Tuesday, 13 December 2011


1)For those that don't know you please tell us briefly who you are and what you do?
 My name is Rajiv and I am a singer/songwriter from Essex.

2)If you had the chance to sing along anyone who would it be an why? 
I would love to do a duet with Beyonce. Her command on the stage, along with her phenomenal vocals would be an experience that I'd imagine I would never forget

3)What 3 best words describe your music?
Sexy, contemporary, pop!
4)Do you write your own song?if yes what inspires you
Yes I do write my own songs, but I also collaborate with other writers when I can. Inspiration can come from anything like personal experiences to just the general feeling you get from hearing the beat being produced in the studio.

5)What are a few things you don't like about the music industry?
Mainly how repetitive it can be at times. When a song reaches number one, you feel the need to replicate something along the lines of the same style of that track to help with your recognition on the music scene. I'm saying that from an unsigned artists' view though. I think when you're recognised, you have the power to change the game. I also dislike how money talks in the industry, as I feel a lot of real music and artists are left unheard because they don't have the large budgets like the major labels provide.

6)For many girls reading this do you have a girl friend?
I am seeing someone at the moment, but I like to keep my private life separate from my music. 

7)How would you describe your fashion sense?
Well I like too keep up with fashion trends, but I also like to try and make sure I look unique too. I'm a fan of the older All Saint fashion (the more rock-esq) style, but then casually I like street fashion. I do feel that I can adapt my look to the suited occasion.

8(How do you keep yourself busy when not writing are singing?
 I'll usually hang out with friends and I also hit the gym about 4/5 times a week. I am also an Formula 1 fan so when its on, I try and watch the races.

9)How can anyone view/listen to your music?
 You can buy my songs on iTunes, but you can also check out my music and video on the following social networking sites:
10)where do you see yourself within 7 years as a singer?
I hope that in seven years times, I am around four albums into my career and touring successfully, globally, with the intention of collaborating with other artists.

11)What makes you different from the many other singers we hear sing?
With the focus and huge debate on the use of auto-tune in the industry at the moment, I am focusing on proving to people and fans that I can sing live too. I am working on lots of studio material, but I am also performing in and around the London scene with my guitarist. So keep posted on my social networking links to find out where I am performing next!

12)Any last words to our readers you would like to share?
I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me so far; my friends, family, and fans on youtube, facebook, twitter etc. Big thank you to my manager, Jo Wiskin and to my other manager and producer, David Brant of Vybrant music. I look forward to what the future holds and would love the readers of this blog to get in touch online. And last, but by no means least, thank you to the Catwalk Professor for this interview. 

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