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Award Winning Best Model Salisu Speaks To Fashion Police

Top Male Model Salisu Abdulai
1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
    My name is Salisu Abdulai popularly known as Sal and I’m a London Fashion Model.
2)What words best describe you as a person?
    I’m a very simple and down to earth person.
3)Describe your fashion sense?
    I’m not really the flamboyant type, but when I want to dress up I like to keep it very formal and   
    classy. I love blazers, bow ties and great smart shoes. Think Zara.

4)Do you think your a true representation of a today's man if yes/no why?
    Yes, I think I’m a true representation of a today’s man, because I’m very current, I’m
    confident, I’m educated and I respect women.
5)Tell us about your awards you may have received?
    A couple of months ago I was fortunate to win the BEFFTA Award 2012 for ‘Best Male Model’
   and shortly after that I also won the Fashions Finest Award for ‘Male Model of the Year’. They
   are really humbling I must say.

6)There are so many male models out there like yourself what makes you different from all the rest?
    I think my personality makes me different from every other male model out there, because
    most times you hear professionals in the game tell you, you have the same look as some
    other male model, but our personalities at he end of the day makes us different from one
    another irrespective.

7)What makes a good model?
    I don’t really think I’m in the best position to answer this question, but I would say great looks
    combined with passion and hard work makes a good model, because it’s one thing for you to
    be good looking and it’s another thing for you to have passion for what you do so you can
    give it your all at all times.
8)Which other 3 UK male models do you look up to and why?
   The 3 UK male models I look up to are definitely O’shea Robertson, Jeremy Boateng and
   Guetan Elito. Firstly, the  guys I named are black and no, I’m not being racist. Looolz.
   The truth is we all know how difficult it is for black models in this industry here in London, but
   these three lads as well as some others have worked really hard and managed to break into
   mainstream and that is very commendable. They have done the undoable and I have great
   respect for each of them.
9)If you had the chance to do a shoot with 1 model of your choice who would it be and why?
   Hmmm, that would have to be Kate Menson, she was one time winner of Face of Africa and
   she’s a stunning model. I met her once in the tube in London en route casting.

10)Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
     I don’t have best friends; the only people I would ride and die for are my brother and my
     sister. They are all I have got left in this world and can trust with all my heart.

11)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear and why?
     I would love to walk the red carpet wearing Zara or Ozwald Boateng, because their styles
     truly represent the kind of person I am and want to be. I love both designers.
12)If you was given 2 tickets to fly to anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
      I think Dubai, because I want to stay in that 7 star hotel. Hahahaa
13)What are a few things people may say about you that is not true that you would love to address here?
     I really do not know the kind of things people say behind me and it does not really bother me,
     because no matter how good you try to live your life people will definitely say things about
     you that are not true. It’s part of life and I’m fine with that.

14)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
     I think the Blog is definitely one to watch and I love the exposure it gives to people in the
     fashion industry. That’s very great.
15)What do you think of men who teaches women to walk?
     I don’t think anything bad of that, as long as the men are teaching them the right stuff.
16)If the Fashion Police was to be a fly on your bedroom wall what would they be shocked to see?
     Hahahahahaa. They would be shocked to see how neat and tidy my bedroom is. Looolz
17)Are you single/married/divorce/seeing someone?
     I am single at the moment.

19)What would you say is your best assets?
     I would say my personality is my best asset.
20)If you had the power to change the fashion world what would you change and why?
     The first thing I would do is pass a law prohibiting the hiring of models for pro bono services,
     because people should understand that modeling is a work, that is, the provision of services
     just like every other job that needs a reward at the end by means of payment of money. 
     I just really find it very annoying and selfish when people just want to use you for free.
     Time is money as they say.

21)What's your views on models of colour on the runways?
     I’m also a model of colour and I definitely would love to see more models of colour in big
     campaigns and fashion weeks here in London and other major fashion cities like Milan and
     Paris. Blacks sell very well and there are so many coloured models that are so passionate
     and hardworking as well. Do not ignore them just because of their skin colour. At this point I
     would love to commend Models of Diversity on their Campaign so far. They are really doing
     a great job.

22)If the fashion police was to have dinner at your home what would you cook them?
     I would cook the fashion police jollof rice, my Nigerian delicacy. Loolz
23)What advice do you have for aspiring models?
     Every aspiring model out there should be very confident, hardworking, look good and set
     high standards for themselves. Be ready for the ‘NOs’, but don’t let them bring you down
     because the ‘YESes’ shall come as well.
24)Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
     In 5 years I see myself managing my own business and more in the corporate world, but still
     attending Fashion weeks and supporting great causes God willing.
25)Are you with an agency if so which one?
     Yes, im with Vibe International Models.

26)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake that booty?
     I actually love music a lot so there are a lot, but ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta would do the deal
     any day anytime. Lol

27)Any last words for our many blog readers worldwide?
     I would like to say thanks to Fashion police for stopping by to speak with me. To all the blog
     readers, keep doing what you know how to do best. Work hard, pray and you will definitely
     live your dreams.

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