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Trend Setter creator Danish Wakeel speaks to the Fashion Police

Mr Danish Wakeel
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
I am a London based fashion designer who recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Fashion specialized in Menswear. However I have already started showcasing high fashion costume collections in the Local London Fashion scene while I was studying at London College of Fashion. I have also made two short fashion films. My first short fashion film 'Demise by Temptations' which showcased my 'Danish Wakeel' Death Being Eroticized' collection premiered last year at Halooweens week in London while my second short film 'Danish Wakeel's The Ivory Tower' premiered on the closing day (Menswear day) during London Fashion week followed by the models parading on the catwalk wearing my 'Draped Modern Kouroi' collection.
I have also been in the modelling game for the past 5 years in the UK and have modelled for leading international brands - Fred and Ginger, Core Spirit, John Peter London, Anoosh London, Schwarzkopf EL/Essential Looks , Tony and Guys to name just a few from a long list of the brands he has endorsed and modelled during London Fashion Week and Clothes show in Birmingham including countless brands of ethnic wear

2)There are many designers out there what makes you any different from the rest?Well my ability to think and work 'Outside the box' definitely makes me unique from the rest of the designers. I believe in 'Pushing the Boundaries' to its very limit when designing my runway collections quite evident in my previous collections being showcased in London namely ' Death Being Erotcised' , 'Dandy Meets The Metrosexual' and my 'Couture Underwear collection showcased in 2011 February in London.

3)Describe your fashion sense?My fashion sense is Avant garde and experimental. I think in the case of English and European men, they are more adventurous than women and it is because of this belief I design creations for a man who is fashion conscious and enjoys a new take on classic designs. My clothes allow someone to be truly individual and they are renowned for challenging traditional shapes and pieces.

4)What is one thing you just can't leave home without?My wallet and my cell phone !

5)Do you think your a true representation of a today's man?
I very much believe so ! I am a perfect representation of today's man as well as an inspiration for the future a future man who is stylish, competent, hard working , confident and is willing to go and grab what he wants and is even willing to pay what is costs.

6)What attracts you to someone?To be perfectly truthful I adore beauty very much and I am attracted to good looking people with good intelligent and ofcourse smelling great ! I love good smells.  

7)Are you single/married/divorce?
I am single and completely ready to mingle haha 

8)What do you look for in  a model who is ask to wear your clothes on the runway?
I look for good height and masculinity along with the right attitude and confidence.

9)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?I am wearing Paco Rabbane One million mixed with Tommy Boy !

10)Pick one from the following.......(1)boxers.......(2)briefs........(3)thongs?    Briefs !

11)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake your booty?I am not a very good dancer unless I am really drunk with loud Arab Music in the background

12)Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?I feel extremely blessed with the most most amazing people around me who actually goes out of their ways to make me happy. Bless them all ! To me a  best friend is someone on whom I can count on for  anything  I know that whenever I need they ll be the there for me. I consider my parents very close to me for all their philanthropic and benevolent gestures towards me. My two childhood friends Osman Malik and Ahsan Imtiaz are very close to my heart too and I would ride and die for them. Sanna is someone whom I have met just recently but she has become on the top of my 4 am friend list. The list of my best friends is likely to expand as I have met some real wonderful people recently and getting to know them !

13)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?The fashion Police blog is Mr Fierce's blog and I dont think I need to say anything else !!!

14)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?I think they are real divas and I have great veneration for them as they r the creators of divas !

15)How can someone from the other side of the world view your work are contac you?They can simply google me or you tube me. My website is currently under construction and so is my Facebook fan page. In the meantime if someone wants to contact me they can do it via Facebook.

16)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?you would brands lying everywhere from Louis Vuitton,Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Ferrari, Prada, Emporio Armani to All Saints, Diesel, Bally and now there is an expansion of my own creations too I have designed for myself. I am a big fan of leather so you will find leather jackets, shirts and shoes everywhere in my room !

17)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you go and why?I would like to travel to New York and compare the Northern American fashion scene to that of London and Europe. I have traveled all over Europe and England but haven't explored the North American side as yet !

18)Do you look up to any other designer based in the UK?
 I have said it before in previous interviews abroad during my recent visit for shows and I am going to reiterate my self again. My greatest inspiration to date has been Late Alexander McQueen followed by Vivienne Westwood !
19)If you was to stay home on valentines night with your lover what would you wear and cook?
I think I am going to wear a pair of well fitted jeans with a body hugging black t on top. I would rather like to chill out with music and alcohol and order some food from outside !

20)Who are a few people you would love to see walking the runway in your garments and why?
I would like to see Lady Gaga opening my menswear show simply because of her avant garde and  fearless style  along with her love and passion for fashion !

21)What are your best assets?
One of my biggest assets is my creativity and passion for fashion, followed by my chest, my lips and my eyes !

22)What are a few things people say about you that is not true that you would love to address here?
In fashion industry sometimes people tend to link you up with you work colleagues, best friends and even people you really look up to and respect, it becomes a little awkward when your rumors with some of them float around !

23)Where do you get your inspiration when designing?By looking around everywhere and anywhere and specially reading about what people did in the past. I like reading about history of fashion whenever I get some time on me as I feel it is the biggest source of inspiration for me !

24)What do you do in your free time when not working?
I just love the art of living. Life is wonderful and I believe in living life to its full. I usually stroll over London fashion districts or shopping streets and stores. recently I started to stay in more and chill with friends over drinks and watch movie or listen to some good music.

25)If you had the power to change the world of fashion what would you change and why?
I would like make men all over the world a lot more experimental and avant garde  with their  attire rather then sticking to the conventional pre 2nd world war era !

26)Any last words for all aspiring designers who look up to you?I would like to tell aspiring designers to follow their passion and work hard towards it. Also never to give up on something your heart believes strongly in. Lastly I would also like to take an opportunity to say to everybody who looks up to me to respect and love your parents and take as many blessings as much as they can !

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