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Upcoming Supermodel Harriadnie confess to the Police

o    for those you are not familiar with you who are you and what do you do?My name is Harriadnie Beau pronounced (Harri - add - nee - bow) a name given to me by my parents at birth contrary to rumours that this is a stage name. My parents are both English but I am told Harriadnie is Greek and Beau is French. I work all over the country but mainly in London and I live in a picturesque small Fenland village when I have the time to relax. I am a 18 year old Haute couture Model and I regularly walk the runway for HMH COUTURE - I also only work with very few selective Couture Designers.

2) There are so many models what makes you different?

Yes there are many models in this industry and I must admit when I first embarked on to a modelling career I did tell myself that if I hadn't made it as a top model by the age of twenty then maybe the industry is not for me - but I am different and it has gotten me into one or two predicaments - I am very moralistic - some would call me humble - I am respectful and I have no delusions of grandeur - I also never ever do anything that I am not comfortable with as my image is top on my list - money rules the world but it does not rule me! I'm a model simply because my body fits the job.

3) What word best describe you as a person?

haha! this is a funny question because I have several words - but I guess I must say unique!

4) What's one thing you just can't leave home without?

I can’t leave home without my mobile phone it is my life line, I speak with my manager several times a day - I tweet all the time and I speak to my mother non-stop hahaha!

5) What's are your thoughts on size 0 models?

I don't like to be controversial or opinionated as I accept there is a place and time for every aspect of modelling but I personally don't think that 0 size Models are comfortably accepted by the general public, I do need to make this clear that this is only my opinion but I think 0 size models look unhealthy. I myself was booked for a fashion show last year but I was cancelled last minute because I was too skeletal - I am 5ft 10" and a Uk size 6/8, it is a changing industry.

6) What are your thoughts on designers who use less models of colour?

I have not come across this before and I am unaware designers are selective to a models colour I personally have worked with all races and creeds - I was on the runway last year for a designer that originally came from the Congo and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the creations and the models - I was the only white model walking for her at that show and I was so proud.

7 If you had the power to change the fashion world what would you change and why?

I would change the size of models - and the size of clothes - we don't live in a perfect world so why do we seek perfect size models for perfect size 0 clothes to be part of it?

8) Are you in a relationship/single/married?

I am single at the moment - I have just recently come out of a long term relationship - my life has become so busy that I just don't have time for love haha!

9) If you could do a photo shoot with just one male model who would it be and why?

Of course there a many fabulous gorgeous male models out there - my cousin Mark Gyoury is a top New York professional model and I would love to get the time to work with him, I have male model friends that are very successful, but in this instance I must say Philippe M Ashfield who is a young extremely talented male model definitely one to watch I have not as yet worked with him but I think a photo shoot is immanent for us :0)

10) Who are your role models?

My main role model in the fashion world is actress Charlize Theron I can relate my own body to her height her body size and stature - she is so charismatic and I just so love her J'Adore Dior Perfume TV commercial, then of course there is my Mother who was a model herself when she was young, she is so strong determined and confident.

11) What advice to you have for anyone wanting to be a model?

My advice is to look before you leap! Modelling after all is said and done a job - long hours - living in hotels - dragging suitcases on tubes and train’s and waiting in airports - you must expect to be used as a clothes horse - expect to be made up! brushed up! dressed up! and told to shut up! All in a day’s work and if you think you can handle that - go for it!

12) Describe in your own words what true beauty is?

This is a deep question - I think that true beauty shows on a models face if she is beautiful inside, I have watched and learned from some of the great female models of our time and I see that a happy, relaxed, warm, kind personality radiates beauty in a models face and her mannerisms but a model that is stressed, unhappy with hair and make-up, pushed beyond her stamina and angry reflects a bitter taunt cold expression on the face and hides beauty - so i guess that my answer is true beauty comes from inside the person.

13) What attracts you to someone?

I am attracted by a person’s mannerisms their attitude and their general good manners. I am strongly attracted to strong confident people but I don't like arrogance - I like well-kept and well groomed people that are funny friendly but most of all I find a person that is un-judgemental very appealing.

14) If Fashion Police News was to visit you what meal would you prepare for them?

I would probably do a lemon scallop starter - followed by a Grilled Sea Bass with a side salad - Desert of champagne mixed berries and NAUGHTY!! Clotted cream (Just a little) :0)

15) What are your thoughts on fashion police news report?

Love it - It’s my favourite blog site, I am a bit addicted to it to be honest I love the style and how comprehensive and informative it is and I will be truly proud to be featured on it.

16) What music would bring you to the dance floor to shake your booty?

I'm sorry to say I'm not a great dancer - I'm more of your stand watch with a cold glass of Champagne type!! Haha - but I do love old school Rod Stewart and the modern Rihanna.

17)If you was invited to a red carpet event which designer would you love to wear and why?

If i was to attend a red carpet event I would most definitely like to wear a long elegant Chanel Couture - I love Chanel!

18) What are your 4 fashion tips?

1. Good under wear always start from the basics - make sure your underwear fits correctly, bad fitting underwear can so easily make you into the shape you really don't want to be.

2. Learn what colour suits your skin your hair and your eyes. Colours are one of the most important rules for me, if you don't get it right you can look pale and unwell but if you do get it right you can look radiant and healthy.

3. I was told by my mother that my granddad told her, you can never be over dresses and I truly believe this - so in fashion dress to the max and stomp out fashion!

4. The only other tip I have is wear what makes you feel fabulous and be confident in your choices, high fashion clothes are also for real people not just for trend and celebrities.

19) If you’re wearing a very tight dress would you wear a bikini underwear......a thong are no panties?

I never go without underwear, I always wear a thong :0) when I'm working.

20) Which guy to you think is just too sexy?

I guess I could name Actors, Musicians and male Models but I think if I am going to be very truthful I must say Peterborough United Footballer Lee Tomlin.

21) Any last words to our blog readers?

Yes I would just like to say that I have the upmost respect for the Catwalk Professor and I urge all up and coming models to listen to his advice and guidance this can be a harsh and cruel industry - listen and learn. To all Fashion Police readers I hope you enjoyed my interview!


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