Monday, 12 December 2011

Miss Face Of Holland Model Winner 2011....A Model on the rise keep your eyes open

1)For those who may not know you tell us a little about who you are?
My name is Jaimie Joanne van Duin, I’m a 19 year old model who lives in Holland.

2)What made you decide to compete in Miss Face of Holland 2011?
Actually I was asked if I would like to compete in this modeling competition. So I said; Okay, why not. It obviously turned out to be a good choice.

3)Did you think you was going to win if yes or no explain?
No I didn`t expect myself to win. The girls whom I had to compete against were all beautiful and some already had a lot of experience. But then of course I did feel confident because of the catwalk training we had the day before from ‘the Catwalk Professor’.

4)What have you been doing since you won the contest have more doors opened for you?
Yes I did meet a lot of people at the competition with whom I have worked over the past year.

5)What have you learnt from this contest?
I have learned that I have to believe in myself and that when I do, I can achieve a lot more than I thought I could at first.

6)What`s one thing that you can`t leave your house without and why?
My phone. I find it important that I can be reached anytime if somebody needs me and vice versa.

7)Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I don`t have a boyfriend.
8)Where do you see yourself within 5 years time?
Well at this moment I am trying to see myself within a year time, so within five years? Haha, I don`t know, but I hope to be successful in modeling or else be happy with and successful in whatever I decide I want to do.

9)What do you think of Fashion Police News blog?
I think it`s great, because it is so diverse. I like all the different interviews with all kinds of different people.

10)We must say after meeting you in Amsterdam we admire how you carry yourself such a true lady!!!what tips would you like to share with other women on self development?
Thank you so much! I think it is just very important to take a look at yourself from time to time, to see if you like what you see. And remember that inner beauty should always come before outer beauty.

11)When you are not working or modeling what you enjoy doing as a hobby?
I like to work out, like going to the gym or horse riding. Other things I like to do are reading, cooking and just hanging out with my friends.

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