Friday, 9 December 2011

Catwalk Professor sister Ms Maggie Mathew speaks about her brother image!!

Tell us briefly about who Ms Maggie Mathew is for those who dont know you?

Well here goes Ms Maggie Mathew is a proud mother of one,was raised by a single mother of two,and enjoy making others happy,as well as enjoy laughing,very adventurous,enjoy spending time with my daughter as well,just an out going person as soon as you get to, know me,i believe in true friendship,and love is whats makes the world go round but it has to start with you the individual.

What was the first thing came to your mind when you saw your brother dressing as an image in women clothes?

Well that's easy hmmm what is he up to now,looking good though,hey bro after wearing those clothes can you please mail them to your sis,and he always does,yea i know if it looks good on my brother,what about me his sister lol.

Are you embarass at times to say thats your brother?
Embarrass why would i be!of my brother,because he dresses in women clothes as his gimmick,never that's my brother in and out of women clothes,he enjoys what he does,he does not go around making life miserable for others,so embarrass no,proud hell yea.


Change I would not change anything,then he would not be the person i grew to love as a child.

Do you think he was inspired by you?See that your Mom only has two of you!

I believe that my brother was truly inspired by God planting that seed of success into his life,and as me being so involved in pageantry that give him the boost to do what he now enjoys doing,and that is working with ladies,whether it be on the catwalk or pageantry,and he does it verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Well.

What message do you have for anyone who dont know mr fierce but just dislike his image?

Message to anyone out there that don't know my brother but this dislikes his image,don't get a headache over it,he was not raised by you/them,enjoys what he does,gets that family support,has fans that love him,and he's a child of God whether you like it or not,just like you/they watch me walk FIERCE

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