Sunday, 18 December 2011


1)For those that are not familiar with you tell us briefly who u are and your background on what you do? 

My name is Peter Branch and I’m a photographer from Barbados. My day job involves helping to create professional colour grading systems for Hollywood, but I have a deep passion for photography. To be honest, photography is playing an increasingly bigger part of my life – and I welcome that increase. 

2) What makes you different from all other photographers? 
Along with the extraordinary diversity of my personal background, it’s my inner drive to be the best. I don’t specialise, instead I seem to find beauty in every aspect of the world.

3) What are some top secrets when someone is in front of the camera? 
You need to be relaxed and spontaneous. Sure, preparation is important – but once you’ve in the shoot, either as a model or photographer – you need to be prepared to seize opportunities. It’s often the shot you didn’t plan that makes the whole session worthwhile. Models need to “Go for it” – to lose themselves in the moment. That engagement is key to working with me. 

4) If there were 2 people you had the chance to do a photo shoot with who would it be with and why? 
The Queen & President Obama, because they are two of the most prominent people in the world & to be commissioned by either - for any artist - would be the pinnacle of success. Getting that kind of opportunity would mean that I had already achieved my goals in terms of personal development.

5) How can someone view your work who might be on the other side of the world? 
People can view my most recent work via or my 

6) What do you do in your spare time when not working? 
Lol… Spare time? What is that? I never stop seeing shots, whether I’m driving, chatting with friends or focused on solving a serious problem at work. I took up salsa dancing earlier this year & I love it, but recently I haven't had as much time for dancing as I would like… but I do love dancing. 

7) Share your 4 best fashion tips to everyone reading this blog. 
Dress for the occasion. If you’re unsure, then overdress as it's easier to take something off in order to fit in rather than be under dressed. 
Experiment with style – and don't be afraid to try something new that’s out of your comfort zone - you may like it! 
Invest in a nice watch that suits your lifestyle. If you own more than one then wear the appropriate one to suit your attire. 
Always smell nice & be well groomed. 

8) How can someone tell a bad photographer from a good one? 
Photography is the capture of light & a good photographer will know the best way to use light to shape the image they capture – to make sure you see what they want you to see. 
A photo should make the subject & the photographer look good. If it is doing neither of these things then it's not a good photographer that took the image. 
A good photographer never shows his bad shots.

9) We here at Fashion Police News Blog we like to know everything so our readers know it all....are you married? DO you have kids? 
I am single right now (divorced) & I have 4 beautiful children, ranging from 11 to 28 

10) What cologne you just can’t live without? 

Anything by Givenchy. My favourite is Irresistible or, on occasion, Marc Jacobs’ Bang 

11) Who inspires you most as a photographer - and how can you be contacted for a booking? 
My uncle Carl back in Barbados has always been my biggest inspiration. My first memories of a camera, was his Hasselblad in a brown leather case & I loved playing with it as a boy. Over the years I watched him & listened to him talk about his passion & love for photography. Now there are three photographers in our family, including his son Karl, who is currently one of the best photographers in Barbados. Aside from him I would say Rankin, Araki, David Bailey, Nigel Barker, along with any other photographers that have captured a unique image - no matter the genre. 

I can be contacted via my website @ptrbee on twitter peter@peterbphotos or 07580211126 

12) What are a few things you like when working with models are anyone in front the camera? 
I love a challenge but I also like the person to be confident in & sure of themselves. The camera captures what it sees & fear doesn't look good.

Overall, try to have fun. Even when the subject matter might be serious, if the photographer and model engage, then communication becomes almost telepathic. Even in quite a short session, a good degree of trust is built up and that will help the shot inspire and captivate future viewers.  

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