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Top Hairstylist Ms Nicole The lady with the Magic Hands Speaks To The Fashion Police

Top Hairstylist Ms Nicole Christina Iroh
Feel free on behalf on Fashion Police News Blog to contac  Ms Nicole for upcoming work and projects(no time wasters please
1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?
I am a Hairstylist and technical color consultant with 19 years industry experience originating from Germany where I achieved my Masters Degree in Hairdressing including Education and Management. I relocated to London 1, 5 years ago .I run a busy Colum as part of the Headmasters Brand in the Notting Hill location.  I am the GHD Ambassador and the in salon Educator as well as recently progressing to the Company’s Artistic Team. I am regularly seen as part of a Session Collective for shows and events internationally. Performing as Session Stylist on Photo shoots and editorials is what I find most enthralling. Previously I’ve been runner-up for the GHD creative Award in 2012 and am Finalist awaiting the winners for 2013 to be announced. I am experienced in all types of hair textures (including that of African descent) and I have the creative ability to produce styles that range from contemporary to avant-garde.

2) What 3 words best describe you as a person?
The 3c……creative, charismatic and crazy (-;
3) There are so many hairstylists like yourself what make you different from all the rest?
I truly love my Profession. For me there is never an end to a workday. I constantly look for inspiration…it might be sketching ideas …or the girl I saw on the tube that I would love to shoot with or that inspired me or sparked a idea for a concept. I live and breathe the Art of sculpting, dressing and manipulating Hair into never ending shapes and forms. Even after days where you shoot for 14hrs and can’t feel your arms anymore from dragging your kit up and down the stairs of the tube all across town, looking at the final image or the smile on a clients face makes it all worth it.

4) What perfume are you wearing now as we speak?
On my Body ACQUA di GIOIA by GIORGIO ARMANI and on my Hair the new Hair perfume HERRA
5) Do you think you’re a true representation of a today's woman?
Who is today’s woman? Ever since we burned our Bras and were allowed to vote we can be what and whoever we want to be…….so yes……I am exactly that!

6) What makes a good hairstylist?
The never ending urges to improve and perfect your craft. The ability to push boundaries and besides talent most importantly, Taste!

7) If you were to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear and why?
There are so any amazing creative Designers to choose from. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one (and if I would actually be able to fit a size 6...)I would love to wear a piece from Berlin based Georgian designer Anna Schaefer from her debut collection noir or for a very classic and feminine feel an Oscar de la Renta Piece

8) If you was given 2 tickets to fly anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
I would love to visit Peru and follow the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. I imagine it to be a very magical overwhelming experience especially living in such a vibrant busy city as London the contrast of being alone with nature would be amazing.
The Caribbean would have to be one of them. I travelled a lot but haven’t made it there yet. Most my friends probably would bet money on that I wouldn’t return and stay there. Get married and smile at the Sun everyday (- :

9) What do you love most about your job?
To be given the platform for  creative expression and the endless amount of unique Personalities that I got to meet whilst in this Industry and whom many became very dear and close Friends throughout my Journey.
10) What are your 4 fashion tips you live by?
To be aware of your body shape and accentuate your best features! Not to be afraid to be different! Embrace your femininity! Always keep your eyebrows shaped…the eyes are the windows to the soul and need a good frame (-;

11) What makes a bad hairstylist?
Someone that lost the Passion for this Art and sees it only as a job.
12) Tell us all about yourself how you started and etc till this date?
I am born and raised in Germany, which is where I worked in a variety of salons to gain experience. During my time as a Manager of an AAFES Salon at a US Military Base I met Pastor Dorothy Wilson who is the Representative for Avlon Industries in Germany. I started assisting her with Seminars and workshops focusing on Afro Hair textures and eventually held classes myself. It allowed me to also teach, not just on a national level but also in Italy and Belgium. After some changes in my personnel live I felt ready for new challenges and spontaneously decided to move to London. I arrived in London 1,5 years ago and started out in Headmasters Flagship salon in Mayfair and later moved to the Brands Notting Hill Branch where I am until this day running a busy Colum, function as In Salon Educator ,GHD Ambassador and will be teaching at the Headmasters Senior Academy in Putney. I‘ve also built my Profile as Freelance Session Stylist and had the honor of being part of the Hair team for an event during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, during Fashion Week in London and recently Pakistan Fashion Week 3 UK. My love for the arts, travelling and exploring other cultures reflects in the versatility and uniqueness of my work. My strive for perfection pushes me to continuously improve and search for new creative ways of dressing, shaping and designing hair looks. I am looking forward to a lot of exciting Projects to come in 2013 which I can’t mention in detail yet but be sure to see lots more of me (-:

13) Who are you 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
I would go through thick and thin with all of my real friends whom I love dearly.
I couldn’t pick one over the other. The 4 people that stand out for me and that have joined me throughout the ups and downs of life are my bestie tammy, which always has an open ear and never a judging word. Pastor Dorothy Wilson who has become a mother figure for me and without her believe and trust in me I wouldn’t be where I am today. My Brother Mathias who bailed me out on more than one occasion and my housemate Fran who learned very quickly to stay away from me in the morning.(-:
14) What are 4 things men do that makes you really mad?
Ignorance, closed mindedness, disrespect and dishonesty. Not just in men. In people generally
15)What is more sexy.....a man in ...(1)boxers....(2)bikini briefs...(3)thongs?
Hahaha……I would say I am a Boxers kind of Girl……

16) Are you single/married/divorced/seeing someone?
I’d say all……..used to be married……divorced a long time ago…….single …..and sometimes seeing someone…
17) What attracts you to someone?
Realness and uniqueness. India Arie summed it up very well: I will be patient, kind, faithful and true To a man who loves music, A man who loves art, Respect’s the spirit world
and thinks with his heart……….until then I will keep kissing Frogs (-

18) What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
I think it is an amazing opportunity and a great platform to show who we are and what moves and inspires us. I love the diversity of the people interviewed coming from all walks of Life. I feel honored to be able to be part of your blog.

SEXY......Ms Nicole Christina Iroh

19) What do you think of a man who teaches women to walk?
I think it is amazing and I am glad you are showing us. I watched some of your YouTube videos as well and practiced. Not as easy as it looks I have to admit…..hahaha
20) If the fashion Police was a fly on your bedroom wall what would we be shocked to see?
The State of the Room! I work on quite a few projects at the moment and I have mood boards and call sheets pinned all over the wall. Hairpieces and pins everywhere, it looks more like a Arts Crafts store at the moment rather than a room.

21) What are a few things people may say about you that are not true that you would like to address here?
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect and accept that however I am not really concerned or influenced by it….neither do I wonder about what people may say. At the end of the day
Happiness starts within
22) What advice do you have for upcoming aspiring hairstylist?
See your craft as if you are building a house. The most beautiful house will collapse without a solid foundation and then build up on it. Floor by Floor. Learn from other stylists. You might not like every single thing about their work but you can always learn one thing from each of them and then combine it  and make it your own. Never believe you know it all because it will stop you from growing. Be able to accept constructive criticism but also believe in yourself enough to diver.

23) If you had the chance to style 2 people hair who would it be and why?
This is very difficult to answer for me as the list is endless. I’ve recently scouted a young Lady whom I can’t wait to completely transform for an editorial Shoot. She has an amazing facial bone structure which I will show off by taking her long Hair to a super short crop. My Celebrity pick would be Gwen Stefani. To me she is a Style Icon that is not afraid to transform into different Roles.
25) How can someone book you for upcoming projects and work?
To book a Salon Appointment at Headmasters Notting Hill call 020-77933040  
For Shoots and other Projects:    07531809090 or like my Page and keep up with all of my progress at

26) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I will have made a name for myself in the Industry, hopefully had the honor of working alongside even more of great inspirational Session stylists and passing on my knowledge to other Stylists in my own School Have settled with my own Family somewhere warm and planting vegetables in my own Garden.

27) Any last words for our many blog readers worldwide?
Don’t ever give up on your dreams even if it gets tough……after all you can’t create a rainbow without a little rain!

If your in search of a top hairstylist who can work with any hair type,and create looks that you have never seen then you need to be contacting Nicole now.....your search is now over book her for all upcoming events/projects.

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