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Ms St.Maarten 2013 Ms Davinia Brooks Speaks To The Fashion Police In London Town

Newly Crowned Ms St.Maarten 2013 Ms Davinia Brooks

 Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
I am 20 year old Davinia Brooks, Miss Sint.Maarten 2013/2014. I am an accountant major at the University of St. Martin, and part time model.

2) What 3 words best describe you as a person?
Unique, Motivated, Elegant

3) Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?
Today’s women are taking up leadership roles more than ever. They are confident and they are exceptional in their drive to succeed in what is still often viewed as a male driven world. I mold myself with these qualities in mind. I am a leader not a follower, I am confident and I have a strong drive to succeed.

4) What made you decide to compete in the Carnival Senior Pageant 2013?
From a tender age I always wanted to become a queen within the various pageants help on my island. When I was younger I participated in the junior pageant, and 2011 I also took part in the senior pageant where I placed 1st runner up. That only motivated me to take a year to better my abilities, and re-enter in 2013 in order to complete my goal of becoming queen.

5) When you first met all the contestants did you had a feeling you was going to win?
No, I did not. I felt that all the girls had something strong and unique about them, and that everyone was going to bring all that there is to offer to the table.

6) What would you say won the hearts of the judges on that night?
I believe my talent won the hearts of the judges, along with my carnival costume.

7) Your costume is to die for please tell us who design and made it?
The designer of my wonderful piece was no other than my big brother David Brooks Jr. and Made by Mr. Jonny Glascow and Mrs. Pauline Gumbs

8) Who wrote your talent? And tell us briefly about it?
The composer of my winning talent was Mr. Lenworth Wilson, titled Souligan Magic. This focused on the youth trying to speak out to our elders giving the negative and positive aspects of the past compared to our further. Letting the youth know that our future will not change unless we influence it ourselves. Ending with a positive note, instilling a sense of pride in our Country Sint.Maarten/Sint. Martin and our multicultural history and beauty.

9) What would you say is your 4 tips to anyone who want to enter a pageant?
Stay motivated. Keep focused. Practice. Have faith. Start early. If you make up your mind that you will enter the pageant, start your preparations early. Gather your family and friends together and et them know that their support will be needed to raise funds. It will get tough along the way, but stick to it. The experience is wonderful. And lastly, work hard on all of your segments, but especially Carnival costume and Talent.

10) If you was given 2 tickets to fly anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
My first trip I would like to visit China, because I have always dreamt about actually standing on the Great Wall of China, and being that so many things we use are made in China I am very much interested in seeing some of the factories and how the production process is conducted. My second trip would have to be to the fashion capitals of the world Paris or Milan or even the UK, because that trip may open a path of great opportunities for me where my passion for modeling shines.

11) Now that your reign has begun what's next for you any upcoming competitions?
I plan on leading by example. Getting involved in various community activities and encouraging the youth of St. Maarten to stay active within the community. The first pageant in which I will represent St. Maarten is the Jaycees Pageant in Antigua. There are others that we’re looking at, but we’ll prepare for one at a time.

12) If the Fashion Police was to be a fly on your bedroom wall what would they be shocked to say?
That I have a lot of shoes J

13) Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
My mother, father, brother, grandmother

14) What music would have you running to the dance floor to dance away?
Soca. I’m a Soca Queen

15) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In the next 5 years I see myself as a successful certified accountant, with a minor in business management and perhaps the manager of an accounting department. I also see myself staying active in pageantry by helping future contestants. 

16) What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
I applaud any positive effort by young adults from St. Maarten. The Fashion Police News Blog is as creative as its creator and as St. Maarten people we should be proud of the accomplishments of our brothers and sisters.

17) What do you think of men who teach women how to walk?
I have no objection to men teaching women how to walk. If he has the right way of helping a women perfect their posture, in creating a more elegant women then the job should be done.

18) If you had the power to change pageantry on the island what would you change and why?
That’s complicated. Over the past few years the Carnival Foundation especially has been making good strides in pageantry, trying to raise the level through various initiatives. I believe we need to consider training courses for judges. Not because you own a clothing store, qualifies you to be a pageant judge. I believe we need to be clear with criteria for a beauty pageant and a Carnival pageant for example. They are not the same thing and strict criteria for contestants entering should be in place.

19)  Who was your chaperone and tell us how you prepared for this big night?
Miss Bernadette Stephens was my chaperone, she is a teacher. I spent months researching, working out, designing, creating, and practicing. I prepared myself mentally and emotionally, for the sleepless nights and early mornings.

Newly Crowned Ms St.Maarten Davinia Brooks Strikes a pose with her #1 fan her mom after just winning the crown
20) Tell us about your gown who designed it and why you have chosen the colour you have selected?
My dress was design by Janay Raymond of Fee lo’je designs. I choose the color white to highlight my pure and humble ways. While showing my elegant posture, and walk.

21) What advice would you have for young ladies who are thinking about entering in 2014?
If your dream is to take part in a pageant then go right ahead. There is nothing negative that will come from doing so. Participating in a pageant helps you to grow as a person, build your self confidence and determination level. Go for it!  

22) What would you say is your best assets?
My personality, height, posture, and positive outlook on life.

23) When not working what do you enjoy doing to keep you busy?
 Besides attending school 6 days a week, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, baking, helping those that are in need, modeling and partaking in photo shoots and seeking new opportunities.

24) Tell us all about the great prizes you have won?
I received a wonderful main prize from Motorworld, a Hyundai 2013, i10, a cash prize, amongst other material prizes.  

25) What perfume are you wearing as we speak
Burberry Body

26) Any last words
I would like to express many thanks to everyone for the wonderful support I’ve been receiving. Being crowned queen is a dream come true for me and I fully encourage any young woman who may be contemplating participating, to do so. To the people of St. Maarten I look forward to carrying our flag proudly and being your pageantry ambassador for the next year. I am extremely blessed, humbled and privileged to be St. Maarten’s Queen. God bless you.

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