Friday, 16 December 2011

SCDF President Mr Stuart A Johnson the perfect role model

1)For those that don't know you are never heard about you as we are interviewing you direct from london tell us briefly about yourself

Stuart Andrew Johnson was born on June 24th, 1984, in the St. Rose Hospital located on Front Street, St. Maarten. In my younger days, I was a member of the Teen Times Youth Newspaper, Volunteer Club of the School, St. Maarten Green Voice Foundation, and Democratic Party Youth Wing of which I became president. 

I’m a teacher by profession, since 2008 when I completed my Bachelors of Education degree from the University of St. Martin (USM), making me the first male to graduate in the education field from USM. While attending USM, I was the longest serving and first official Student Government Association President. 

Besides being the youngest president of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF), I’m a toastmaster and the Vice-Chairman of the Post Office board of St. Maarten. Lastly, I’m the Founder and President of the community and entertainment “Youth Link Foundation.” 

2)What 3 words best describe you?

Dedicated, Loyal and sincere!

3)What's your role like being president of the carnival committee and how long have you been part of the committee before becoming president?
Being the President of the SCDF, you have to supervise and keep up to date with all the operations of the foundation. The foundation is responsible for many shows and our various parades, while this is being organized the President also has the responsibility of the board, the membership, our sponsors, the media and the public, at large. 

I’ve been apart of the SCDF, for over thirteen years, since I was 14 years old by being the first “youth wing” member under the Presidency of Erno Labega, who now serves as the treasurer of the foundation under my presidency. 

4)What are you doing differently now that was never done?

The board of the SCDF continues to ensure that the preparation of carnival is done much earlier than previous years. Already, the full schedule has been released as well as our slogan for carnival 2012. Done differently compared to previous years is our school tour and marketing vision, among others. 

5)When your away from all the hassle what do you enjoy doing any hobbies?

I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and friends, and relaxing at the beach. 

6)Many would like to know if your single are in a relationship and if you are how to you make time for you partner?

I’m single….But when I find the right person….. its about finding the right balance with my work schedule and my personal life commitments. At times, it doesn’t work out perfectly right but understanding is key to any healthy relationship.
7) How do you describe your fashion sense?

I’m no fashion expert, I leave that to the professionals. But my fashion sense surely keeps me in line with everyone else. 

8) Registration for the carnival competitions are you happy so far with the responds your getting?

The registration progress is still ongoing, but I elated with the response received so far. It goes to show that people are embracing our cultural celebrations and the work of this SCDF board. Hard work pays off and it shows. Lookout for more initiatives on our registration process, soon. 

9) What is the carnival committee doing to make carnival safer and better for the safety of everyone?

I hold firm to a “no-nonsense policy” in following safety regulations and ensuring that the public and Carnival stakeholders abide by the rules of the law. Carnival is a fun-filled, cultural event that is safeguarded by close cooperation of law enforcement, medical services and the SCDF.

We have always put great emphasis on safety and security. From the moment you enter Carnival Village through our checkpoints to our road events, the presence of our security personnel, the police and ambulance personnel is always very visible. Nothing changes this year, we remain adamant about the safety of the public.
Carnival Village will again be tightly secured for Carnival 2012. Sheriff Security will have its usual large contingent of officers in the Village support by the latest in security technology. The Police Department will also have its regular sub-station in the Village to operate from, while Ambulance Department personnel will be present every night and supported by counterparts from Aruba.

The jump-ups and parades will also see heavy Sheriff Security and police presence. We have a basic message for any potential trouble makers for Carnival 2012: Stay home. We can say that in a more ‘colorful’ way but we think the message is clear.

10)We know your doing your best as president but those it comes to a point sometimes that you fell totally presured.?

No pressure, I love working for the people of St. Maarten and the carnival spirit is deep within me from birth. Guess, that’s why I’m being called the “Soca Prime Minister” lately
11)Since its the fashion police blog what 2 colgnes you cant live without?and why?

My two favorite colognes are: Mont Blanc, and Dolce & Gabbana…..I’ve heard once I wear it…I’m irresistible.

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