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Fiercelicious Mature Walkers Manager Ms Maggie Mathew Speaks To The Fashion Police In London Town!!!!

The new walking group that everyone is now talking about"Fiercelicious Mature Walkers"is managed by 4 time pageant winner and former Ms St Maarten Ms Maggie Mathew.This group has the most determine ladies who are all loving and enjoying every minute of their journey into the world of fitness.If you would also love to join them please feel free to email everyone is welcome.The only walking group on the island where walking has a purpose......JOIN THEM NOW!!!!
1)Please tell us who you are you. for those not familiar with you? 
well my name is Ms. Maggie Mathew ,a proud mother of three beautiful children(two girls ,one boy)
,enjoys spending quality time with my kids ,love to dance ,and laughing is my greatest joy from time I've known my self ,and presently employed by United Airlines here in St. Maarten.

2)What 3 words best describes you as a person?
 Determined am I, very much ambitious, and kindhearted.

3)Describe your fashion sense?
 My fashion sense is very, sexy, elegant, classy, conservative ,creative, and sometimes a little wild lol.

4)Tell us all about this new walking group u now manage from when you started to this day?
Well St. Maarten Fiercelicious mature walkers is just not a walking group, we walk for and with a purpose, where as women/girls wanting the same things, when it comes to health fitness, loosing weight or just the idea of looking good, where we come together 5 days of the week, motivated and determined to reach a certain goal, and motivate each other in every way, it's not a group of walking and chatting or gossiping ,we have one thing in mind and that's to see and get results.I have started this group in October after several discussions about it with other ladies like myself  wanting to walk and keep fit, loose weight as well, and determined of course.

5)What made you decide to start such a group?
What made me decide to start such a group, well I've been walking since after my first born who is now 16 years old, walking on and off, just loved it, and found it to be very challenging if I wanted to loose that weight, and everyone seemed to want to join me, Then after the birth of my baby boy this pass July, seeing that weight again I started walking, and was encouraged by my brother Mr. catwalk Professor to start a walking group since I was so much into it, so here I am today with this group.

6)There might be many other walking groups out there, what makes Fiercelicious Mature Walkers different from all the rest?
Well every other walking group has their goals etc ,but what makes Fiercelicious Walkers different is our fierceness, to want more out of life especially when it comes to health, it's not about just you as an individual, what really separates fiercelicous from the rest is that we have goals and we are determined, its not a laughing matter, it's finally taking something serious and execute that goal, fiercelicous is a group that sees people's flaws and turns them into beauty. It's having patients with each individual and motivate them to never give up, because the ending results is awesome, we  are  definitely fierce and loving it.

7)Why did you all name this group Fiercelious Mature Walkers?
Because we are Fierce individuals who is Mature enough to realize that, we need to make a change health wise, when it comes to our health and body, and we are different in our own ways, we are young ,vibrant, talented,successful,independent.bold and beautiful, we are all that build in one word Fierce.

8)Where do you see this group in the next 2 years?
Next two years i see this group expanded greatly, to the point that we can even organize annual walks with the Caribbean islands, just keeping, and giving awareness of good health, and good eating habits. Even taking part in walkathons internationally.

9)What are 4 things you see women doing after giving birth that makes you mad?
1. Well still believe there life is the same after having a baby, like clubbing, at least give baby a few months, then they can go out now and again, but after you have kids your time becomes theirs until they can handle them selves.(not all women does)
2. Never taking their kids no place, always see them dress, and kids left with babysitter or family member etc.
3. And allowing them selves to get unfit ,gets to relax, and not taking care of them selves, their excuse I guess just had a baby, ether it be 1 year or six years ago.
4. Taking babies places they should not be, like here in sxm at carnival at jump ups ,Festival Village etc where the music trucks speakers are to much for babies' ears, we as adults need to be more responsible at times.

10)How can someone join this group and what are the requirements?
To join the group you first better be determined ,serious, and fierce, and goal orientated ,then you just go on face book and type in St.Maarten fiercelicious mature walkers and like the page, it's always being updated on our upcoming walks for each day, so if your not goal orientated this group is not for you.

11)What do you love most about keeping fit?
What I love most is seeing the progress, from the exercising to the right eating habits, and when i jump on that scale, and I see those numbers dropping or put on an outfit that could not fit me before. oh boy that's more inspiration for me(I think my mirror gets tired of seeing me)

12)Is it really hard to loose baby fat after giving birth?
well loosing baby fat after giving birth, is different for most women, I have seen some ladies, just loose that fat like 123, others takes months or even years, but I can only speak for my self, it's hard work to get that baby fat off, as for me I was always a lady that loves dressing etc. and to look in that mirror, and to see myself with  side rolls ,belly fat, big butt ,and a brother reminding me 24/7 and mother to bring Ms Sexy back, that was enough motivation for me.

13)What have been the longest walking route you all have ever done?
We began this journey in Oct 2013 ,We have not accomplished the longest route, however the most challenging was climbing the hill leading to the St.Maarten Prison.

14)Tell us briefly about a few of your team members?
Michael: is our chef, father of three. Always gives advice on how we should eat.
Shamilla: is very laid back and reserved, always takes notes.
Nicki      : struggles with her weight, but yet determined to meet her Birthday goals.
Nyoka    : Bubbly personality, sees obstacles as challenges.
Tamara  :spontaneous, the light that shines through the group.
D'shnay  :our motivator, slimmest one out of the group, but focuses on helping out the others.
D'yonce  :is very determined as well, following in mommy's footsteps, even goes to aerobics with mom Christina.
Christina: Very quiet, outgoing, and very motivated.

15)If the Fashion police was to have dinner at your home what dish would you prepare for him?
Well all excited I would be to have him over so dinner would be Lemon-Thyme Chicken with sautéed vegetables. And gladly ask bro can you wash up lol.

16)If you was to be given one ticket to fly anywhere where would you go and why? 
It would be definitely be China, wanting to know more about their eating culture and cuisine ,why they keep so thin.

17)What are some keys things women need to keep in mind when planning to loose weight?
Losing weight is not easy. The physical stress it puts on your body is one thing, but you are also put under mental stress. Yes, losing weight is as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one. That is why conditioning your mind and body is an important thing to do during the whole process.

18)Who are some of the people that may have inspire you?
Wow there is quit a few but ,health, physically,fitness wise there is Mr. Francis Mathew(Mr. catwalk Professor),Ms Allison Williams, Rayetta Harrell ,Marci Cooke ,Malkier Schnitzler ,Menavia Langlais williams.

19)When you look in the mirror then and now what reactions and feeling do you get?
Then I was like hell no, now it's like Oh My Gosh Maggie you getting well sexy, noticed I used the word getting cause it's a process and I'm not done yet.(smile)

20)What advice do you have for others looking to walk into your path?
My advice would be to love and appreciate your self, in all ways possible especially health wise, in today's world, we have too and should take our health seriously, and showing good examples to our kids, junk food is not the way out, trust me I've been there,the weight is easy to put on  but hard to get off.

21)Any last words for our many blog readers world wide?
yes I sure do!!!!!!!   we as individuals have to love each other, motivate and be an inspiration to each other, uplift each other instead of bringing each other down, we are all equal in God's eyes, appreciate each other for who we are individually.

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