Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Caribbean Beauty Ms Netisha Speaks To London Police

1)Tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

 Standing 5"9 inches tall, I am a Part-time Model, Teacher of a catholic elementary school & a Humanitarian. with that;
I am an advisor of an NGO in Nigeria Africa, a 'lifesaver' to my students & children at my school, an advisor to teens,
also a discrete member of a charity in Antigua where I reside . Discrete because I believe that my reward is in heaven & I have a
natural instinct to help those in need, not for publicity but for the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference.
 Commonly referred to as;"Ms. Beauty brains & heart." I am Ms. Netisha Alie "A vibrant and down to earth Caribbean woman".

2)What word best describe you as a person?
 There are but many words in the dictionary that can describe my personality, however when given the choice 
 to narrow it down to one it'd be "Regal"!!!

3)What is one thing you just can't leave home without?

 ...believe it or not, I can't leave home without my sunglasses. They are like
        like my little eye guards from the sun, plus they usually compliment my attire.

4)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman?

 As far as "Today's Women" are concerned, I view myself as quite 
a 'combination" I do practice independence and keep up with certain 
positive trends, but also instill some of the "past principles" in my lifestyle as
I am a well grounded individual, both religiously and socially as far as morals & values are concerned.

5)Describe in your own word what true beauty is?

When one can accept themselves and their abilities that they were blessed with
and appreciate it so much that others can clearly see the radiance that exist
within them, I deem it "true beauty". For in that way no one will be allowed to
define your beauty but yourself.

6)What music makes you shake your booty?

Caribbean Music, from gospel to Soca knocks me off my feet. Due to its
diversity and intense passion portrayed by every artist. I also "shake a leg
on R&B & Pop based on the song or artist.

7)What are 4 things that women do that makes you mad?

a) when women have such a low self esteem that they allow men
    to demoralize  and walk all over them.
b) women who have no ambition nor zeal to have big goals
   and work hard to achieve them.
c) women who display all forms of unnecessary behaviour     
in public.
d) women who have  children & abandon or ill treat them.

8)Are you single/married/relationship/divorce?

Currently in a relationship.

9)What attracts you to someone?

One's personality and how they carry themselves determines
my attraction to them. 

10)What are a few things that makes a girl look to easy to get?

  -a girl who constantly dresses with revealing clothing,
  - the way in which she responds to a guy in a simple conversation,
  - a girl  who does not set standards for herself and display a "don't
    care" attitude.
  - one who will befriend a guy who is in a relationship just to get a   
     shot at being in his girl's place.
  - a girl who will throw herself at a guy without him showing any
     efforts to gain her interest

11)If there were 2 pageants you could enter which 2 would they be and why?

1) Miss Universe : due to the fact that it creates a platform that allows the winner
to work with the less fortunate across the globe and that in itself is an 'award' in my opinion.

2) Miss Humanity International :because it allows contestants to highlight humanitarian
issues affecting their respective countries. A great way to educate the world about issues
affecting humanity.

12)Tell us about the modelling on your island?

Modelling on my island is in its initial stages of development and needs a lot
of improvement. Standards need to be set and persons need to start viewing
it for what it can be. Because I believe that the Caribbean  has a lot of talent where
models are concerned.

13)If there would be one person you would love to meet who would it be and why?

Tyra Banks. I watch tyra give young women like me a chance to showcase their abilities on ANTM and
even in her recent T.V show. Since I  am about helping others, she inspires me in many
ways to continue along that line.

14)What do you think of Fashion Police News Report?
I believe it is a great venture to provide everyone involved with exposure
and also to educate the readers about  different aspects of fashion.

15)What dish do you love cooking
I love cooking stewed chicken, with ground provisions and pear as a
side. Yum!

16)What are some secret tips when your in a pageant you live by?

1) Punctuality to every event,practice or rehearsal,

2) go in to have fun, learn and do your best,

3) ensure that you have everything you need, very very

4) always be alert and practice a lot

17)What perfume are you now wearing as we speak?

smiles* VIVID by Liz Claiborne

18)What is one thing people say about you that is not true that you would love to address

Some people usually give me a first look & without knowing who I am, come to the conclusion that I am 
"Conceited" but if there is anything I am is the total opposite. I am confident in my abilities and thankful
for my blessings.

19)Any last words to our many blog readers?

Thank you for reading and supporting such a medium. In anything you wish to pursue set 
your mind to know that no matter how close you are to loosing, winning is still an option. Also
that life is filled with opposites vital to create balance. So when you're sad, smile because it can only
get better.

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