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Ms St.Maarten 2012 Ms Glenicia speaks to the Fashion Police

Ms St.Maarten 2012-2013

Ms Glenicia Mitchell
1)Please tell us who you are for those not familiar with you?
Who I AM is none other than Glenicia Mitchell, Someone who many have yet to try to get to know me but through this interview I will open eyes like the pages of a new book.

2)What word best describe you as a person?
Determined. I set my goals based on priority for my journey not for the contentment of others. So , when I set out to conquer my goals I do so until complete or to the point I was meant to arrive at to learn something for another task.

3)Describe your fashion sense?
Many people tell me I make them think of skittles haha. That's because of my love for dress sense varies between retro (I cant count how many pairs of vintage and new school kicks I own) and my own combinations. I like to wear my outfits differently from others though it may be things you find in your wardrobe as well. Innovative/Retro would be my dress sense. 

4)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?
I would say no. Why? Well that is because I am NOT like most women today. We are all intelligent, beautiful in our own ways, vibrant beings we women and we do share lots of common ways. But I like to think that I am a bit different my talent, my ambitions, my creativity, my imagination, my memories, that path taken to get to where I stand today as a 23 year old woman is not like hers or hers or HERS *points around* and I am proud to set a standard and new mentality that people look up to and find is so new (as i've been told).

5)What perfume are you wearing as we speak?
I just rolled out of bed, what a shame but traces of 'Fantasy' by Britney spears are still there. 

6)Name 3 things that you thought the judges saw in that that made you won?
My Intellect, Talent and Effort on stage. 

7)Since winning the Ms St.Maarten crown do you have any shows lined up where you will go and represent the island?
Yes I do, very excited! The first one will be in Antigua on Aug 3rd for the Miss Jaycees Caribbean Pageant, The other one or 2 are still to be determined. I have recieved lots of invitations to various islands and south america. I am focused on a few of my own local projects though, I want to use this crown to pave the way for St.Maarten not really the fame and glitz for myself.

8)Dominica does it......St.Kitts does it.....Jamaica does it....Trinidad does it...How do you plan to bring some crowns back home?
I plan and hope that with all my focus, effort, input, constant revamping of myself that I will learn from my past pageants and trainings and that will result in the succession of gaining the crown. 

9)What are your 4 stage secrets when on stage?
Apart from the famous and loving Catwalk Professors' tips... I smiled at all times even backstage and for months before the show i was pleasant with everyone i saw on the road, some of them turned out to be the judges for the night of the show. I also looked the judges in the eye and coaxed them into smiling FOR me while i performed, if they were straight faced I would make a smile gesture with my hands at my mouth and wink and they would loosen up and laugh with me. Third secret was to forget where I was, every segment i came out I pretended i was home just modeling and doing my talent for no one to judge and last but not least 4th secret being different on stage varied poses, walks, facial expressions without going over the top so they always see something different as I appear.

10)Tell us all about you competing in the Carnival 2012 Senior Carnival Queen pageant?
 Well it began april 2011, when i lost the same competition and placed 3rd runner up. I was unprepared, unfit and unmotivated but i did it anyways ( lesson learned ). I then focused my energy and asked my self if I would do it again and succeed, so that is exactly what i did, I let everyone know that ''hey I am running again and I will have a second chance at making a first impression). I began immediately with all of my segment concepts, when that was intact, i began to work on my body with a trainer and get my eating right. I read constantly to keep my vocab on point and i watched every news article in the papers to draw information for when speech time rolled around.
   When we met the contestants for the first time and received our speech topic I started visiting the Senior citizens for information and old facts about the country and sent a few emails and broadcasts out to the public asking them their opinion. Took me a week to review all the content i received and then i wrote my speech. Outings began and the public was aware that i ran already but still gave me support, i received MANY sponsors of who made this possible for me no matter how many times i rehearsed i needed them. My chaperone I had to BEG ! to help me because she was done with pageants and i walked to her job everyday just to ask if she would and finally she gave in. Sleepless nights and gym twice a day for 2 hours to tone up. Along with the team work of me and my chaperone ( she went out of her way for me).
    By time it was show night i had been through so many ups and down that NOTHING was going to step infront of me and take the crown. So every segment I went to war with my heart on my sleeve for everyone to feel and I made sure to leave everything on the stage that when I returned for a following segment they still remembered what they saw before. I won 2 segments Speech and interview , the highest scoring and most pressured segments and was 2nd in every segment I didnt win which were lower scored but i still maintained a second place position not by many points. At interview my chaperone said ...''Its time to play Pacman go out there and answer that question and eat all the points you may have lost'' so that what I did. When they called First Runner up I swear i thought it was me because I only had two sashes...but i didn't realize in my favor they were the highest point sashes..............and they called out ''senior carnival queen 2012 is none other than Glenicia Mitchell not by 5, 10, 20 or 30 points but by 50'' and then i started to cry and my family ran up chaperone and all, I conquered and couldn't believe it. 

11)What new doors have open for you since winning?
I have been asked to do interviews for various European and American magazines which helps to put St.Maarten out for the Tourism Industry, I've been invited as a guest of honor to many local and Regional events, shows, pageants, youth groups. I've been given the opportunity to do my own community projects with the guidance of the St.Maarten Carnival Development Committee.

12)What prizes did you win?
I won cash prizes, a smart phone, gift vouchers, flowers, a diary ( i love to write) ,Certificate to a photo studio, trips with the SCDF to compete, A beautiful Facial basket, also recieved by trophies, sashes and of course my crown, but the prizes that means the most to me are the memories, lessons, friends, experience and trust of my country that i will represent them well..those mean more than the material items

13)Who was your chaperone?
The beautiful fashionista herself Miss Sheila ''Bella'' Sorton. Nothing I did was good until she touched it. She made me shine from inside out, made me say everyday ''i got this'', she has bent over backwards, stretched her hands and shed tears to make me win and typing this doesnt mean anything there is NO way i'll ever be able to repay her. She is like my own mother now even after the show. 

14)If you was giving 2 tickets to fly any where in the world where would you go and why?
New york, i love the culture, music, fashion the food its the everything capital of the world (though i do love london) where everything collides. My second destination would have to be trinidad i have yet to experience a Trini carnival  and being senior CARNIVAL queen you have got to expect that my love for carnival is grand. The mass, the smell of the grills, the energy, vibrant costumes and people the base and pump of the bands I love it !!

15)Are you single/married/divorce/relationship?
I am Single but interested if that makes sense ;)

16)Who are you 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
They know who they are and they are the ones who have pushed me to get where I am today as a person, flaws and all i wouldn't do without them.

17)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear?
I really don't know, there are a few designers that have pieces i like but their style isn't me. Maybe if i could sample celeb styles to make my look but i'm not much of a designer wear person. 

18)If you was a judge what are a few things you would look for in a contestant?
Offstage personality, community service effort and intellect. Those are all things that looking great in a bikini or walking on a catwalk cannot compare too. A contestant has to be well rounded outside of the performance realm because they have to represent my country abroad.

19)If you was to host the senior queen show one day what are a few things you would do different?
The show i must say was properly organized. Allowed us alot of time to get our things together but I would't help the girls as much as they helped us with questions and personality etc, these are things you have to learn while prepping from your chaperone and things you should be good at. Its almost a give away to us girls if you give us a few questions almost everyday because its familiar questions, the walking and posing as well we should have been more studious and researched and practiced ourselves be more independent than have them give us tips and going over things because then we see who really wants the crown and who is there just for show and tell. They surely dont give tips in international pageants thats what makes a competition a competition.

20)If you was to prepare a meal for the fashion police what would you prepare?
Well lucky for you I studied to be a chef, I would start off with a hot and cold pasta salad. crunchy romaine lettuce under creamy hot pasta with assorted sauted nuts and grapes for a sweet pinch of bliss on the palette. Followed by a spicy coconut milk chicken soup. My entree would be curried chicken breasts searved with diced and sauteeed, mushroom, onions and tomatoes in a red wine sauce along with steamed white rice. For dessert i would do a mango and strawberry creme brulle with a scoop of passion fruit sorbet. Mmmm now i'm hungry.

21)What are a few things people may say about you that is not true that you would love to address here?
All of those who supported other candidates said I did not deserve to win, I by far had the least amount of physical support at the show because most of my friends and family live abroad I am not a  ''popular'' person. I have played very nice and polite with the remarks because I saw my scores, I spoke to certain judges for their opinion way after the show so I KNOW i deserved my win. I worked for a year to get to that night, i changed so much and improved on all levels, I did live research of my country spoke to people visited places, I scored TOP in the top 2 segments and 2nd place in 5 segments and won by more than a margin..I think its okay to give my self a pat on the back and say ''you know what Glenicia?? You did great so be proud''

22)If we was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shock to see?
That it is unfurnished !! lol its filled of boxes of sneakers and you'd wonder why would I have so many but I'm a collector you see its a hobby gone wild.

23)What do you think of the fashion police news blog?
Innovative, vibrant, daring, bold just like the Professor ;) .

24)What music would have you shaking that booty on the dance floor?
Good old school hip hop i mean WAYYYYY old school, always and forever will find me going straight to the dance floor for soca and zouk music i'll be the first one there by my self or with people I don't mind music takes me away. 

25)What are a few things men do that makes you mad?
To be very honest only one thing, lying. It's okay to be who you are no one is perfect but if you mess up or have something to say just be honest if i cant accept your honesty or any woman you are with or friends with cannot accept your honestly are probably not meant to be together. So its better to be honest than lie and drag things out. 

26)What makes a man a true gentleman?
Priorities, sticking to them. A man of his word is better than a man who can provide..I can accept if you cant provide for me how you want to as long as you make me happy (partner or friend). A gentleman in my eyes is maybe different from how most think that he has to be well off, love his mom, treat me like a queen, making money has the suave personality ...he could have all of that and be a monster. So a true gentleman is who is respectful to himself FIRST and then to cant take pride in anyone before yourself to show people you have a standard.

27)If you had the chance to do a photo shoot with 3 people of your choice who would it be and why?
Kirko Bangz his story is amazing would love to meet him, Past President Clinton because he was an idol of mine and lastly the cirque du soleil cast i love their shows and always wanted to be in the circus .

28)Did you think you was going to win after you saw all the girls at the first meeting?
Honestly, should I say this ? 'HECK YES' and its nothing against the contestants in a negative way but i promised myself that no matter how they looked, talked or walked ...I was going to do 10 times better. I set that mind frame and i stuck to it i had to keep my confidence high this was my second try BUT I did get a nervous during the crowning segment was just hoping all my work paid off.

29)Any last words for our many blog readers?
Be you, Be Bold, Be Free. Live Life and never stop painting the portrait of the journey you take in life. Make mistakes ..make MORE mistakes than you should to be able to learn and help others. Take the chance, think before you speak but leap daringly...never ever be afraid to go up against something you didnt conquer the first time. We are the warriors of our imaginations so imagine BIG ! AND YOU WILL SUCCEED BIG ! MUAH !! XX

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