Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Caribbean Beauty Ms Netisha Speaks To London Police

1)Tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

 Standing 5"9 inches tall, I am a Part-time Model, Teacher of a catholic elementary school & a Humanitarian. with that;
I am an advisor of an NGO in Nigeria Africa, a 'lifesaver' to my students & children at my school, an advisor to teens,
also a discrete member of a charity in Antigua where I reside . Discrete because I believe that my reward is in heaven & I have a
natural instinct to help those in need, not for publicity but for the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference.
 Commonly referred to as;"Ms. Beauty brains & heart." I am Ms. Netisha Alie "A vibrant and down to earth Caribbean woman".

2)What word best describe you as a person?
 There are but many words in the dictionary that can describe my personality, however when given the choice 
 to narrow it down to one it'd be "Regal"!!!

3)What is one thing you just can't leave home without?

 ...believe it or not, I can't leave home without my sunglasses. They are like
        like my little eye guards from the sun, plus they usually compliment my attire.

4)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman?

 As far as "Today's Women" are concerned, I view myself as quite 
a 'combination" I do practice independence and keep up with certain 
positive trends, but also instill some of the "past principles" in my lifestyle as
I am a well grounded individual, both religiously and socially as far as morals & values are concerned.

5)Describe in your own word what true beauty is?

When one can accept themselves and their abilities that they were blessed with
and appreciate it so much that others can clearly see the radiance that exist
within them, I deem it "true beauty". For in that way no one will be allowed to
define your beauty but yourself.

6)What music makes you shake your booty?

Caribbean Music, from gospel to Soca knocks me off my feet. Due to its
diversity and intense passion portrayed by every artist. I also "shake a leg
on R&B & Pop based on the song or artist.

7)What are 4 things that women do that makes you mad?

a) when women have such a low self esteem that they allow men
    to demoralize  and walk all over them.
b) women who have no ambition nor zeal to have big goals
   and work hard to achieve them.
c) women who display all forms of unnecessary behaviour     
in public.
d) women who have  children & abandon or ill treat them.

8)Are you single/married/relationship/divorce?

Currently in a relationship.

9)What attracts you to someone?

One's personality and how they carry themselves determines
my attraction to them. 

10)What are a few things that makes a girl look to easy to get?

  -a girl who constantly dresses with revealing clothing,
  - the way in which she responds to a guy in a simple conversation,
  - a girl  who does not set standards for herself and display a "don't
    care" attitude.
  - one who will befriend a guy who is in a relationship just to get a   
     shot at being in his girl's place.
  - a girl who will throw herself at a guy without him showing any
     efforts to gain her interest

11)If there were 2 pageants you could enter which 2 would they be and why?

1) Miss Universe : due to the fact that it creates a platform that allows the winner
to work with the less fortunate across the globe and that in itself is an 'award' in my opinion.

2) Miss Humanity International :because it allows contestants to highlight humanitarian
issues affecting their respective countries. A great way to educate the world about issues
affecting humanity.

12)Tell us about the modelling on your island?

Modelling on my island is in its initial stages of development and needs a lot
of improvement. Standards need to be set and persons need to start viewing
it for what it can be. Because I believe that the Caribbean  has a lot of talent where
models are concerned.

13)If there would be one person you would love to meet who would it be and why?

Tyra Banks. I watch tyra give young women like me a chance to showcase their abilities on ANTM and
even in her recent T.V show. Since I  am about helping others, she inspires me in many
ways to continue along that line.

14)What do you think of Fashion Police News Report?
I believe it is a great venture to provide everyone involved with exposure
and also to educate the readers about  different aspects of fashion.

15)What dish do you love cooking
I love cooking stewed chicken, with ground provisions and pear as a
side. Yum!

16)What are some secret tips when your in a pageant you live by?

1) Punctuality to every event,practice or rehearsal,

2) go in to have fun, learn and do your best,

3) ensure that you have everything you need, very very

4) always be alert and practice a lot

17)What perfume are you now wearing as we speak?

smiles* VIVID by Liz Claiborne

18)What is one thing people say about you that is not true that you would love to address

Some people usually give me a first look & without knowing who I am, come to the conclusion that I am 
"Conceited" but if there is anything I am is the total opposite. I am confident in my abilities and thankful
for my blessings.

19)Any last words to our many blog readers?

Thank you for reading and supporting such a medium. In anything you wish to pursue set 
your mind to know that no matter how close you are to loosing, winning is still an option. Also
that life is filled with opposites vital to create balance. So when you're sad, smile because it can only
get better.

Ms" BATTLE OF THE RUNWAY"2011 Winner Ms Kyomi speaks to the Police

1)Please tell us who you are what you do for those not familiar with you?
My name is Kyomi Thompson A.K.A "Kyomi Kouture" I am a National Diploma college graduate in Fashion and Clothing. Now I have finished my college studies I work free lance designing and making clothes for buyers, along side studying Garment Technology privately to improve my skills; because you can never learn too much!
I also model part time taking part in various photo shoots and exciting fashion shows, modelling my own creations when I get the chance to.

2)Describe yourself in 3 words?
Creative, ambitious and headstrong ;-)

3)When not working what do you enjoy doing?
Laughing, spending time with family, designing new collections, and going on holiday. 

4)If you had to grade yourself for 1 to 100 on your modelling walk how much would you give your self?
99...always room for improvement!

5)What made you compete in Ms Battle of the runway 2011?
A make up artist I know fowarded me the details because she thought I may be interested. I thought that it would open up new doors for me, good opportunity for me to network , improve my walk and obviously to win the £500 prize. 

6)Did you think you was going to win after seeing all those fierce girls?
definately NOT, it was so funny because just before the show I was talking to some lady telling her how much in doubt I was of winning and because I had so many friends and family attending the show on the night I really wanted to make them proud in winning. I had loads of competition.

7)Have many doors open for you since you won?explaine
To be honest no. The one thing it had done though, it gave me loads of motivation and enthusiasm to enter in  more competitions and apply for different modelling agencys

8)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
Fantastic, always alive and buzzing with new hot topics.

9)Who are some of the people who showed you how to walk?
No one really I just learnt by watching a lot of modelling programmes like: America's/Britain's Next Top Model, Gok's Fashion, and youtube I like to watch people walk and try to take notes.

10)Tell us your expereience in Battle of the runway catwalk contest 2011?
I learnt a lot from Battle Of The Runway, I made new friends who pointed me in different directions to do with fashion shows and I learned how important it is to be confident on the runway. The downfall of the competition was that I was promised a cash prize of "£500" and I never got it. This has made be even more so vidulant in sniffing out Rats in the industry when applying for more modelling jobs and competitions in the future. I know Maxine made money on the night as she got all of the ticket money from the show, every contendant had to pay £10 for our pictures to be taken plus she never had to pay for make up artists and helpers back stage as they were all voluntery. considering out of all the contestants I brought the most people to the show so with them buying tickets I basically put the money in to Maxines pocket. I never thought Maxine Grifiths would turn out to be such a fraud and rob a 19 year old girl in her hard earned cash prize, and that she has left me but no other choice of having to take her to court to get my prize.

11)What advice do you have for any girl looking to compete and take your crown in 2012
Well for a start I will not be taking part in any of the crowing of the winner of 2012 Battle Of The Runway. I would say don't waist your time as I wasn't rewarded my prize they just build you up and then once the shows over drop you back down. Through making people aware of what Maxine done to me I have found out from a lot of people that this is the typical nature of Maxine, so I would definatley say to do your research in to her before you decide to enter the competition.

12)If you was to do a photo shoot with 2 people of your choice who would it be and why?
Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, because I know out of that one photo shoot I could learn loads from them.

13)Which other contest would you like to compete in and why if any?
Top Model Of Colour, because I think they would more appreciate my ethnicity, natural hair and unusual looks.

14)If you was given 3 tickets to attend any event of your choice which 3 would you go to and why?
America's Next Top Model Show, BET Awards and London Fashion Week in Somerset House because it would be a fantastic place to network and I love watching fashion shows for inspiration.

15)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
I think they are good teachers because men often exaggerateso the woman can clearly see where they are going wrong or right

16)Describe what true beauty is in your own words?
true beauty truley does come within and I'm not just talking about personality I'm talking you can cover your face and hair with as much chemical based "beauty products"and make up as you like but unless your feeding the inside of your body with the nutritious foods and herbs God blessed the Earth with your body will automatically eject the chemicals through the 1000's of pores in the most largest organ we have our skin far from showing beauty.

17)How did you prepare for the contest?
I used to go to my sisters house a she had a very large hall way, Put a long mirror at the end of the hallway and walked up and down, posing at the end in the mirror as if it was the runway I got my sister to be my critique and just kept on practicing in my heels until I got it perfect, I also was filmed so I could watch myself so I could see where I was going wrong.

18)If you had the chance to walk the runway with 2 people of your choice who would it be and why?
Professor catwalk because hes so fierce :-)

19)If you had to prepare a meal for the fashion police news reporters what would you prepare?
Rice and pees, brown stewed fish and salad on the side.

20)What are your thoughts on women who live with weave 365 days of the year in their heads?
Erm, there heads must itch! lol no obviously its a free country people can wear what they want but I do like to see African and Carribean women wearing there own natural hair and looking good with it because when they have caucasian or Asian weave on there head it does make me wonder why they are not proud of there ethnicity and if they are trying to aspire to look like what they're not.

21)Are you married/single/relationship/divorced

22)What advice do you have for our many readers out there?
If you want something in life  stay head strong and constantly think about it because thoughts turn in to feelings, feelings turn in to actions and actions lead to results! Nothings impossible if you put your mind to it.

23)Have someone ever offer to train you walk and your like huh how can you teach me and you cant even walk yourself?
Yes quite a few time actually lol

24)Which other models do you look up to in the uk?if any
My Mum..My "Role" Model :-)

25)What attracts you to someone?
Personality, humour and ambition

Former M.P.C Queen Ms Lavinia is question by Fashion Police in London Town

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those  not familiar with you?
1. My name is Lavinia Joanna Marsham.  Lav for short.  I am the only sister between my 2 brothers. Born on November 13 here on St. Maarten.  My mom is from Dominica and dad is from St. Maarten.  I have St. Maarten, Dominican, Kittian, and Anguillian background.  Currently, I am the Office Manager at Penha WI aka Penha Perfumes here on St. Maarten.

2)What describe yourself in 3 words?
2. Crazy, Fun, Loving

3)When not working what do you enjoy doing for fun?
3. Hang with my family or my bff.  We usually got movies.  Sometimes I run away from everyone and go to Anguilla and party over there.

4)where do you see yourself within 5 years?

4. Owning my own business or 2 as I have a passion for fashion but also know how to do hair.

5)Are you single/married/divorce/relationship?

5. Right now I'm in a complicated relationship

6)What attract you to someone?

6. Smile.  I love to see a guys smile and his teeth and of course scent.  I work at a perfume store so it will look bad that my man smelling stinks.

7)What is the worse chat up line a guy ever said to you?

7. Where are you going, you've been running through my mind all day.

8)What do you think of Fashion Police News Blog?

8. I love it love it love it.  Wait did I say I love it.

9)What do you think is your best assets and why?

9. My eyes because when I am in the sun it get extremely brown and everyone keeps looking.  Also my legs.  I always say I will insurance them like Tina Turner did hers.

10)Describe in your own words what true beauty is?
10. True beauty is inner beauty.  If you don't believe in yourself no one will believe in you.  Many say beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is true but beauty comes within.

11)What would you prefer your parther to wear boxers,bikini are thongs?

11. Boxersssssssss

12)What are some things people may say about you that's not true that you would love to adress?

12. People say i am stuck up.  It is not true.  I tend to keep to myself at times because i don't want my name call in crazy things.  A lot of people that use to say that about me when they finally get to know me they would say I am crazy and loving.

13)If the Fashion Police Had to come to your home for dinner what would you prepare them?

13. Shrimp jambalya, Stew Veggie, Mac Pie, Bake Chicken, Toss Salad and don't forget a nice Sprite Pound Cake.

14)If its valentine and your spending it at home with your lover what would you cook and what would you wear?

14. (My freaky side) Me!  Just kidding.  I would cook him his favorite dish of course.  I know he don't like sea food so I won't do it.  He like chicken so I would do a fancy chicken dinner.  Wearing let's just say less is best.

15)What are a few things women do that makes them so not lady like?

15. Shout out people name on the road.  I hate when someone calls out my name on the road.  Everyone tends to turn around and look at you.

16)What are your thoughts on thin women who likes to show off on women with curves?

16. Well as a woman with curves i could careless if the skinny wants to show off.  At the end of the day the guys love me more.  Seriously, I don't really let it bother me.  I realize a lot of skinny women just like curvy women are not happen in their skin.

17)Name 2 men on your island  that you just admire the way they dress?

17. Stuart Johnson because he dress for the occassion no matter what and my older brother Russel.  Growing up with him he always made it his duty to look good even if he is going to the supermarket.

18)If you had to enter a pageant name 2 reason why you would take the crown?

18.  Well I did enter Ms. MPC (Milton Peters College) when I was 14 years old and I won it.  I did it to prove to myself that my tomboyish days was over and that is when I became girlie.  I have entered Ms. Mature Pageant which will be held in April and I did it because I have matured with a smile and I am no longer the little girl I was.

19)Any last words to our blog readers?
19. Wishing everyone much Happiness for 2012.  Don't just make or set goals but live your goal and be happy.

Former Ms Universe & Ms World contestant speaks to the Police

1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
Hello, my name is Rosemary Chileshe. I am a blessed child of God with an active role in; Church (I am New Apostolic by faith, I sing soprano in the choir and I am a Sunday School Teacher) Property (I am a Surveyor by profession), Pageantry (I am Zambia's former Beauty Queen at heart, I had the honour of representing my motherland within the UK for 3 years and at Miss World in 2004 and as a finale to my pageantry chapter at Miss Universe in 2007), Fashion (I Model Part time) Charity (in addition to the work my partner and I are doing with our foundation - The Roc Foundation, I am an Ambassador of All Star Kids Charity and Manchester Aid for Children)

2) What word best describes you as a person?


3) When not working what do you enjoy doing?
I love being self educated; reading books, articles, the news within all my circles of interest; Property, Charity, Fashion & Media. I also enjoy chilling with my loved ones and friends, catching up on movies and playing Monopoly!!
4) What is one thing you cant leave home without?

My bible. I have a pocket size version which is my number 1 source of inspiration and fits in anything I am carrying and always works wonders when I am on my day to day movements and I get a message from a friend / someone feeling down, I quickly refer to the relevant scriptures and text away.

5) If you was given 3 tickets to attend any 3 shows in the uk which 3 would you attend and why?

Hmm, interesting, one of the tickets would be to London Fashion Week (front row) because I love fashion and it would be great to sit back, chill and take notes for my review. The second ticket would to the theatre to watch the Lion King! I am yet to watch it, having watched "Cats" a few years ago, I know I will LOVE the "Lion King" production. The third ticket would be to any established talk show currently airing on mainstream TV. I am working on my own "On The Couch With Rosemary" so that would be for researching and self eductation purposes.

6) Are you single/married/divorce/relationship?

I am happily married.

7) What attracts you to someone?
Their God fearing ways and their ability to stay true to who they are.
8) Decribe in your own words what is a true gentleman?

In my opinion, one who is humble, has respect for others regardless of background, keeps to his word and takes responsibility for his actions and one who loves, respects and appreciates his family.
9) What music would have you running on the dance floor to shake that booty?
Rhumba (African Music). I also enjoy some of the R 'N' B music and any of the late MJ's songs.
10) Which of these 3 would you be attracted to?(a)police in uniform(b)pilot(c)construction worker?
If I have to choose from only these 3 choices; a Pilot.
11) What are your 3 fashion tips you live by?
I keep it simple with the view that "less is more", if my bottom half is on display (from the legs), I keep the top half covered.
I do not follow trends, I dress in what I love and feel fantastic in.
I keep to no more three colours in one outfit.

12) Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?
Not yet, I am God's work in progress. My goal is to be like a Proverbs Woman; A strong, dignified, multitalented, caring woman who is an individual in her own right. This woman has money to invest, servants to look after and real estate to manage. She is her husband’s partner, and she is completely trusted with the responsibility for their lands, property and goods. She has the business skills to buy and sell in the market, along with the heartfelt sensitivity and compassion to care for and fulfill the needs of people who are less fortunate. Cheerfully and energetically she tackles the challenges each day brings. Her husband and children love and respect her for her kind, generous and caring nature. But with all her responsibilities, first and foremost, she looks to God. Her primary concern is God’s will in her life. She is a woman after God’s own heart.

13) Who is your role model?
First and foremore, our heavenly father, then my parents as I am a product of them, then my siblings, relatives and friends.

14) What is the worse chat up line a guy ever said to you?

I have had a few in my my opinion! to name one recent one; "Wow, you look amazing, you must have known I would bump into you"
15) Whats your best dance move?

Hmmm, giggles galore, how can I describe this; step to the side? the movement of shoulders? You would have to see me in action to confirm.
16) If you had to prepare a meal for valentines night for your other half what would you prepare and what would you wear keeping in mind your at home?
I would prepare a starter of Warm Asparagus / Prawns, A main meal of Steak / Chicken with Vegs, finish off with Vanilla Ice Cream. I would get all dressed up like we are going out for dinner but without the heels.
17) Tell us briefly about your miss universe /miss world experience
I loved both pageants. For Miss World; it was the year Lionel Richie performed. He had the chance of spending extra ttime with 10 beauties out of the 104 contestants, I was one of the chosen 10. Sharing a conversation with him and then singing and dancing along to "you are once, twice, three time a lady" with him on stage was fab! For Miss Universe, it was meeting and shaking hands with Mr Trump himself. He is one of my inspirations for starting my parent company; Swanilenga Group Ltd.
18) What are your thoughts on women who never leave their hair rest, they always have weave?
Its their personal choice, if it makes them feel great / complete, all the best to them. For me, I love working with and maintaining my own hair whatever the length / texture.

19) What are your best assets?
My mind and ways of conduct.

20) If you had to do a photo shoot using one male model from the uk who would you choose and why?
My partner, because he can Model, he has a male and female collection, so we would both have a collection to shoot and it would be fun.
21) What do you think of Fashion Police News Blog?
I think its a great initiative and from your weekly reviews, it has been well received. You have interviewed a great range of different personalities. Keep it up.

22) Any last words for our many blog readers?
Happy New Year, wishing you all much success and contentment in all that you do. Thank you for reading my interview and thank you fashion police for the interview. Please follow and support my work on; / / twitter @RosemryChileshe
23) Where would you go on a first date?
Dinner, my opportunity to share a coversation and get to know the person better.

Most Sought After Make Up Artist"Hotlips" Confess to the Police

1)For those who are not familiar with you who are you and what do you do?

1) My name is Kristy Prince a.k.a Hotlips I'm a make up artist/hairstylist
I'm freelance so work with many types of clientele from brides to music artists actors/actresses, celebrities, fashion designers, models, charitable organisations, hair companies creating tailor made make up & hair designs according to their requirements. I also do editorial for magazine & websites, l am brand ambassador for make up companies.    2)There are so many make up artist out there what makes you different? I work with such a diverse and mixed clientele...from celebrities to young girls going to a prom each one of my clients are as equally important to me regardless of their status. I also do hair & nails and some beauty treatments such as eyebrow shaping, eye lash tints, facials, this can be especially beneficial to my clients who have hectic schedules...previously I was a social worker and have a instinct if a client has any insecurities regarding their image....I put my clients at total ease, sometimes doing their hair or make up is like a mini counselling session as they open up about personal & sensitive issues, I would say that I have an advantage on other artists which I have gained in both of these careers. 

3)What word best describe you?

4)What is one thing you just can't leave the house without
4)My must have essential is a great lip balm with an spf to protect the delicate skin on the lips from winter thru to fall, EVERYONE should carry one!

5)What are your 4 tips for our ladies when shopping for make up?

5) 1. If possible take a friend along to give you a totally honest opinion
2.Go without any make up...I. know for some ladies that is a huge request but they will get amazing results if the make up artist has a blank canvass to work from....if you are not having a make over its best if your skin is just cleansed & prepared so you can apply the base along the jaw line to ensure it blends into the neck.
3.When buying foundation always check results in natural daylight as stores tend to have extremely bright lighting that can give a false initial impression....nothing worse than splashing out on a pricey item only to regret it later because its the wrong shade.
4.The best natural asset we have are our smiles and as not all woman want to wear make up, looking after your skin and teeth and hair will ensure you have a natural radiance.

6)If you was not a make up artist what would you be doing?

6) I think I would be a youth advisor or mentor as many young people for whatever reasons don't have positive role models. Our youth are the future so need guidance, support and encouragement.

7)What music would make you run to the dance floor to shake that booty?
7) I love' I heard you say' by Dennis Ferrer but essentially anything with a great beat and thumping bass line!

8)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?

8) I'm definitely a true representation of today's woman I am independent ambitious aspirational and confident. Confidence is a must in my industry as I work with so many exceptionally beautiful woman...if you are a person that is easily intimated it gives others the opportunity to find fault...I go into a room believing I'm as good as anyone regardless of where their from or who they are....its so important to have self belief! 
9)Name 2 make up artist in the uk you look up to if any?

9) I look up to many make up artists but the 2 that I admire greatly are Sharon Dowsett who I actually had the pleasure of working with at the 'FASHION ROCKS' event at the Royal Albert hall and Pat McGrath who is next on my hit Pat if your reading this holla lol. 
10)Are you single/married/relationship? 10) I'm currently single although I would say not necessarily by seems to me that committed relationships are like some 'Mission Impossible' example Kim Kadashain marriage lasted 72 days & Sinead O'Connor lasted 16 days! I have a lot of admirers which is a boost but I am a little bit fussy lol if a guy does something I don't like especially on the 1st date his toast ha ha you only get one chance to make an impression! Maybe this is the year I'll find my Prince who knows. 
11)What are you 4 fashion tips you live by
11) 1. My fashion tips I live by are find a style that suits your body shape and stick with it
2.Just because its in 'Fashion' does not mean you have to wear it! Certain people can get away with wearing really outrageous clothes and they look so on point, others try it and get it so wrong! Remember the Fashion police are always watching!
3. Timeless key pieces are essential such as a great fitting pair of Jeans the LBD for ladies and a good fitting suit for a man, a well tailored Jacket can make even a simple outfit look classy.
4. Always make sure you have great accessories as these complete an outfit, shows jewellery and a fab handbag! 
12)Where do you get your inspiration from?
12) My inspiration comes from everywhere I studied art photography & interior design before finding my niche in make up and hair. I trained as a hairdresser when I left school and decided to take it to the next level by doing make up as well...I see inspiration in everyday life, movies other make up artists & creative people such as the designers and also in the faces of people I work on. 
13)If you was granted to pick 3 people of your choice on who you would do their make up who would you choose? 
13)I have been really blessed & had the opportunity to do make up & hair on some amazing people, 3 that come to mind instantly are Thandie Newton, Charlize Theron and Rihanna I think they are stunning and it would be a dream come true for me. 
14)When not working what do you enjoy doing
14) I love catching up with friends & family, I also love cooking and entertaining you cannot beat good food and great company....I like reading and travelling I have been fortunate enough in my career to visit the USA, Caribbean, Africa as well as Europe. I love chilling with a good book or a dvd.
15)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
15) I am so impressed with the blog and of course I absolutely love Catwalk Professor a.k.a Mr. Fierce its a great platform to learn about others in the industry! There are so many talented & hard working people behind the screens in the fashion, beauty, film & tv, video ,music industry that are unsung heroes, it takes one hell of a lot of planning to put on an event! So this blog is informative & let's us find out about who these wonderful people are and what their roles are. 
16)What do you admire most of a man?
16) I must admit I'm a bit old fashion when it comes to Men I like gentlemen who know how to treat a lady and make her feel special, manners go a very long way and carry you anywhere in the world. Integrity are also very important qualities as well as loyalty.
17)If you had to choose from these 3 which one would you choose  (1)policeman in uniform(2)construction worker(3)business man?and why
17) This is a no brainer no.3 I love a man in a suit! So sexy and suave and I would be charmed by good manners because most guys I know that wear suits as a staple are charming. 
18)If anyone from the other side of the world would like to view your work how can they do so?
18) They can see my work and on line bio at I work with them on lots of projects and Leyah the owner has loads of contacts in fashion music video & photography. I upload work to my Facebook Kristy Prince Mua or they can follow me on twitter @PRINCESSHOTLIPZ 
19)If you was given 3 tickets to attend any 3 events in the uk which 3 would you go to ?
19) This is a tricky question as there are so many events in UK every year but as I love music first choice is 1. the MOBOs
2. The Baftas 3. British hairdresser of the year 
20)Tell us about your name HOTLIPS? 
20) I was given that nickname back in school by my sweet heart after our 1st kiss he said" your lips are hot I'm gonna call you Hotlips" that time I was focused on training as a hairdresser so I only really started to use it when I branched out and became Freelance, I wanted a name people would remember as I love lips I printed my 1st business cards with my Lips as the logo, I also have my lips tattooed on my right shoulder...

21)Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
21) I want to continue making people look beautiful and feel special, I want to be able to inspire others as well as teaching aspiring mua's and women how to apply the perfect make up for all occasions. I would even consider launching a capsule range of lip care. I'm in talks with a friend who is a comedian/presenter about online tutorials with a twist as people love my personality and always say I should be in comedy so that's something I'm considering. 
22)What advice you have for anyone wanting to be a make up artist?
22) The best advice I can give is to any aspiring muas is practise on friends to perfect your technique and to learn about different face and eye shapes, attending a course is also great to learn the basics, although they can be really expensive privately local colleges do courses for 16 and up, reading books is an invaluable resource two books I swear by are Fine Beauty by Sam Fine and the Bobbi Brown I think they give great step by step advice . If you can get a job on a make up counter that is a great way to stock your kit and work on clients to build up confidence. If you feel its what you really want to do seek out established muas and ask to assist them this is a great way to make contacts and will get you credited work for your portfolio.