Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Princess Shirley does not hold back she has confess to Fashion Police

1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you? My name is Shirley Ann.  In my younger days I use to do fashion modelling.
2) What 2 words best describe you as a person? Honest!  Sincere!
3) Name one thing you just can't leave home without?   My Lip Gloss!
4) Do you think you’re a true representation of a today's woman?   This depends on the type of women you speak to. I do have a lot of old fashion ways, but then again I am 50!  I dress very well and carry myself well also!
5) What are your 3 fashion tips you live by? If it doesn't fit, I don’t wear it!  I dress according to the occasion! I like to dress to impress, and that doesn't mean letting it all hang out,
6) What makes a man a true gentleman?  I think a man is a true gentleman when he speaks honestly and passionately from his heart, and who treats you kindly. Has good manners, and very polite and respects you as a person!
7) What are a few things men do that makes you mad?  When you know they are lying blatantly!  To be honest.... TOO MANY TO MENTION!  
8) What music would have you on the dance floor shaking your booty? Beyoncé  can you handle this!  I also like R’N’B
9) Which 3 men do you admire for their dress sense?  Idris Elba, Will Smith, Denzel Washington. They look great and dress very very well!
10) Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
My Children!

11) What do you think of the Fashion Police blog?
Long overdue and very interesting to read!
12) If you was to shoot with 2 photographers who would you choose and why?
Emerzy Corbin for Fashion!  And the Psychologist/Photo Journalist: Delroy Constantine-Simms
13) What do you love most when dancing with a man? Rhythm and sensuality!
14) If you was to stay home on valentine with your lover what would you wear and cook?
Clothes that is accessible, yet difficult to remove! I can’t make things that easy! Even on Valentine’s Day! Especially, if he can’t be bothered to take me out!
15) What are a few thing women do that makes you mad?
Gossip and backstab about each other!  I hate when they do that!
16) If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?
My man in bed with  next women!
17) If you was given 2 tickets to fly anywhere in the world which 2 places would you go and why?
1  Miami for the weather and beautiful beaches
2 Jamaica as I haven’t been there for a while and its well over due!
18) Describe your fashion sense? I like to wear elegant clothes, and I dress according to the occasion.
19) What do you think of men who teach women the catwalk? I think they are great! Especially ‘Catwalk Professor’!  He can teach us women a thing or two!  he’s an excellent teacher and very good at what he does!
20) Any last words for our many blog readers? Yes this Blog is well overdue and very interesting to read. Enjoy your life to the Max as life is too short! Live and Love your Life and Most Importantly, love the People in your Life! Be true to them and yourself!
21) What is most sexy a man in boxers.......a man in bikini briefs.........a man in thong?
Men not wearing any! LOL!!  Boxers of course it makes men look Sooo Sexy indeed!Especially if they have a SIX PACK

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