Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What made you compete in Mr Face Of Olympia 2011?
I went to a casting for a U.K designer Flylander Couture as he was looking for models and i was approached by the director of Face Of  Olympia who ask me if i would like to compete in this upcoming contest?so i said ok why not.

Did you thought you was going to win when you enter the contest?
No not at all,i don't think i was the best model in the competion and although it may not have been evident by my performance on the catwalk and during my speech i lacked confidence at the time

Who is your role model and why?
My mother and father they both came in this country with nothing over time they worked themselves into high level positions in their respective places of work and installed  high level of discipline and achievement into me their son as well as my younger sister.

Are you a full time model?
No am just a part time model at times i wish i was full time but only time will tell

What do you like most about being a model?
I love the confidence it gives you,modelling for me has been like a therapy.Any self confidence issues i have had have been eradicated to a large degree.

Have winning this contest open new doors for you?
Yes i have and is still doing i have had the chance to walk for London Fashion Week,and now am a finalist in Top Model u.k.

In your words what must one have to be a good model?
You must be confident are at least appear like you are,heads up and don't look down on the floor,and must have the ability to true display the garment to its best advantage.

What makes you stand out from all other models?
I think i look different from many other male models especially here in the u.k,i have been described as a model with the African Warrior look,there has only been a handfull of these model who have been successful but none in the u.k so you never know(smiles)

What's your ideal girl you would date?
A woman with curves!!I like a woman with ambition,a woman with a sense of humour,brains are a big turn on for me,i like a woman with a calm personality but also possesses a bit of FIRE,a woman i can converse with is very important.

Whats your words of wisdom to aspiring male models?
Honestly i dont feel i have reached a stage to be given such advice!!!all i can say is be humble,be confident and work hard on yourself and take every opportunity that you are awarded especially in the early stages.There will be lots of rejections but you must be strong to face the challenges that comes with being a model

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