Sunday, 19 August 2012

Who is Mr Fierce.....

Mr taken by Mr Nathan Thompson
Make up by.....Karen Salandy
Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
As the world knows am the catwalk professor who is also known as Mr Fierce,i was born in the caribbean on St.Maarten.After winning the starpic model search on St.Maarten i was granted a scholaship to study the art at Ophelia Devore modelling school in New York City where i was awarded"BEST RUNWAY MODEL"at my class graduation and went on to compete in 1999 in Mr Pan Africa USA pageant where i took 1st runner up and later competed in Model of the year catwalk contest in New York which i won(2003)Am now residing in the uk and the crowned"BEST MODEL TRAINER IN THE UK"which was voted at the BEFFTA award,i won this award for 3 years running 2009,2010,2011.Am also a tv personality to ITV2 and MTV known as the man who teaches all the girls how to walk the runway.

2)What inspire you to do what your now doing?
I was inspired by my sister who use to enter in pageants,watching her rehears for shows i loved it and decided this is what i want to do.

3)What few words best describe you as a person?

4)Some people say your such a DIVA and B*tch how true is that?
I really don't give a flying F*ck what anyone says are think i dont settle for less i have work hard to get this far, for anyone to want to take me for a ride.My confidence might scare people away but hey.....Say what you feel like saying i stand for what i believe......,

5)There are so many model trainers out there who would you say is your competition?
Whats that word.......There is only one catwalk professor that's me and their is no other get that printed in your skull.

6)Are you dating are seeing anyone?
If i am seeing anyone yes are no that's my business the only person who would know would be my best friend which is my sister....if you want to know go ask her.

7)People may think your a party animal are you?
Lots of people think i party around the clock but i don't i love staying home on my computer and having snacks to munch on.....going out and all that rubbish i have passed that age,am happy being at home love it.

8)What is one thing you dislike ?
people talking behind my back and scared to tell me what ever they have to say....i call that cowards....talking behind my back and texting gossips about me.....get some guts and face me and whats funny when they see you face to face its all smiles you dum F*CK.

9)What food do you love eating?
I love chinese and soul food like my mom cooking and sister.

10)What type of person would you be attracted to?
lolol you love minding my business don't you ok here we go...i like someone to make me laugh,someone who can love me for me and someone who reminds me of myself.....long distance i just and will never do i need to feel that love near me.

11)Describe your image?

12)We see you are very much into black red those that have a meaning?
Yes it for the proud black man that i am that i can look anyone in the face and say yes i am the man who teaches all the girls how to is for the determination that runs through my veins making me want more and more as i climb for the top.

13)What is your relationship with your family?
I love my family so much not forgetting the 4 ladies in my life....My mom margie sister maggie mathew........My niece d'shnay York and my little princess my niece them to dam much and am so bless to have such a wonderful family who are number one fans to what i do.

14)If one day your to give this all up who would you like to see taking your spot?
It would be such a great feeling to see my niece taking over my spot in what i now do....D'shnay or destinay

15)What would you say is your best assets?
I would say everything god don't make ugly o am loving everything about me no changes needed.

16)If you was given 1 ticket to fly any where where would you fly to?
To make a long story short i really want to go to africa.

17)If you was to stay home on valentines with a lover what would you cook and wear?
Oh my god i would wear just an apron and i would cook rice and peas,plantain,stew chicken with macaroni pie with a big glass of passion fruit juice....HELLLLLO

18)Every time we see you,your so fierce who does your make up and fashion styling?
My make up is done by Karen Salandy and i do my own styling as i can express how i feel coming from within.

19)Did you ever thought in a million years who would reach this far?
I believe in myself and work hard so all this is no suprise to me and most of all i have faith which my mom always tought me from small saying if you want someone thing keep the faith it might take 10 years,5 years but if you have fiath it can and will happen

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