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1)Who is Jeffrey Euen-Gow for those who dont know you and what do you do?

I am one of the owners of Cazcarra London, We supply the UK and other international destinations with TEN IMAGE Professional Cosmetics & Skincare. I have a hand in every aspect of our business alongside my partner Juan Lopez who looks after the 'making people look good' part of the business, he is the Makeup Artist, I wouldn't even attempt to do makeup on someone for fear they would look like a clown (not that there is anything wrong with clowns).

2)What makes Cazcarra London's range of TEN IMAGE cosmetics different from all the rest of the well known brands?

There are differences in every brand that are out there including ours, difference is what gives people choices, If we were all the same, as they say, life would be pretty boring.  What I can say about TEN IMAGE and Cazcarra London is that we have one of the widest and most comprehensive range of products for professionals and consumers alike.  The Cazcarra Image Group is renowned in Spain and rated the number one choice for professional cosmetics and beauty products and has been building on that success for over 25 years not only with the TEN IMAGE brand but with the Cazcarra Personal Image School. We wanted to bring that success to the UK and that is what we are doing. We like to think that we will go that extra mile for everyone that deals with us and our company.  We take confidence in knowing that we provide quality products with an all round great customer service experience.

3)What are some make up tips you have for women/men when buying make up?

We say, The face, A perfect canvas with TEN IMAGE Professional and Cazcarra London.  To have that perfect canvas the first and foremost thing that you need to do is look after your skin.  Good skin preparation will always help to create that flawless look that we all seek in makeup. Follow that with good quality products and you can't go wrong.  The next best tip for the basics of makeup would be to match your makeup to suit your skin not your outfit.

4)Which other countries supply TEN IMAGE make up? Can someone order it if it's not in their country and how.

Spain would be the obvious location as that is where TEN IMAGE and Cazcarra originates.  There are other distributors of the TEN IMAGE brand in other countries that deal with other businesses but Cazcarra London is the first to offer TEN IMAGE online at and we also ship to any destination.  

5)As its nearly coming to the end of the year! What are the plans for Cazcarra London for 2012?

We are currently exploring a whole range of different opportunities to get the TEN IMAGE brand out there.  Some of these opportunities include working with makeup training centres, retailers and professional makeup artists that operate within every aspect of the industry.  Also, a retail prescence of our own isn't out of the question.

6)We also understand you carry a mens line? Tell us briefly about it.

The Selected for Men range from TEN IMAGE has been carefully chosen as the products that are best suited for men's skin types and to allow concealment of blemishes, skin discouloration and trouble spots.  The skin care range will help look after and prepare the skin for makeup application.

7)What's one word that best describes your line?


8)What's your thoughts on people who think men should not wear makeup?

We think that men deserve to look good too, Men also have appearance flaws that can be corrected with the application of just a small bit of makeup. How men feel about how they look and building their self esteem is every bit as important as it is for women.

9)If there was one person you would love to see wearing your line who would it be and why?

It would be easy for me to say that we would love the next big celebrity, model, movie or pop star to be stepping out wearing TEN IMAGE and that would be great but overall we would love to see people from all walks of life wearing TEN IMAGE to help them have the image and confidence that they want to share with the world. We love the little Mix girls that have just won the X Factor, We would love to see these girls wearing our line, they represent a mixed bag of real women in todays beauty focused world.  And not to forget Marcus Collins, he would look great with our Selected for Men Line.  Sorry, I know I was only supposed to choose just one but it was impossible.

10)How can someone view the TEN IMAGE line if they would like to learn more about the brand?

Firstly you can view the line at our online store, if you prefer we can send a catalogue. A recent addition to our website is the Live Help Button where you can chat directly with someone from Cazcarra London and get the information you need.  We also have a prescence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.  As the brand becomes available in other places like retailers we will add those details to our website.  We also run an active blog where we post all the details of what we are doing and where we can be found. We are always open to any ideas that others have for getting information and access to the brand.  Every person involved with our brand and company is hands on and ready to help.

Photo Credit: Fairy's Management

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