Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Quick chit chat with the catwalk professor

Tell us briefly who you are and what you do?
My name is Catwalk Professor and is also called Mr Fierce,i was born in the caribbean on the island of St.Maarten  known as the friendly island of the caribbean.After winning the starpic model contest on st.maarten in 1996 i was granted a scholaship to study the art at Ophelia Devore Modelling School in New York City where i was awarded"BEST RUNWAY MODEL"outshinning all male and female students and went on the represent my island in Mr Pan Africa usa 1999 and took the 1st runner up position and in 2002 i won the model of the year catwalk contest in New York,now residing in the uk and crowned 3 years running as BEST MODEL TRAINER in the u.k voted at the BEFFTA awards.

What makes you different from all other model trainers?
I have the ability to teach the true meaning on how to walk the runway and what i do comes from the heart i do it with a passion not for fun.

Are you single/relationship?
At the moment yes am single my work is what am loving for now if that changes you guys will surely know(yeah right)

Some people call you a Diva what do you think about that?
So funny when people cant take advantage of you they call you diva,anyone knows me knows am not am very loving and funny,love seeing others smile.

Whats your relationship with other model trainers?
As usual some we talk and some we don't as they have the time to talk so bad about me then smiling in my face but mr fierce dont have time for that.My fans loves me,family loves me what more can i ask for?

Is there anyone you have a crush on.....someone you fancy?
Oh hell yeah but i wont say......hahahahahahahahahahhaahhahaha

What kind of music you like listening to?
I love hip hop,calypso,dancehall,house,pop,merengue

What attracts you to someone?
So many thing but to name a few i must say someone who is on the same speed as me,loving must be affectionate,funny and what turns me on the most is good table manners thats hot realllly hot

Do you drink are smoke?
believe it are not i dont drink nor smoke some people think i smoke because i have dreads how funny

What;s one thing people get wrong about you?
That am so stuck up but once you get to know me their views on me changes.

Your now like the catwalk prime minster to many if you had to retire at this very moment who would you like to see take the title from you?
I would love to see my niece Ms D'shnay York take my title i believe in her so much its not funny and she has the same passion like her uncle.

We dont see you at every event ,is there a reason to that?
ONE word am not desperate

Are you connected to any agency/modelling school?
NO NO NO NO NO AM DOING MR FIERCE who want to work with me needs to apply just like every other.HELLLLO

What's your favourite food?
I love my mom cooking and sister and besides them i love chinese food not forgetting my cariibean meals.

If their was one place to visit where would it be?
I want to fly to africa next year and thats the only thing on my mind,exactly where not sure.

Any last word?
love who you are as a person and accept who u are if you dont love yourself how the hell you expect others to love you.

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