designs?
Simply by visiting my website or by visiting my facebook page where they can speak to me directly.

10)If you had the chance to dress 4 people in your gowns who would it be and why? 
KATE MIDDLETON and I may have the chance next month (fingers crossed) - she is simply the classiest role model in the world right now in my view. Shirley Bassey - the woman has style and reminds me of my Gran. Beyonce - what a strong fantastic woman! And finally... my Mam, who works so hard to look after other people and refuses to ever get glammed up as she doesn't think very much of herself: I would like to make her feel fantastic.
11)What attracts you to someone?
Intelligence and humour. I've never been one that is attracted to anyone by what they look like, but what they say.
12)What are a few things men do that makes you mad?

Shouting in the quiet carriage of a train (this applies to both men and women however!) I'm not sure on this one. All men are different aren't they!

13)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you fly to and why?
Anywhere in Greece that has a nice pool and some culture and history. I would absolutely love a break!

14)What do you enjoy doing when not working?
I am pretty much always working but I love fantasy such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter so a good read with a bottle of Sauvignon blanc is good, or a nice meal followed by a moonlight walk on the beach with my man.

15)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake that booty?

Anything from the 80s! Any cheesy music especially by Steps.
16)What do you hate most when dancing with someone?
Drink getting accidentally tipped on me.

17)Are you married/single/divorced/seeing someone?

With someone

18)What advice would you have for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
You will only get out what you put in - so if you are prepared to work your socks off, you can do it.

19)What are your fashion tips you live by?
Don't be afraid to be different.
20)What was your reaction when ask about this interview?

Ooooooooh!That  would be fun!

21)What do you think of Fashion Police News Blog?

It's very funky! I like the background very much and the curvy girls.

22)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?

I don't care if its a man or a woman - as long as they know what they are doing, which is the most important thing.

23)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?

Nothing I'm a very clean girl

24)What is more sexy on a man choose from the following......(1)boxers.....(2)briefs.....(3)thongs?


25)If you was to stay home on valentines with your lover what would you wear and cook?

Pfffff more importantly, what would HE be wearing and cooking for me?!

26)Any last words for our many blog readers

Sparkle like the STAR YOU ARE darlingggggs :)
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