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Director to Sex & London City Ms Nixalina is questioned by the Police

1)Please tell us who you are and what you do for those who may not know you are familiar with you?
Hey readers!  I'm Nixalina, I'm a London based Fashion/Beauty and Dating Writer and general City socialite.  I'm Director of my hugely successful fashion, beauty and dating website 'Sex & London City' Here, I deliver with style the top fashion trends, teach my readers how to master make-up looks fit for professionals, interview celebrities as well as delving in to the ridiculously witty and brutal reality of being a single woman looking for love in the Big Smoke.  

2)Tell us briefly about sex and london city?
"The fashionable frolics and faux pas of a single London socialite"
Sex and London City is the UK's answer to 'Sex and the City', discussing the world of fashion, beauty and most importantly, sex and love!  From dating disasters to the key seasonal trends, with make-up tutorials, coverage of the fashion's top events and exclusive photos to interviewing Made in Chelsea cast and rising star Dudley O'Shaughnessy...Sex & London City has it all.  It's the lifestyle guide for every city girl.

3)Which word best describe you as a person?

4)What is one thing you just cant leave home without?
My phone.  It's the extension of my arm...I lost it recently and felt like I had been ripped away from part of my soul. was returned to me the next day and I breathed a sigh of relief!  However, as long as my phone is in my pocket, I'd say I can't leave my home without my clothes on. :P

5)Describe your fashion sense?
Trendy, with a quirky edge.  I'm very into my 1950's era, but I never go too retro, I always keep it classic and modern.  I usually mix my image up due to boredom..sometimes I'm a rock chick, other days I'm in a knee length peter pan collar dress and platform heels.  I go with what I feel like on the day! Fashion is always changing anyway, so it is best not to pigeon hole yourself and just go with what you feel suits you at the time.

6)What kind of music do you love most that would bring you to the dance floor to shake that booty
I'm a terrible person when it comes to music...I'm just a lover of mainstream tunes.  I know I's shameful.  My general rule is, if I can sing to it, and shake my ass to it, I like it!

7)What do you enjoy doing when not at work?
I am usually writing more articles or attending events, but in my actual free time I play Netball twice a week and I love to paint too.  I am always bursting with creativity so I have to find ways to channel this!  Painting, reading, drawing! (Is shopping an art?  Now there's a question!)

8)If you was given 3 tickets to go to any event in the uk which 3 events would you go to?
Difficult one!  I'd have to firstly say Wireless festival purely because Jessie J is performing along side Rihanna and I absolutely love Jessie J. I'd also love to attend Vivienne Westwood's after party during LFW in February, I can imagine that is one hell of a bash!  And finally...erm... Glastonbury.  Purely because I've never ever attended a festival in my life and I want to see what the bloody fuss is all about.

9)Are you single/married/relationship?
Single...totally, utterly, single. 

10)What do you look for in a man/woman?
Humour.  He needs to make me laugh.  I'm not to bothered with aesthetics but if he has a cute look to him, then that's great.  I like a man to be know what he likes and doesn't like and be driven to reach his goals in life. 

11)What do you personally think of fashion police news blog?
It's good! Really good. It could do with a bit of va va voom...but that's where I step in to help! ;)

12)What's you best dance move?
Body popping.  I can actually dance quite well for a girl who is un-trained in such arts...I can pop my chest and shoulders whilst rolling my booty.  Prof - I'll show you soon! You'll love it. 

13)Describe what true beauty is in your own words?
True beauty is a part of everyone, albeit physically, or personality, chosen lifestyle...everyone has aspects of them that are truly beautiful.  It just takes someone else to come along and notice.

14)What attracts you more a man in a police uniform/construction worker clothes/or a fire fighter?
None.  I'm not one for a man in uniform.  I like a man in a SUIT!

15)Do you think your a true representation of a today's woman?and why
Totally.  I am probably the epitome of a modern woman!  Career driven and putting 'family life' on hold until I'm at the height of my success, I am focused, strong and determined.  But it is good not to confuse 'modern' with 'feminist' as I am still a sucker for love and want a dominant man by my side. 

16)If you had the chance to do a photo shoot with one person of your choice who would it be and why?
Good question.  Johnny Depp.  Because he's weird, talented and beautiful.  I like the odd ones!

17)Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Honestly?  No idea.  Sex and London City is only a year old and has only been live under the new name for half a year so you can imagine I'm shocked at how quickly it's become so popular. I never expected it in a millions years, I'm so grateful for everything that happens to me I can only just keep doing what I'm doing and living for the now. I'm a loose cannon when it comes to my next move, which keeps people guessing and interested.  What I will say is this...if I get my own way, I'll be a sub Editor at within 3 years. ;)

18)What advice do you have for anyone wishing to follow in your footsteps?
Funny you should ask this because I'm often emailed for advice from ladies wishing to do what I do.  I've always said to them all...important thing to remember is focus on what you want, and never give up.  Take a knock back on the chin and brush it aside.  If it is fashion and media, you have to be prepared to work for free. I worked for free as a Fashion and Beauty Writer at Notion Magazine for a year straight after graduation and I promise you I'd not be where I am now if I hadn't.  Persevere, and know your worth!

19)If your wearing a really tight dress would you wear a bikini.... a  thong........are no panties?
Thong. VPL should be banned but no knickers is danger zone.

20)what are a few things you see other women do that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
Find a man, fall in love then spend the rest of their time doing whatever he wants, only organising things together and arranging her free time only when he is busy.  Hell.No.  This shouldn't be happening!  By all means fall in love, but remember who you were before he came along.  A girl should pride her dignity above all else.

21)What was your most embarrassing moment?
Saying something stupid with an accidental sexual reference on national TV.  I can't say too much now but keep your eyes and ears peeled during March and April!

22)What was the stupidess chat up line a guy ever say to you?
'You're well fit luv'.  Apparently men think coming up to a girl and saying this in a blunt manner is a sure way to bag a girl. Eweeee. Piss off!

23)If we was a fly on your wall in your home what do you think we would be shock to see?
You'd be shocked to see me unwind and chilling on the sofa doing nothing.  Many think I never stop and I am always on the go...but I do sometimes take time out to just relax.  Sometime...not often! :P

24)Any last words for are many blog readers?
Yes, check out and let me know what you think!  It's being re-branded as we speak, ready for LFW in February, so I'm all ears for suggestions and feedback from the people that matter lot!

Also...amongst the clouds, rain, snow and sun, remember you're the star.

Best Wishes,
Founder & Editor of 'Sex & London City'

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