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U.K #1 Shoe Designer Ms Bernie Hurst Speaks To The Fashion Police

Ms Bernie Hurst
1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
 My name is Bernie Hurst and I am a shoe designer and owner of Nooshooz.

2)There are so many shoe designers what makes you different from all the rest?
Most of my shoes have an interchangeable feature so that you can change the whole look or colour of the shoes . However I am designing a new collection which are not interchangeable .

3)Describe your fashion sense?
I like anything that suits me .

4)What 3 words best describe you as a person?
Generous , Perfectionist , Outspoken

5)Tell us all about your shoe business?
I started my shoe business in 2006 after going on holiday with 14 pairs of shoes in my suitcase. I was stopped and charged £169 for excess baggage. It was then I came up with the idea to create and patent an interchangeable shoe .  I have since made shoes for celebrities and royalty and even got a tweet from Kelly Rowland about the shoes that I made for her .
All of my shoes have to pass "The Bernie Test " I have to be able to work , walk , shop and do the school run in all of my shoes . If they don't hurt and are still comfortable after 12 hours then I make them . I put 3 layers of padding in all of my designs . This way you don't see girls with them slung over their shoulder after a night out .A lot of ladies have said my shoes are like slippers with heels . 
 I have clients who have got married in my shoes and have told me that they still had them on after the reception . I have had ladies wear them all day at work and then gone out in them . COMFORT is one of my main priorities . I have designer shoes that my husband paid over £500 for and they have come off after an hour . There is no point in having nice shoes if they are in your handbag .

6)What are your 4 fashion tips you live by?
I never buy an outfit because a celebrity looks good in it . Everyone is different , so not everything suits everyone .  
I always ask my husbands opinion ( he always tells me the truth , not want I want to hear)
I always choose colours that go with my skin and hair colouring .
A bag and shoes are as important as the outfit .

7)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?

8)What advice do you have for women when shopping for shoes?
Think about the outfits you will be able to wear them with . It is no good having a pair of shoes that you can wear once and then get thrown in the cupboard as they don't match anything else you own. Shoes should be an investment .
9)Can someone design their own shoe and have you make it?
I only make my own designs , I can make a special one off pair with alterations and different colours or fabrics , but they have to be my designs .

10)Up to what size shoes do you make?
I can make up to a size 10 .

11)What colour shoe is mostly in demand?
Silver , black and gold .

12)How can someone from the other side of the world view your work and design and learn more about you?
I have a website . www.nooshooz.co.uk  .

13)If you could provide 2 people with shoes of your choice who would it be and why?
Lady Gaga would be my first choice , I would love to make her an outrageous pair of boots .
And Kate Middleton . I think she is down to earth and she appreciates hard working designers from the UK . She does have my lookbook and her assistant and myself have spoken . 

14)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you fly to?
I have travelled the world and been to some amazing places , however if I had the choice to go somewhere I haven't been I think it would be Bora Bora .  I would take time out and relax in paradise .

15)What advice do you have for upcoming shoe designers?
Don't give up .

16)What do you think about the fashion police news blog?
I love it . It is honest and says it how it is .

17)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?
My OCD for colour co-ordination . Everything matches .

18)If the fashion police was to have dinner at your home what would you prepare?
I was a qualified chef before I was a shoe designer . So for starters I would make you my signature dish of goats cheese on toasted walnut bread with a redcurrant coulis . Main course would be a nice filet steak with a blue cheese sauce and lots of healthy salad and homemade chips with rosemary and rock salt .
And my dessert would be a refreshing lemon and lime cheesecake .
Although saying that I did a cook off on "This Morning " TV show and I did beat Italian TV chef Gino  with my lasagne  , which was great considering he is Italian

19)What would you say is your best assets?
My feet and my legs, everyone says I have pretty feet and I always get complimented on my legs .

20)As a shoe designer how many shoes do you own?
Personally about 100 pairs .

21)Where do you see yourself in 6 years time with your business?
Hopefully worldwide .

22)Name one thing you just can't leave home without?
my perfume .

23)Any last words for our many blog readers?
If you are looking for comfortable unique shoes then you have found the lady who can make it happen .

Bernie Hurst 
Designer and Proprietor of Nooshooz.
" Hazeldene "
Arundel Road 
West Sussex
BN13 3ET

Tel: 01903 261806
Fax 01903 533231
Email : Mynooshooz@aol.com
Website : www.nooshooz.co.uk

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