Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ambassador to all Make up Artist Ms Maria Foster Tells it all to the Police

1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

 My name is Maria Foster, I am a professional makeup Artist, beauty specialist and Entrepreneur

2)What word best describe you as a person?

 Oh gosh what word best describes me as a person ?...hmm... Grounded

3)There are so many make up artist out there what makes you any different?

 For me, having the ability to listen, knowing what works and what doesn't, keeping up with current trends and never taking anything for granted, working with people and not for them...Being persistent and never failing on being the best i can be...

4)When not working what do you enjoy doing?

 I like to spend time with my family, my husband and toy yorkshire terrier Lilly..Although i do spend a lot of my time meeting new people as i do have other businesses too, so relaxing is generally a luxury...

5)Are you married/single/divorce/relationship?

 I am second time married to Ian for 11 years, we have just celebrated our anniversay on New years eve in the Lake District , he is my soulmate and without him i wouldn't be whole

6)Are you a true representation of a today's woman?

Ans( I like to think so, I think women today do have a hard time in the way we look, what we do, and where we fit in in the corporate world, but i do think that we are a force to be reckoned with now as we too want the career and the lifestyle, if you are talking more of the fashion industry then no i am not as i am a full figured woman and not a size zero that is just wrong on all levels...From the earliest moment in time, women have been represented in the world of magazines. During the pre-revolutionary era women were represented in the press. The world of magazines is known for the social changes that are made. When you consider the role of the media and its representation concerning women, today we have a serious problem with not only fashion models, but also women in every walk of life. Why? The representation of thin women leads to serious eating disorders ranging from anorexia or bulimia. Many teenagers starve themselves to have the "thin" bodies they want. Certainly, the representation of women in magazines affects teenagers and woman of all ages.

7)Which other make up artist in the uk do you look up to?if any

 Lisa Eldridge, she has what we say in the industry 'Made it" working for vogue, elle and top editorials and celebrities..I certainly think that she was in the right place at the right time, and that her work i very much the style that i follow...

8)What do you love most of the job you do?

 Seeing the transformations that occurs right before your eyes, and knowing that when you see your work in editorials and on the big screen that it is you that has been partly responsible for how it evolved...i also love the buzz and the hectic shenanigans that come hand in hand with this industry..

9)If you had the chance to do the make up of 3 people who would they be and why?

 Princess Kate, I just love her simplicity and down to earth personality, and boy would that look good on my CV.  I would have loved to have worked on Marilyn Monroe, not only do i love the fifties era, but she was a true icon for the beautiful voluptuous woman, and boy would she have a story to tell..One of my favorite actresses is Julia Roberts and i don't want it to seem a cliche, and i know that sometimes when you are asked a question like this you are really put on the spot because there are hundreds of women that i would like to and have liked to work with so yes Julia Roberts is one of them..

10)Please save 4 tips for women when buying make up?

 Oh Boy the makeup industry is a mind-field now, so much choice and variety, and there are some great brands out there from prestige to economy, but if i was to offer any advice when buying makeup is, 
Tip one, always check the ingredients list as many economy brands have some terrible nasties in them from animal and human bi-products, yes that is so true..
Second tip, When looking for best makeup brands, don’t just take it because the product description sounds good and expensive. Remember that not all that glitters are gold. Sometimes, they just produce enticing ads to market their products. 
Tip no 3 Search for a tested or renowned make up brand that is compatible with your skin type. 
Tip no 4, Search for the right makeup based on your allotted budget

11)What music makes you run to the dance floor to shake your booty?

 I love lots of music, from ballads to rock and dance, so anything with a great beat....Oh i do like a smooch too..!

12)What are your thoughts on Fashion Police Blog?

 I think its great , we need variations on what people like and dislike, tips and trick's, this is what makes our industry so diverse as we all see thing from a different perspective, so a big up for Fashion Police...

13)What makes a man a real man?

, His ability to make us laugh, and a man that is in touch with his feminine side is so attractive to women, also i always look at his shoes that says a lot about his style and that is also important to me as a woman

14)What goes through your mind at times when you see some women make up have them looking like chucky?

 Well let me tell you i have seen plenty of women that i have felt the urge to take a wet wipe to lol, But being the diplomat sometimes it is best left alone as no matter what you say would fall on deaf ears..

15)Describe your fashion sense?

 Comfortable haha, Long gone are the days of squeezing into an outfit because the label says size 14...I love to dress in what makes me feel god and comfortable at the same time, i do tend to stick to black and that can sometimes be a little boring, but you can always gurantee being safe so when all else fails, black and simple is the winner for me.

16)Do you think your sexy?

 Yes of course, truth be known every woman is sexy in her own right, we have so much to offer.

17)What are your best assets you think was given to you from birth?

 My Brown eyes, they have got me into trouble a few times in my younger years lol !

18)What to you think is more hotter a man in a police uniform...........a man in construction working gear........are a man in a suite?

 A man in a suit every time for me..

19)If you had the Fashion Police over at your home for dinner what would you prepare them?

 My own recipe of turkey casserole with home made chunky chips, full of flavour with something to get your teeth into, really delicious and wholesome northern cooking..

20)What words would you have for anyone who wants to be a mua

 Do your research, be prepared, that this is an industry not for the weak hearted, make sure you are ready to put in the hrs and test with the best and never give up on your dream, do not have all your eggs in one basket, make sure you have a safety net, a plan B, that is why i decided to have my own netwrok marketing business, I am able to work full time on my job and part time on my fortune.

21)If you was given £100 to shop in 2 stores where would you go and why?

Ans) Before i had my own network marketing business with my own products i would have shopped in Mac, one because it is considered to be what the professionals use and i can say they do have some great products and with being a pro i do get a pro discount, the second would have to be sally's hair & beauty supplies for all my consumables....

22)What is one thing people may say about you that you have heard and its not true?

 I can't really say that i have had anyone say anything bad about me..I suppose i have been very fortunate in that way, my motto is keep your head down, do good job, be nice and you will not acquire many enemies, only the ones that wish they were as good as you.. 

23)How do you keep up with all the trends?

With the internet it is merely impossible not to keep up with the recent trends, Media is full of it and if you keep tuned in you will never fail to know whats in and whats so last year, trends & style has a habit of repeating itself and re-inventing itself too, so if you look back over the years many looks are a repeat of what was in style back then and we have many resources and guru's that we can follow. 

24)How can someone from the other side of the world view your work and learn more about you

Ans) You can find my website www.mariafoster.co.uk, i am also on facebook, My network marketing website ismariafoster.myarbonne.co.uk. I also have a blog that you can follow caled, MyWorldMyFace, so i have multiple sites that you can find me on.

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