Friday, 6 January 2012

Ms Shantal Rosales speaks with the Fashion Police

1) Please tell us who you are and what you do for those not familiar with you?

My name is Shantal Rosales. I am a free lance writer and photographer born in Los Angeles, California, I currently live near Nashville, TN. I have been married 23 years and have a 19 year old son. I am moving to Dominica later this year to open a modeling agency and attend medical school.

2)What word best describe you as a person?


3) When not working what do you enjoy doing for fun?

For most of my life I have been an avid horsewoman but once settled in Dominica I plan to pursue my life long dream of becoming a certified scuba diver.

4) What is one thing you just can't leave the house without?


5) Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman

I don't know, I have had a life long difficulty with fitting completely into any role or category.

6) What music would bring you to the dance floor to shake that booty?

Reggae, Hip Hop or R&B

7) If their was one Caribbean island you could visit right now where would it be and why?

Dominica of course! It has captured my heart completely!

8) What do you think of Fashion Police News Blog?

I love it and I never fail to be inspired by it's originality and uniqueness. There is never a boring read on this blog!!

9) What are your 4 fashion tips?

<Blushing> I don't feel qualified to give fashion advice but here goes:

1. Flaunt your best attributes confidently and tastefully, never wear something that is the equivalent of a "for sale" sign.

2. Always dress appropriately for every individual occasion or event, it is all to common to see girls wearing night club type attire to a funeral or job interview.

3. Understand, embrace and remain loyal your own personal style, don't blindly follow fashion trends.

4. Everyone should have a full length mirror in their house and give it an honest (but not overly critical) look stepping out the door. 

10) We understand you would love to have a modeling agency in Dominica tell us about that and why?

Because I honestly feel that the unique beauty of these people is one of this island's greatest untapped resources. I would like to use my talents in photography and my eye for the photogenic face to better the lives of people and bring recognition and hopefully and economic boost to this magnificent young nation.

11)What makes a man a true gentleman?

A man who truly enjoys the company of women and see them first and foremost as equal human beings. A true gentleman is a man that can participate in an intelligent, thought provoking discussion, taking a sincere interest in the issue at hand and in your views, opinions and related life experiences. A true gentleman's manners are not an act but instead sincerely rooted in his deep rooted love for all women whether he is romantically interested in them or not.

12) If you had to invite the fashion police reporters for dinner what would you cook them?

Hmmmm....perhaps one of my favorite meals, sauteed sea scallops, rice pilaf and steamed asparagus with a crisp Sauvingon Blanc! For dessert, my grandmother's Irish trifle and cappuccino with a shot of Bailey's Irish Creme!

13)What do you think of women in the past and women now?

I think modern women have a lot to learn from certain women in the past. They need to learn to love and appreciate men for the amazing being they are. Of course there are bad men out there, but there are many good ones too. Women today are too cynical and outright aggressive in their dealings with men. Being a bitchy man hater is counterproductive to success. My grandmother, who raised me, was an inspector in the highest, most top secret level of national defense. She was the lone woman in an all male world and they had they highest respect for her because she had respect for herself and also for them. Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt were two other prominent women from the past that were widely respected by men for the same reasons.

14) If you had the chance to do a shoot with anyone of your choice who would it be and why?

Iman!! I never tire of looking at photos of her! It is far more than just her stunning beauty, it is her regal presence and the powerful intelligence in her eyes. There will never be another like her.

15)What do you think of size zero models?

I think it is a disturbing, demeaning trend that has run it's course and needs to be replaced with an image that portrays a strong, fit, healthy, intelligent, empowered woman fully in control of her own destiny!

16 )Is there any agencies in Dominica if not how do you plan to show that Dominica has great models?

I am not aware of any modeling agencies on the island currently. I plan to show the world that Dominica has great models by achieving success!! Simple as that!!

17)Describe in your own words what true beauty is?

True beauty is self love and self knowledge without vanity. It is about knowing who you are and where you come from and fully embracing every aspect of that! 

18) What are some things some ladies do that makes you mad?

There are two main things that come to mind and they are intertwined with each other. Insecurity and jealousy. I am been happily married 23 years and one of the main reasons for our happiness is that we are both secure about ourselves and about our relationship. We TRUST each other. We both have friends of the opposite sex and that is very healthy. I do not like the fact that many women cannot appreciate another woman's beauty without feeling jealous and/or threatened. This jealousy is ALWAYS rooted in their own insecurity. 

19) If there was one thing you could change about the fashion world what would it be?

As I mentioned earlier, I'd like to see a more powerful and positive image of women and also of men. Personally, I am pretty tired of advertising images featuring too thin models that look sickly, spaced out and even miserable. I want the models from my agency to turn heads by glowing with an aura of health and physical strength and staring into the camera with pride, intelligence and (gasp) JOY!! 

20) Any last words to our blog readers?

The world's greatest Irish dancer, Michael Flatley once said something in an interview that I will never forget. He said: "If you can see your life's dream in your mind with pure clarity and in full color and you possess the courage to pursue that dream, it will become a reality".

21) Do you believe in the saying blondes have more fun?

Of course not!! I am after all a READHEAD!! Ha, ha....

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