Saturday 6 April 2013

Sexy...Fiercelious Ms K Speaks To The Fashion Police In London Town

Sexy.....Fiercelious Ms Savita Kaye owner/Ceo Lady K Media Communications
1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

Lady K Media was formed in late 2011 to give up and coming new talent the platform to gain market and media exposure. Helping to promote and communicate to the fashion, music and event industry up and coming talent from the East and West in UK and Globally. At present music artists, International fashion labels are under the Lady K banner.
Lady K is also one of the main Radio presenters of a unique and up and coming radio station and is the European Fashion correspondent for an International Fashion Magazine as well as a writer for a UK Asian Magazine for Fashion and World current affairs.
Lady K Media has been involved in Fashion Events here in UK and abroad, opening the doors and bringing the fashion world together. Supporting many charities and bringing a wealth of media, fashion and music contacts together, Lady K brings a thought into a reality.

2) What 2 words best describe you as a person?
Passionate and humble, the two sides to my typical Gemini character.

3) Do you think you’re a true representation of a today's woman if yes/no why?
Yes. I work hard and make sure I am never in a situation where my integrity is compromised. I am always advising young female models/artists the same. Be proud of being a strong and independent women. Work hard and the rewards will follow.

4) What perfume are you now wearing as we speak?
Coco Chanel No.5

5) Describe your fashion sense?
I love glamour, chic and sophisticated.

6) Tell us all about yourself from way back to this very date?
Worked with big blue chip companies to name but a few such as Marks & Spencer's, Coco Cola, LGC, BOC, BT on logo, brand management, web design, direct marketing and PR. This is when I decided that I would love to give those who have not got that platform to promote themselves an opportunity to present to the world their various talents.

7) What are 4 things women do that makes you mad?
1. Who do not believe in themselves?
2. Not supporting their peers
3. Some who will lower their standards to get somewhere (which actually makes me sad as they cannot see that they are talented)
4. Who give up at the first hurdle

8)what are 4 fashion tips you live by?
1. Must keep your inner self beautiful too, exercise, drinks lots of water and sleep
2. 6 inch heels always with everything!!!
3. Great lashes and hair regardless what you are wearing and where you are going can create an impact.
4. Be creative and innovative to carve your own fashion statement.

9)If the fashion Police was to be a fly on your bedroom wall what would they be shocked to see?
All my shoes, bags, cloths… over spilling out of my wardrobe I will admit have too many but never enough…

10)Who are your 4 best friends you would ride and die for?
I have a close circle of friends and I love them all and I would die for them all too

11)If you was given a ticket to fly anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
DUBAI!!! I love that place and at any given opportunity I will fly out there. It’s a place where I always fall in love with life.

12)If you was to walk the red carpet which designer would you wear and why?
YEN Designs International. YEN designs for the Royal and Ruling families of the AEU. The cloths celebrate the female figure to its maximum. Love the cloths and fortunate to be their International Brand Ambassador.

13)What are 4 things men do that makes you mad?
Only 4??? Lol…
1. When they have man flu
2. Never tell you what they want
3. Grumpy when they don’t eat on time
4. Dishonesty

14)What do you think of the Fashion Police News Blog?
LOVE IT!!!!!!!  A must read all the time.

15)What do you think of men who teaches women how to walk?
Regardless man or women, if they have the gift and talent to teach a women to walk I think it’s great.

16)What advice do you have for anyone looking to walk into your footsteps?
Whatever life throws at you, never give up. Think of it as a challenge and a new door opening to something beautiful and exciting.

17)What would you say is your best assets?
My eyes.

18)If you could be a fruit which fruit would you be and why?
A mango; exotic and sweet.

19)What music would have you running to the dance floor to shake your booty?
Rihanna, always..

20)What do you hate most when dancing with someone?
When someone un invited tries to dance too close in ones space.

21)What are 2 things you just can't leave home without?
My phone and lipstick.

22)What is the worse chat up line a guy ever said to you?
‘Hi, get your coat you’ve just pulled’

23)If the Fashion Police was to have dinner at your home what would you prepare them?
I can’t cook, so I would whisk  you away to a lovely restaurant and wine and dine you.

24)How can someone from the other side of the world learn more about you?
They can view my web site it has all the up to date news on me.

25)When your free what do you enjoy doing?
As I live a crazy and hectic lifestyle simple things like chilling at home and watching TV or being with my friends having a girlie night in or out

26) Any last words for our many blog readers world-wide?
I am a dreamer by heart, and I believe if you dream hard enough it becomes a reality.

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