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Top Model Agency Black Diamonds Speaks To The Fashion Police

Fashion Police News Report Exclusive Interview

1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with
Hello Everyone ,This is Kamal Pour Hanifeh 33 years old Persian ,Film
maker , Fashion Photographer, Model Trainer And Owner of Black Diamonds
Models And Talents Consultancy Agency.

 2)There are so many agencies out their what makes you any different?
Black Diamonds maintains a clean reputation in anywhere at any time we do
our business. Good relation to people by maintaining peoples trust is our
Black Diamonds Models and Talents Consultancy Agency like diamonds started
simple and humble. After a time, perseverance, hard work and pressure we
become pure, tough and precious Diamonds. The symbolic meaning of Diamond
applies to our principle of perseverance, truthful, transparent and at the
same time highly valued and tough better yet we must say “Diamonds are

 3)What do you look for in models?
The outer beauty is important and true to all fashion industry. But above
than a perfect figure, well proportioned body, outstanding face value,
captivating beauty and good communication skills which not to mention all
agencies are looking for is the Character and the attitude off a model.
Beauty is a gift from God which once can be posses naturally. But what set
a beauty’s standard is his/her attitude. Models carry an important
responsibility of carrying their selves well. Models represent the
products or company they are working at and for that they are in a job
where people’s opinion matters a lot.
Because of that we are looking for a well mannered, strongly disciplined
and most specially down to earth lovable models. Every model has its
unique beauty but one thing must be present to all. Good Character.

 4)Tell us all about your agency?
Black Diamonds Models and Talents Consultancy Agency have provided a
string platform for models which launch them into national and
international recognitions. Our best groomed and trained Asian and
International Models have roped in famous stylist, councilors and trainers
from all aspect of the industry.
We act as the hub connecting Artists, Professional Photographers, Models,
Media, Business Firms, and the public to highlight the real color of the
Fashion World.

 5)When not working what do you enjoy doing?
Photography of Nature , Watching Movie at Cinema , Reading Book About
Cinema , Computer, and Fashion, And Talk With Friends and My beauty

 6)Describe your fashion sense?
I am Simple person but i like to show my good looks with stylish dress up.
How i smell is so important for me to the point that I have my own mix of
perfume. I like Calvin Klein , Pierre Cardin suit coat.

 7)What 3 words best describe you as a person?
Creative , Active , Sensitive

 8)If you was given 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you
Paris – France and New York - USA

 9)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear?
I wear my own combinations since I do it myself. Well probably i will wear
my Dark Blue or Black CK suit coat with white or blue shirt inside. I will
match that with black or blue tie and Blue or Black shoes. For accessory I
must wear My Old Friend "blue or Black Eye Glass and of course for my
Persian Symbol "Ahora Mazda " Bracelet and my Favorite Silver Ring.

 10)What makes a good model?
A good model must act, walk, talk, breath, work even eat professionally at
all times. He/She must know the weight of responsibility that is given to
him/her way above the fame of publicities and exposures he/she is having.
Models give respect to all people he/she is working with regardless of
rule one is participating. He/She value the time, effort and the culture
of every person around him/her.
Models are not divas or royal prince and princess where people will run
after them. They must be humble and flexible in any what working condition
is taking them.
Lastly models must know that above normal healthy living they must know
that their DISIPLINE on how to take care of their health and maintain a
perfect body is very essential.

 11)If you had the power to change the fashion world what would you change
and why?
I never want to change the Fashion world because I believe to the
recycling fashion world , fashion and mode will come from the people,
Personality , life style depending on the time and Location. But I hope I
can show to the world that fashion is not just about what brand you wear
or how much you paid for your fashion style. The most important thing is
how you deliver your feelings to others by your sense of fashion.
Everybody must know we have two important responsibilities. First, about
ourselves and second, about people around us. We are making our
environment. So we can make a good sense for ourselves and give a good
feeling to the others.

 12)Are you married/single/divorced/relationship?

 13)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
I think its prideful , Actually I think one man can feel and find best
part of beauties in women and now if one man can transfer this sense,
skill and profession to women I am sure it will do better and perpect.

 14)What do you think of the fashion police news blog?
I like fashion police weblog. But I suggest that if this weblog will be
upgraded to a website with online magazine pages in it, I think it will do
much better. Anyway this is a good opportunity for those people who like
to be a model or interested to know more about fashion world. This weblog
acts as a hub for all artists and models in the fashion industry.

 15)What are a few things other men do that makes you mad?

As a man, I don’t like to say anything that makes a man mad towards
another man. But I think we can show our personality by our attitude and
acts. We just need to keep respect to each other. For me Man and Women are

 16)What are your best assets?
I Am Persian "A PERSIAN ARTIST" and I proud of that.

 17)What cologne are you wearing as we speak?


 18)What are your thoughts on plus size models on the runways?
Anyway we have to believe to this thinking that everybody cannot have slim
or Athletic body because a lot of people have different conditions that
made them fat or "Plus Size" or at least some of them just like to eat. We
cannot deny these people in our world.
“Actually I find them very Friendly and Lovely people". So we have to show
them that we are here and we think about them as well.

 19)Is it easy finding the right models to represent your agency?
I am looking for various unique models and I have my Standards for Black
Diamonds Models And Talents Consultancy Agency's Official Models. Yes, it
is not easy. Models must pass our qualifications and Classes and other
responsibilities after that. But I believe that we have a lot of pretty ,
sexy , elegant and good models who can represent our company. Our agency’s
doors is open to everybody who desired to be a model.

 20)Do you represent models from around the world are just your country?
We present our Asian Models (All Parts of Asia) to International Market.
We are working as International Modeling Agency with association to our
partners and branches. We are still expanding and creating more branches
all around the world. This is to produce more models from every possible
countries Black Diamonds reaches.

 21)If the fashion police was invited for dinner at your place what would
you prepare them?
With my pleasure! I think Fashion Police must try Persian full colors and
rich tasting dishes.

 22)How can others from around the world view your models and learn more
about your
We uploaded our new website and we working on to upload our models as soon
as possible. Everybody can find us on

 23)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I wish we can have our place and more trust and more project in all around
the world so i wish to have more friends who belives us and shake hand
with us.

 24)Any last words for our many blog readers?
Please remember, Modeling is really a professional job and professionalism
will come from your mind. We value our company and our ways. That is why
we work with professional people.
We strongly impose that models must realize that modeling job is a
professional job. Models must keep on guard for abusive people who takes
modeling as camouflage to prostitution which is true to numbers of
modeling agencies online. Keep values to our work and to ourselves.
This is my advise to you all. My best readers, “follow up like
professionals, practice like professionals, think like professionals and
be Humble like Stars.”
God bless you all and Thank you Fashion Police.

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