Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Heaven Afrika enters Fashion Police Station!! Ring The Alarm

1)For those who are not familiar with you tell us briefly who you are and what you do?

My name is Heaven Afrika..I am a performing artist, Model, holistic healer & television personality.

2)Tell us what your hobbies are?

My favorite hobbies are most definitely reading,researching and writing.I love to also do extreme sports & horse riding too!

3)What is one thing you cant leave your house without?

Well my keys of course silly! Haha only kidding! Hmm lets see..Probably my shea butter for my lips, I never go any where without that. The only thing that keeps these lips sexy in this chapping Country,lol

4)If you had the chance to visit just one place in the world where would it be and why?

South America most absolutely! Its the birth place to real soulful people. The music, energy, food, people and the actual soil is so unique organic and uplifting.
Its truly beautiful!

5)What has been your highlight since appearing on Big Brother?

I can't even front,the highlight for me has been the massive amount of people whose lives I have impacted on in a positive way. I now have people running up to me saying I have inspired them to think well,live well and eat well, and more importantly to just be themselves.
There has been an amazing response of young women who look up to me as a role model and I am truly humbled and 
 so honored to be such an inspiration.

6)Are you in a relationship/married/single?

Lol..Well Yes actually its a new relationship.. I'm very smitten is the least to say. I was sent an angel. We have already been tested so greatly however its unconditional from my part ..I have never felt so connected.

7)What are your thoughts on the end results on big brother?

Puhahahaha..Sorry I had a slight cough. Well regardless of my opinion or anybody else's. Aaron has always wanted to be a BB contestant, for 10 years he has breathed, ate, slept BB. He knows the ins and the outs. He needed to win!
And you know what he got what he really needed..is it deserved? NOPE! BUT this is the perfect example that if you really want something, you will get it..Its the law! The law of attraction.

8)There is a saying we would like you to adress......there is a saying you dont like gays and that you said so please adress to our many readers?

Excuse me? I love happy people so that's just rubbish! ...Ohhhh those gays? lol..Sorry my bad!..Still rubbish! Absolute bull crap! I would love to see or read where this was apparently said because I could never dislike a person just for being 
gay. NEXT!

9)In your own words ......describe what beauty is?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..BUT ya'll be holding some ugly motherfu****s! Looool
I am totes kidding,haha! I just had to get that in..Soz!
TRUE beauty is a person who accepts,embraces,and loves themselves for every part of their being,
starting from the inside out!

10)What's your 4 fashion tips to all women?

I always say to women that it does not matter if you are thin or thick framed, black or white, curvy or boyish.
The absolute imperative thing is to dress accordingly for your shape.
There are many tricks in the "game" of fashion too. Learn what works for you, because one womans stripes is another womans "no no! "
Nobody can tell another what to wear, but we must work with what we have and feel 100% confident and sexy!

11)What makes you the realess  person ever on big brother?

I entered the BB house with one strategy and that was that I was going to be myself 100 percent!
That may have been why I never won. However  I was never two faced, I never stole from anybody.
I never bed hopped from man to man. You never caught me kissing a female just to abstain from eviction.
I most certainly never pretended to befriend a housemate only to try and turn the rest of the house against them by lying 
or spreading rumors that they  were stealing food.lool
To be blunt I kept it too real, and none of those people had ever seen anybody so honest,upfront and confident as myself
before.They just couldn't handle me.

12)What are some things that attracts you to someone?

I looove eyes, not only because they are the window to the soul but because they are so informative. I love confidence, good sense of humour, sex appeal. Love height as well, most of all I just love raw honest people.

13)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Well most certainly married with a happy family ..Healing the world, with my message of love , and my teachings of self love of the mind body, soul and spirit.
No matter what it is I achieve, i'm sure that I'll be a household name,content and very successful.lol

14)What music would have heaven running to the dance floor?

OMG, It would totally be tribal/minimal house and Brazilian funk music..They are both very similar..But I don't even need a drink to feel these beats, they naturally invade and rule my soul, and I love it!

15)What advice you may have for anyone thinking on going on big brother?

Don't trust anybody,especially the smiling assassins,lol ..Just be prepared mentally that nothing or nobody is real.
Most importantly don't stress about how you are being perceived on the outside. Have fun with it!

16)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yea/no why?

Erm that's quite a question because I am a bit of today's woman and most certainly an ancient soul.
In the terms of todays woman, I am independent(but dont get it twisted still want the mans company,none of this ,I dont need a man bs). 
I'm not afraid to express my sexuality or sensuality in an obvious way. Sometimes in my clothing, or my body language or words but I don't put it about by being promiscuous. I know the levels or shall I say the line to cross.
In a way i look at myself as a modern day Cleopatra. 

17)If you could go back into big brother right now what would be one thing you would change are not say?

Lets see.....NOTHING! Hahaha!

18)What one word best describe you?


19)Describe your fashion sense

I never follow fashion..I have style, and that's something your either born with or not!
I stick two fingers up at fashion.
My style is a mix of how i'm feeling on the day as well. With some Afrikan influences, thrown in with a bit of household furniture even..loool..
Whatever works ,I'll roll with it!
I never imitate, I always innovate! 

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