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Mr Kerwan Celestine of K.S.C Photography Speaks To The Fashion Police In London Town.....St Maarten most talked about Photographer.

Most talked about photographer on the island  of St Maarten Mr Kerwan Celestine
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
Hi! My name is Kerwan Celestine, I am originally from the island of Dominica, But grew up on the wonderful island of St. Maarten. I am currently a flight Dispatcher, but recently decided to follow my passion which is photography, and this is why i am here today being interviewed by the infamous fashion police.

2)What 3 words best describe you as a person?
Ambitious, Hard Working, Sarcastic

3)Describe your fashion sense?
My Fashion Sense?? hmmm, well basically i just wear what i feel comfortable in, not into sagging pants and baggy clothes, well fitted clothing that fits my body, the way it was intended to 

4)There are many others doing what you do what makes you different from all the rest?
Different aspect, there are many photographers, but each has their own style and twist, and we each create our own pattern, and I like to be different and vibrant!! I like to have my subject highlighted and stand out from the scene, which i get a lot from my clients because they always compliment me on how I make them look outstanding, which is what i strive for all the time

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5)What makes a good photographer?
Vision!! vision makes a good photographer, if you have no vision, how can you foresee how you want the final image to look? and what image you are going for?

6)Tell us all about how you started to this very day?
I have always been into editing pictures and doing different stuff through Photoshop, and my girlfriend saw this, and my passion for taking pictures and fixing them up, and on my birthday, she got me a professional DSLR camera and told me i should do what i love because i'm good at it, and after testing it out in the field and on a couple of friends and test subjects, i realized that this is what i want to do, and started buying up the equipments needed to get the job done the correct way, and here i am today.

7)When not working what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy playing pool, that is my biggest hobby, listening to music, and body building at the gym

8)What makes a good model when doing a photo shoot?
A good model is one who is not afraid to give her all and is comfortable within her own skin once she gets in front the camera, she puts her 200% percent, like she has been doing it her whole life even if she just started, it's hard work so they should be able to endure all kind of diverse conditions when presented in the field. One who can remain natural, yet fierce when needed to be, and most importantly, well to me, one who can bring a natural smile and not a smile that looks like they are constipated. lol

9)What do you love most about being a photographer?
The way the clients eyes lights up when they see their final results, and realizing that i'm the one that did that, or the fact to see what i can create through my lens, is a great accomplishment for me

10)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about you are contact you?
You can find me here, that is my fan page on facebook, or i can be contacted via email at If you haven't viewed my page as yet, here's your chance go check it out

11)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
I have been seeing this on facebook very often with various people, and saying to my self, i hope to be on this one day as well, and GUESS WHAT?? my day has come!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY!!

12)What do you think of men who teaches women how to walk?
I think once someone has a gift or talent, it should not be hidden, and if he has what it takes to give the ladies a stepping foot forward in life to achieve their goals, then by all means, he should walk the heels off of them!! :)

13)Which other photographers on St Maarten do you look up to and why?
To be honest, I look up to all the photographers on St. Maarten who has the passion and drive and really loves the art and wants to be a serious Photographer, because at the end of the day it is what we love to do and we all try to do our best at it, but to those that are just doing it, just for a quick buck and does it for quantity and not quality, i say this, please stop killing our art. It's like watching a movie that you wanted to see for so long and then someone tells you the ending, and ruins the whole movie, some photographers are ruining what we call art

14)What cologne are you wearing as we speak?
Comme une Reine

15)Who are your 3 best friends you would ride and die for?
Darron Kelshall, Steven Rock, Leon Archer

16)What music would have you running to the dance floor?
Tu Mon Soleil by princess lover

17)If the Fashion Police was to have dinner at your home what dish would you prepare?
My Famous Dumplin and Lentils Soup with Coconut Milk :)

18)What advice do you have for upcoming photographers?
WORK HARD!!! learn your trade, and everything that comes along with it, the good the bad and the ugly, and NEVER let someone tell you that you can't, if it's your passion, work your butt off, and it will pay off in the end, oh and practice, practice, practice!!! LOL

19)If you had to do a shoot with 3 models from St Maarten who would they be and why?
Leyshia Marie, because she is fierce, and the girl knows what she is doing when she gets infront of the camera,
Megane fonrose, she has the eyes and i can see my self doing some nice pin ups shoots with her
Tracy Marlin, because she has that mad sex appeal, and is not shy in front of the camera to give the look that a photographer wants 

20)If the Fashion Police was to be a fly on your bedroom wall what would they be shocked to see?
My collection of kipling dolls, LOL (dont judge me) lol collected them from young and just never got rid of them

21)What would you say is your best assets?
My eyes and my smile, people say i have this devious look in my eyes and my smile sets it off even more

22)If you was to be transformed in an animal what animal would you be and why?
A Bird, because then i can travel and see the world, which i haven't done as yet :( but is one of my goals

23)Please tell us a little about your recent shoot with Ms St Maarten 2013?
It was fun and a learning experience for me, seeing that it was my first high fashion shoot, it was a bit nerve wrecking, for the fact that this will either be my breaking point to a brighter and more positive future or a huge stumbling stone to my path of becoming a well known photographer, but I have alot of confidence in my self and my work, and I came, I saw, I conquered!! but all in all it was a great experience working with Ms. Davinia Brooks and her team, we all worked together to accomplish great work and it showed at the end of the shoot

YES!!!!! DONT TEXT AND DRIVE!!!.............  LOL I'm just kidding, but seriously, there's not much i can tell you guys, but to be true to your selves, who ever that person may be, and if your heart desires it, don't tell your mind not to follow it, never be afraid to take a risk and be different, because that is the difference between and leader and a follower, leaders take charge and take risk!!, followers are the ones that stood by with the same idea and watched as someone else take it and make it a reality. Don't be a follower, be your own leader make your own destiny, and follow your own dreams, not someone else's. Remember if you haven't tried, then you already failed, because nothing beats a trial but a failure. Love you all, and dont forget to drop by my page and leave a "liked" on my facebook fan page

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