Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Top Modelling Agency in Africa Onyx Models speaks to the Fashion Police

Africa Top Leading Modelling Agency/Academy

Mr Okanlawon Tijjani

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
I am Okanlawon Tijjani the C.E.O of ONYX MODELZ based in Nigeria. Am a trained professional photographer and catwalk instructor 

2)Tell us all about your agency,when you started,where you base and etc
ONYX MODELZ is a modeling agency/academy. We are located in Nigeria, West Africa. We started photography operation in the year 2000 and the modeling department was 2003. We specialized in an holistic profesional modeling training.

3)What makes a good model?
From my personal defination of a good model. This is somebody whose natural physique meets up with the required statistics of the kind/category of modeling he/she is into, who thus maintain a good moral and social conduct in the society. Because a product/service is affected if the model used in adverticing such has a bad reputation(s).

4)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?
Mmmmmmm (scratching head). Actualy am not wearing a perfume right now as am speaking with you. However I love and uses cool water cologne. 

5)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any any where in the world  which country/island would you choose and why?
Spain: to get a one on one with designers there and probably get to watch a fashion show live!

6)There are so many agencies what makes your's any different from the rest?
We at ONYX MODELZ are so differnt from numerous agencies that I have seen becuase we do not just concentrate on catwalk but an holistic kind of training, can u imagine we teach entrerprenureship course at our academy? This is to enable models to be financialy productive and independent. 

7)Where do you see your agency in 5 years time?
My dream is to see ONYX MODELZ empowering young men and women in Africa. Right now Nigeria!, Botswana, Ghana and South Africa are countries. We have establishment/contact/patners. In Botswana there is an on-going model search tagged 'ONYX MODEL search'. 

8)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about your agency and academy?
You can learn more about our activities via our website: www.onixphotostudio.com. You can get to us for on-line trainin through same website. And for those who can afford it, a vist to our headquaters in lagos nigeria is totaly wecome. 

9)What is taught at your academy and by who?
We have two sessions, the theory and practical sessions. At the theory classes we teach ART of MODELING, ETIQUETTE (sitting, eating, greeting and moral manners), PHOTO SHOOT, BODYCARE, ENTREPRENURESHIP, I.T, and RUNWAY TECHNIQUES. And the practical sessions include: CATWALKING, PHOTO SHOOT, SWIMMING, CAR DRIVING, HORSE RIDING and MAKE-UP. 

10)When not working what do you enjoy doing?
Watching film or swimming

11)What are a few things models do that makes you mad?
Getting out of shape

12)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear and why?
House of Jola and Mon Ami

13)Do you think you have the best selection of girls at your agency?
Yes and no. Cos there are some of them that they don't have this touch of professionalism, but I don't bileive in discouraging people cos the person you discourage today might be the one to carry on the business in the nearest future. 

14)If you had the power to change the world of fashion what would you change and why?
I would limit the use of unrealistic coutures to day to day clothings on runways. 

15)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
Perfect, simply perfect. From my experience, women are more challenged with male instructors.

16)What do you think of the fashion police news blog?
Spicey and creative. Whatever is fast growing has an acceptance factor. 

17)If the fashion police was to come to Africa what meal would you prepare for them?
HAhahhah! Well, every region in africa has its own traditional meal, so be prepared to eat as many native meals as you travel from place to place. 

18)What message do you have for aspiring models in Africa?
Don't starve because of getting slim there is difference between dieting and starving. Also don't get into imoral acts cause of clothings and mundane things

19)Do you think African models stand out from all other models world wide if yes/no why?
Yes. Africa models are energetic, cultured and beautiful. 

20)Where would you say is the fashion capital of Africa?
Lagos-Nigeria has the highest no. Of models and fashion shows but of recent South Africa is doing great

21)What are the height requirements for a model to join you?
Minimum of 5.8

22)Who are the top 5 girls in your agency that book the most work?
Abigail Anegbe, Juliet Kaycee, Nkemjika Okorafo, Abiola, and phyl Chukwu

23)It's a dream for the Catwalk Professor to come to Africa how do you think they would welcome him?
Before his arrival we are already excited. We can't wait. 

24)Are their lots of model agencies in Africa?

25)Any last words for our many blog readers?
Keep loging in to fashion police blog and be free to send in your observations, corections and ideas. To help keep improving the blog. 
We in Africa appreciate this blog and wish all models, fashion designers and agencies a sweet ride in the remaining days of 2012. Thank you all

Fashion Police Blog would like to thank Onyx Models for such an amazing interview....We would love to hear from you our blog readers email us catwalkmanagement@hotmail.com

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