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Fashion vs Beauty pageant under the wings of Ms Nyomi Lenny

Tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

My Name Is Nyomi Lenny. Born in Cardiff and the owner/ director of Miss Fashion Vs Beauty model competition. I have modelled for a number of brand companies such as Lush shop, Topshop and also appeared on channel 4 deal or no deal this summer.

My aim with my shows is to:

Arrange the event/ models
Infuse confidence into my models
Teach them to walk/ stand (with the help of professionals such as the catwalk professor)
Help the winner make the most of their title

Tell us about your annual contest which is called Miss Fashion vs beauty pageant contest?

Miss fashion vs beauty is a unique combination of beauty pageant and fashion catwalk. It's the only competition of its kind which allows the two industries to compete on one stage. Think London fashion week vs miss England pageant. 
The competition started in August 2010 and is going strength to strength with this years winner (miss fashion vs beauty 2011) winning the signed by Katie Price programme
(AKA Jordan). The show funds go directly to Bobath children’s therapy centre Wales who I adore so much and help make a huge difference to children in Wales living with cerebral palsy. The applications are open again for 2012 if you would like to apply please do so online

When you’re not working what do you do in your spare time?

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with friends going out.
I am also am a big food buff so love food festivals and also as expected fashion shows to keep up to date with the latest trends. I am well travelled having visited well over 100 countries and cities and so love to spend time aboard also.

Describe in your words what beauty is?

To me real beauty starts inside, sound silly considering we as women thrive to work on the outside so much. However I think most men would agree that a woman can not truly be beautiful until she can learn to love herself for who she truly is first. I have worked with allot of really beautiful women over the years and so many of them have such huge self confidence issues. All women should work with their best assets and try not to turn to cosmetic surgery to follow trends. For me true beauty is having self confidence and being able to walk into a room and light it up with a smile.

What are some things your winners go on and do after winning?

Previous winners and contestants of Miss Fashion vs beauty go on to do many things such as fashion shows, model for companies such as wok to walk and also this years winner Amy Willterton went onto win Signed by Katie price

Explain is what's the difference between a pageant girl and a fashion model?

People ask me the question all the time what is the difference between fashion models and pageant contestants and my answer is simple. Fashion is a very skill trade walking catwalk should be fierce and fashion holds no limits and models should be able to transform time and time again. Pageant girls have a softer side and should be able to almost float down the stage. They should be graceful, well spoken and do allot for charity.

Their are so many pageant in the UK what makes this one any different?

Miss fashion vs beauty combines the two industries - it's unique and no- one has anything like it. I also have a very strong bond with my girls before and after the show. Contestants can always rely on me for advice and a shoulder to cry on. Many contestants say how my pageant has boost there confidence and how they have made so many friends since attending the show.

Name one thing you just can't leave your home without?

I can't leave home without my iphone. I use it to check my emails and facebook messages for work. Also my reminder app has got me out of many sticky situations - like forgetting birthdays.

My top apps include: eBay, reminder app, event organising app and many more

If you got 3 tickets to attend 3 different pageants in the UK which 3 would you go to and why?

1. Miss galaxy - I love this pageant as they are very friendly and helpful with all the girls and the prizes are great too. I was also Miss Cardiff Galaxy 2010.

2. Miss Universe Wales - My friend owns this pageant it's very well put together and they always pull in the best entertainment and venues to hold the shows

3. Miss England - I have never been and would be interested to see what it's like. I hear they have great table gifts for the guests.

What kind of music brings you to the dance floor to shake your booty?

My number one booty shaker has to be single ladies turn this on and stand back as heels will not hold me back with this tune.

Describe in your words what a true today’s woman is and should look like?

To me a true today’s woman should look naturally beautiful by that I don't mean lose the make up but keep anything god gave you natural.

Are you married/single/relationship?

I am single and proud. A chosen lifestyle I am calling it. Not that it stops married/ coupled up friends searching the market place for you lol. I like to think of myself as the Carrie Bradshaw of Cardiff seeking my mr big. Being single has many advantages such as being able to concentrate on what I want out of life. This industry moves fast and so I have to keep up with it - which requires time. However dating on the other hand is very fun and gives me the chance to find a male that will fit me like a glove.

What attracts you to someone?

I love a beautiful: smile, broad shoulders, and beautiful eyes
Naturally like most people looks will attract me, but the goodness of his heart will keep me. I have dated males who are extremely good looking but if they can't make me laugh out loud I tend to lose interest. On the other side if I get to know a persons personality first I am more likely to fall in love. I also like someone who can hold there own and confidence is always a huge pull.

How can girls learn more about your pageant?

All details on how to apply for Miss Fashion Vs Beauty 2012 can be found on the website (non players users may need to download this)
We are also facebook -

What advice do you have for girls who are thinking about doing pageantry?

Come with an open mind and when you hit the stage project confidence in yourself no matter your size

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