Thursday, 8 December 2011

Exclusive interview with Miss St.Maarten 2011 Ms Trumane Trotman

What made you compete for the Carnival Senior Queen 2011 title?
As a little girl growing up I've always secretly wanted to be an ambassador of my home,my unique home St.Maarten.I have kept myself busy with community service activities while developing my passion for public speaking so that whenever that day comes i will be able to represent St.Maarten to the best of my ability.After partaking in Miss Tropic Beauty St Maaten 2010 competition and going to the international Miss Tropic Beauty in Las Vegas 2011,I have decided it's time to challenge myself and try to become the ambassador i have always wanted to be.

What form of work do you do?
I'm currently an Aviation Costumer Service Agent as well as an Operation agent for airlines such as AF/KLM.

What was so unique about you that you think won the hearts of the judges when they selected you as the winner?
The fact that i am tenacious,tolerant,tortuous,trendy,talkative,talented and tantalizing just to name a few is why i think they have selected me as the winner.Admittedly,the #1 uniqueness is the ability to smile with my eyes after all the eyes is the window one's soul.

Do you think St.Maarten has the potential to compete in well known international/regional pageants?
Most definitely!!with the right attitude,confidence, early preparation and strong sponsors i believe St.Maarten obtains that potential.

Did you think you was going to win on the night? if yes/no explain
Of course entering the pageant one goes in with the intentions of winning,however  the greatest accomplishment would have been performing to the best of my ability on that stage while having fun,anything additional was consider a bonus"THE CHERRY ON THE ICE CREAM"

Are you in a relationship,if so how do you manage to be with your partner when your schedule is so busy?
My partner has been very supportive and understanding of me.Indeed my schedule may get rather busy especially seeing my involvement in various community service clubs but as always i try to make time for him.Upon his on free will he has offer to be my 2nd chaperone to help me in preparations of my other pageants and appearances.Wether it's selecting my outfits,shoes,make up,accessories his presence with me giving me moral support means alot and for those reasons and many more is why i love him and is grateful for all he has done and will continue to do!!!

How do you prepare for other pageants and what's your key secret when on stage?
Am a strong believer in the proverb"The early bird catches the worm".Following the line of reasoning further with the use of technology via computer i create separate folders on the pc which contains what i need for each segment,then this folder is previewed by my local chaperone Dorothy Radjouki and Sammy Gomez where necessary changes would be made.My secret on stage is have fun.Those 2minutes are less i have on stage i use it to my full advantage with the thinking of...HEY!!! my audience paid money to come and see this show so i will put on a mesmerizing unforgettable show for them and to top it off i keep in my head how much i need to work the stage

On behalf of fashion police news blog we would love to wish Miss Trumane Trotman lots of success in all she does and we will keep our eyes on you.....WE LOVE YOU MISS TRUMANE.XXX

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