Saturday, 19 May 2012


Tips on being a true lady by Catwalk Professor.....Mr Fierce

1)What's up with all this long weave ladies....You don't need to have long hair to feel sexy and good about yourself true beauty comes from within and all starts by loving who you are as a person.

2)Women learn to wear your size ...don't try to fit into something you can't get into

3)Stop bearing so desperate just to say you have a man because all your friends have a man/husband take your take don't rush....the worse thing is when a girl looks desperate then she picks up anything......yuck

4)Don't encourage men to call you.......hey sexy....are even hey let them come correct,you must stand for standards.hello

5)Ladies if you are just out for a fling then that's cool but if you know your value dont be going to no man house on a date saying your going to look at DVD's you know what that means......

6)Ladies when your weave needs to be taken out please take it out,it's so sad to see when your taking a pen and digging into your head are even patting it.....SO NOT A LADY

7)When your dating a man never tell the man about your past bad relationships........NO NEED

8)A man can play the part very well so be wise ladies.....if he knows your desperate and wants a man he will do the part,pick you up from work,flowers use you then dump you.....learn to go with the flow when you meet someone

9)Don't tell your friends the size of his feet,and how good he is in bed.....that's your business learn to be private.

10)When can tell lies if you allow them to.....put your feet down with a seruise face and demand respect.Don't say things and you will not stick to what you have said the man will never take you seruise.

11)If your man ever put his hands on you don't be an idiot and stay get rid of him asap don't matter how sorry he is.....LADIES HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES BY GIVING THAT ONE CHANCE.

12)Don't forget who your friends are....some women as soon as they have a man they forget all about their friends when the man leaves them,then they run back to find their friends....stupid girls

13)Women if a man is going to leave you...let him go why would you want to be with someone who don't love you back,and stop buying men things to stay with you.....STUPID GIRLS

14)Don't let no man introduce you to no one as his friend.......let him use that name as girlfriend are wife,fiance.


This is part #1 please give me your feed back..........looking forward to hearing from all my girls around the world

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