Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fashion Police News Chit Chats with Mr Fierce

Mr Fierce will continue to reign as"Best Model Trainer"

1)Please tell us briefly who you are?
For those of you not familiar with me my name is Catwalk Professor also known as Mr Fierce was born in the caribbean attended modelling school in New York and since moving to UK i have been crowned in 2009,2010 and 2011 as"Best Model Trainer"in the UK...Known as the man who teaches all the women how to walk the runway.

2)Describe your fashion sense?
Well my fashion sense is confident,sexy and not giving a dam what the world plain English we called that"doing me".

3)This year your not in the Race to get that award once more tell us about that?
This year am not in the race to win any award as it's time to give others time to shine winning 3 years in a row is just a true representation of who i am and what i can do.Their are many model trainers out there but their is only 1 CATWALK PROFESSOR that's me.....FULL STOP

4)What's your relationship with the other trainers?
Everyone is doing their own thing and we don't really see face to face.In everything we do we will have people for and against others and that's the same here.Some of them have so much to say about me and my image but all i can say to them is keep hating......all i have for you is love

5)Any words for this years nominees?
Winning an award is great but if you don't have the passion and drive the award is is in no use,win an award and lets see the things that you are doing that represents why you won the award.

6)Not in the race moving to a next chapter how does it feel?
It's sad as i have been there since the BEFFTA first started in 2009 but as i have mentioned am moving on to new things and it's only fair to give the others a chance to show what they have and can do.........I do believe in the saying to be the best you have to beat the best but that's how i feel as i am over confident that if i was in the race once more with th fans base i have no doubt that award was coming back home simple as that.

7)Since winning the BEFFTA would you say it has open doors for you?
Yes it surely has, being able to look anyone in the face  and say yes i am the award winning..........Best gives you that edge over it all.

8)Will you be at this years BEFFTA awards?
Oh yes i will be attending the awards on October 27th 2012 wearing a stunning gown from top designer Aleah Leigh her gowns are so unique.Name of my gown this year is "See through explosion.

9)Any last words for our many blog readers?
I would like everyone to continue to support the BEFFTA awards and support the nominees in all categories show them love and true support like you would show me when i use to be in the race these people are all talented voting has begun please go to and vote and it's free.

10)How do you feel now that someone else is  carrying the same title like you?
I feel no way as i have mentioned winning the award is one thing but proving yourself to the world is another who ever wins this award needs to prove they have won this award for a reason and the public needs to see things's like when we select a president will he deliver that what we all are waiting to that person needs the drive and passion if not the value of the award is not valid.

11)My last words to everyone is never let someone tell you that you can't.....when i moved to the UK and wanted that starting drive i was told that i could never compete with the establish model trainers in the UK  look at me now.....once you have the drive,passion nothing can beat that so good luck to all and even if you don't win keep the faith,and believe in your dream.

Their are many model trainers........But their is only one Catwalk Professor just keep that in mind.

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