Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fashion Model Georgie Has been arrested and brought in for questioning by Fashion Police

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

My Names Georgie Drake im a high fashion model with strikemodelmanagement and currently in talks with other agencies. I live an hour outside london and commute in, i also work part time at an advertising agency which is for the best part a bore, but its nice to have a steady income.

2)What word best describe you as a person?


3)What are some thing you love so much about modelling?

I love that no matter whats happening in your life no matter whats gone on that day, for that shoot you are not you. your in another world. your taken away from it all and for a little while your A strong confident woman, or a soft pale beauty, whatever the concept of the shoot is. modelling is my escape from reality

4)Name one thing you just can't leave home without?

Mac tinted moisturiser !

5)There are so many models out there what makes you different?

Im not afraid to think outside the box. i believe that modelling comes from within and its the emotions that make the picture. i dont just have 10 set fashion poses i always do. boring.

6)What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a model?

Dont sell yourself, stay true to yourself and if you not comfortable with a shoot or it doesnt feel right say something or get out !

7)If you had to select 2 models to do a shoot with who would you choose and why?

Freja beha erichson because shes not afraid to smile in a fashion shoot and shes super creative, i could learn alot form her! and sasha pivovarova just so i can stare at her shes so beautiful ! haha

8)What models do you look up to?

the aforementioned!

9)What are your thoughts on size 0 models?

well im not a zero/english 4 im a 2/english 6 and alot of my friends are size 0. i eat a healthy diet and exercise every day. zumba and running. I think its true alot of girls are just naturally that thin and shouldnt be penalized for it. i think you should just live healthily and if your natural body is size zero then your beautiful. if its a size 16 well then your beautiful too. if its natural its gorgeous.

10)If you had the power to change the world of fashion what would you change and why?

I would make all the blonde models brunette with hair you cannot dye. then id be the only blonde and be able to do all the shoots that required blondes. haha cruel but it would be nice, theres alot of competition between us blondes !

11)When not working what do you enjoy doing?

long walks on the beach and cooking ! i love cooking. just being with friends at home. im a bit of a homegirl

12)Are you married/single/divorce/relationship?

I recently split from my fiance but it was on good terms and i hope to remain friends. 

13)What are 4 fashion tips you live by?

I always wear statement/structured or padded shoulders because im a natural pear and it evens me out
If something doesnt fit you its too baggy or too small dont wear it ! fit is everything (unless the garment is meant to be oversized)
Dress for your body ! im a size 6 and pear shaped
A waist belt will do wonders

14)What are your thoughts on designers who use less models of colour?

Im a strong believer in equal rights and think all races of model are beautys. id definately like to see more asian girls!

15)Describe in your own words what is beauty?

Beauty is happiness on the inside displayed on the outside

16)What music would have you shaking that booty on the dance floor

nina simon otis reading i love all that old soul music. mix it up to a bit of dubstep and im there !

17)Who is you best make up artist?

Too many to name just one. there all fab

18)any last words to our readers?

If someone doesnt like you dont change because theres plenty more people in the world

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