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Dominica Model Ms Ruth is being question by Fashion Police in London Town

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

 My Name is Ruth Augustine, I am 100% a Nature Woman ! being from the Caribbean (Dominica) . I am Model on a mission here to leave my legacy on this Earth In a positive way !!!

2)There are so many models out there what makes you different?

Everyone is Unique in there own way.... however we all have many different attributes .. I would say  being Humble accepting the fact that Disappointments  may come and Go but importantly realizing the Situation and be calm ( Humble) and find other alternatives & when the good times  come accepting  it with Gods Grace ..also  being Tolerant  having a  fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own as we all know in the Modelling Industry there may be many Obstacles as no one is Perfect.. My Tolerance stands out !!!

3)What word best describe you as a person?

                      ( Genuine )

4)Name one thing you just cant leave home without?

   NOT AS EXPECTED  --  BUT I HAVE TO SAY I cant leave home without my Magic Mirror  I need it just to keep update to see if anything is stuck in my teeth  lol...   But seriously the mirror does alot for me and others its help ones build more confidence in him or her self even when the world may  Bring you down  your own image picks you back up ...Because we are all Master piece of GOD'S!!!

5)Do you think your a true representation of a todays woman?

Most Definitely Yes, I understand in Life ....... There is a curve called Failure! A loop called confusion! Speed Bumps called Friends! Red lights called Enemies! Caution lights called Family! You will have flat tires called Jobs! But if you have a spare called DESTINATION an Engine called Preservance! A driver called GOD you will make it to a place Called SUCCESS.  A quote by Female Worlds Motivator Amorelle  .....MY favourite!!!

6)Are you single/married/divorce/relationship?

Big Smile on my face  :-)  In a Relationship with God!

7)What attracts you to someone?

My smile 
My personality 
My Genuineness    and I can go on  and on and on :-) 

8)What you hate most when dancing with a man?

Ughh  I hate when Dancing with a man he is all over your Body like your his woman ..Geeze its just a Dance lol.....RELAX AND ENJOY THE MOMENT  !!!

9)If we was a fly on the wall in your home what would we be shock to see?

MY BODY---- Damn I'm to sexy for a fly !!!!   (smile)

10)Which 3 models in Dominica do you look up to?

Interesting question right there but Dominica is still building..into the Fashion and modelling Industry Its on its way.... just Time !!  So this question is Pending !!! :-)

11)If you was given 2 tickets to attend any 2 events in Dominica which 2 would you go to and why?


12)If you was to stay home on valentines with your lover what would you cook and wear?

HAHAH..............Do I have to answer ?????    I would cook our favourite Dish for sure and would wear anything He wants me to wear...... SPICE UP THE DAY !!!!! HAHAHA

13)Whats the worse chat up line a guy ever said to you?

OMG cant believe I'm going to share this   but this Guy said ones ..... Im so beautiful and Bright ...I like the Bulb on his Christmas tree  lol ..... How Hilarious...... ;-)  


14)If you had to do a shoot using one male model from Dominica who would you use?

 I would Definitely use a Hot, sexy Male which has all the modelling attributes so the end Results would be Magnificent. 

15)What do you think of the Fashion Police Blog?

To be Honest ... Its the number One Hottest Blog I know originated  with background history Dominica  by MR Professor Fierce and would like to Congratulate him Personally for such Continues Effort wishing him all the best and success in the World .

16)What music makes you run to the dance floor to shake that booty?

HaHA let me Big up My local Music  ..... BOYOUN MUSIC TO THE WORLD Got me shaking for sure !! 

17)What is most sexy a man in boxers........ a man in briefs......... a man in thong?

A man in Boxers !

18)Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

IF I had to note how many times I was approach with  this question I would say a million - In 5 YEARS I see my self accomplishing all that I desire and More....  In all the end Results would be fulfilling my Dreams and  being Successful.

19)How do you prepare for a modelling shoot ?

Preparing for a modelling shoot is vital to every model ..... Preparing my self not much have to be done it first begins with a positive mindset and I always set and exciting mood for my self so I can surround my photographer, Make up artist and others with Positive Energy so that the outcome result is what we expected and more.

20)What does Fashion means to you ?
In my own Words  fashion helps you express 'yourself' and therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting - and no one else!  Fashion is an expression of one's inner self and not a reflection of every one's expectation of what should be expressed. The land of true fashion is a lion's den and you better know what you're up against before throwing yourself into the roaring dungeon of darkness! Okay, maybe that's a bit overboard but hey, you've seen the movies, (the one true source )- the fashion world is brutal and people's understanding and definition of fashion is even more scary.
Basically because it's always about what everyone else is wearing when really; people should see themselves as canvases, each one made for a masterpiece and who wants to enter a gallery where you would swear the artists just pasted and copied each other? I couldn't even be paid to enter that gallery (okay let's be honest, I'm a poor student and if the pay is good I'll set the mood! lol just kidding)!
I think that fashion should be seen as something that represents a rhythm but the steps we choose to move to the music with, should be our own- we should move freely and not bound to the must-have-lists. Because seriously, nothing is as refreshing as seeing someone walk down the street in their own little world of awesomeness! So why so scared to stand out, don't be a slave to what the trend pages say - and if you have to, be inspired not numbed and brainwashed to become a 'fashslave'- different is brilliant and who knows, you could absolutely be walking down the street spreading your little share of awesomeness with your genuine uniqueness. That's my FASHION Theory.

21)What are a few things women do that makes you mad?

Taking care of your self and your body is  the best Gift we can give our self and when I see a woman who is  not taking care of her body MAD is not a word to describe how I feel.

22)If you was to go to the beach what would you wear piece.......a thong?


23)How has Modelling change other aspect of your Life ?

Modelling in my terms has broaden my entire aspect on life because  in this industry there are both negative an positive arenas however settling for the positive it has allowed me to show may emotion let out feelings be free. Allow me to think outside the box and to be open minded individual also in meeting new people it has allow me to broaden my knowledge to become a wiser person in that case modeling had done a lot and still is......

24)Any last words for our many readers?
If you're and Aspiring Model:
Modelling is not something you wake one day and just decide you want to do it is something u develope a love for  you don’t  have to be 5 9 or more to be a model don’t let youre height  stop you because guess what there are short promotion Models also its not necessary  your weight must be 120  keep in mind big girls can be fabulous  models as well… so you have to read a lot on what is going in the fashion world ask questions take part in events that you know for a fact will build you rself estem ask questions and most importantly  never dull you shine for anyone else for you are the only one that knows your dream don’t just follow it like twitter --- keep retwiting and chase those dreams down for the reward would be marvellous and of your benefit !
To  the General Readers thanks for taking the time to Read my Blog I hope that you all enjoyed Reading ........Look out For more of me CARIBBEAN WOMAN -RUTH AUGUSTINE XOXOX   FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AS I SAID ITS LIKE YOUR IN THE TWITTER WORLD !!! SAD TO LEAVE BUT I HAVE TO GO!!!!

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